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Sunday, September 22, 2002

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Artists represented in this auction

ALDEN, H.V., O/B; AMEN, Irving, Serigraph; American Illustrator School, O/C; AOKI, P., W/C; ARMSTRONG, V., O/B; BARONE, Antonio, Etching; CHAGALL, Marc, Etching; COLLUM, Wendell, Gouache; COOLE, Brian, O/C; COUDRAY Bronze Medallion; CROUSE, D., Illustration; DAY, M., O/B; DEDIEGO, Julio, Lithograph/Poster; DEVITY, Antonio, O/Cs; DOLICE, Leon, W/C; 19th C DUTCH School O/C; 19th C EUROPEAN & AMERICAN Unsigned or Illegibly signed Works of Art; FABIEN, Louis, O/C; FAUGERON, Adolphe, O/B; FERRANTI, W/C; FINI, Lenore, Color Lithograph; FOLK ART Hand Carved Diorama; GENAILLE, A., W/Cs; HALLBERG, J.H., O/C; HAUSER, John Jr., W/C & Gouache; HEDGES, Robert, W/C Illustration; HELLER, P., O/C; HIBEL, Edna, O/B; HUGHES, Edwin, O/B; HUNTER, F.L., Etching; IRVINE, M., Pastel; 19th C ITALIAN MARBLE SCULPTURES; JAPANESE WOODBLOCKS; JUDSON, Alice, O/C; KEANE, William, O/C; KNIGHT, R., O/B; L’ALLEMANDE, Sigmunde, O/C/B; LAW, Margaret, O/B; LEVY, Nat, W/Cs; LICHTENFELS, Eduard, O/P; LIVINGSTONE, Charlotte, W/C; MacCOY, Guy, Serigraph; MAPPES, O/M; MARESCA, Ilgo, O/C; MILAM, Ann, O/C; MOORE, Benson Bond, O/B; MUIRHEAD, John, O/C; MYERS, A., O/C; NEIMAN, Leroy, 4 Mixed Media Works; 18th C OLD MASTER O/C/B; PAULSEN, Paul, Oils; PICKERING, J.L., O/C; 19th C Painting on Porcelain; RUPRECHT, E., O/C; SILVESTRE, P., Bronze Sculpture; SMEDLEY, Will Larymore, O/C; STERNER, H., O/C; TERRY, S.T., Pastels; TERRY, Marion, O/Bs; TESSITORE, O/B; WALTERS, Ruth, O/C; WISNIEWSKI, Witold, O/B and more...

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2 TURN OF THE CENTURY BRONZE MEDALLION SIGNED COUDRAY: Nouveau styling affixed to a bronze plinth which in turn rests atop a variegated carved green marble base, 16"h., medallion 4 3/4"dia., impressed Coudray, possibly renown French sculpture Georges Coudray.
2A EARLY 20TH C W/C ON IVORY, PORTRAIT OF A WOMAN: 1 1/2"dia., no visible signature, encased in incised sterling frame with carved jade-like, Asian motif circular surround (please note repair to surround), marked verso G.T. Marsh & Co. Sterling.
6 DAY, M., (Canadian/American, 20th C?): Northern lakeside trail with beach, O/B, 10" x 12", SLR.
8 EARLY 19TH AMERICAN? O/C PORTRAIT OF ELDERLY WOMAN: 30" x 24 1/2", no visible signature, extensive restoration, reline, masterful detail to facial features.
8A PORTRAIT OF A SHAKESPEARIAN ACTOR, O/M: 16" x 12", SLR V Armstrong, possibly Voyle Armstrong (American, 1891).
10 HAND CARVED AMERICAN FOLK ART DIORAMA: Depicts a Yankee fan watching the ball game from the comfort of his living room, 8" x 10" x 8", no visible signature.
12A GENAILLE, A., (French, 19th C): "Vallee de l'levre Cher", W/C, 16 1/2" x 25", SLR.
12B GENAILLE, A., (French, 19th C): Riverside landscape with trees, W/C, 19" x 25", illegibly titled verso, SLR.
16 EXCELLENT EARLY 20TH C ARTS AND CRAFTS PASTEL AUTUMNAL LANDSCAPE: Depicts serene river and birds in flight, 12" x 30", encased in elaborate period original gilt gesso frame.
16A IRVINE, M., (American, 20th C): Floral Still Life, Pastel, 15 1/2" x 11 1/2", SLR.
18 HUGHES, Edwin, (British, 1851-1904): "The Toast", O/B, 6 1/4" x 4", SLL, dated 1874. Est. $800/1200**
18A L' ALLEMANDE, Sigmund, (Austrian, 1840-1910): Portrait of Young Boy, O/C/B, 11 1/2" x 7 3/4", SLR.
22 SET OF4 AMERICAN MID 20TH C O/C LANDSCAPES OF 4 SEASONS: 32" x 12" each, all signed Benton.
24 DOLICE, Leon Louis, (American, 1892-1960): New York City Street Scene, W/C, sight size 8" x 10 1/4", SLR.
24A BARONE, Antonio, (American, 1889-1979): "Bryant Park", back of the New York public library under the 6th Ave "L", Dry Point Etching, 6 3/4" x 8 3/4", SLL in pencil, dated 1915. Est. $200/400**
24B HUNTER, Frederick Leo, (American, 1858-1943): "The Old India Wharf, New York, 1879", dry point etching, sight size 9 1/2" x 12 1/2", pencil SLR, copyright dated 1927.
26 19TH C ITALIAN MARBLE SCULPTURE OF A FEMALE NUDE BATHING: Intricate detail to face, hair, fingers, toes and cloth, 22 1/2"h. with beveled marble plinth.
28 HAUSER, John Jr., (American, 1859-1918): Indian on horse back taking aim in desert landscape, Gouache, 11" x 8", SLL.
30 HIBEL, Edna, (American, 1917): "Road to Tonafico", O/Particle Board, 9 1/4" x 13", SLR, titled verso, inventory T100M. This is an earlier Hibel work.
30A DEY, Mary?, (American, 20th C.): Floral Still Life, O/B, 9" x 12", SLR.
32 COOLE, Brian, (British, 20th C): The steam boat, "R.E. Lee", O/C, 12" x 18", SLR, encased in exceptional deep dish gilt molding. Important British marine artist who was recently commissioned to paint several pieces to commemorate the 20th Anniversary of the Falkland Islands Conflict. These pieces now hang on display at the British Royal Naval Museum. Est. $2000/4000**
32A 19TH C O/B LANDSCAPE: "View on Staten", wooded stream landscape with figures, 12" x 10", SLR and verso R. Knight, titled verso. William Weschler of Weschler and Sons, Washington, DC. Appraisal available upon request. Est. $500/700**
33 RUPRECHT, H., (European, 20th C): Landscape with shepherd and flock, O/C, 16" x 20". Est. $400/600**
33A LATE 19TH/EARLY 20TH C AMERICAN? O/C OF COWS IN A STREAM: 18" x 24", no visible signature, encased in elaborate gilt molding.
35 TERRY, S.T., (American, 20th C): "Eve", Pastel, 20 1/2" x 10", SLR, TLR.
35A TERRY, S.T., (American, 20th C): "At the Swimming Hole", Pastel, 23 1/2" x 19", SLR, TLL.
38 ACCORNEO, Franco, (American, 20th C): Romance novel cover illustration of lovers in a winter landscape, A/B, 20" x 16", SLL.
38A CROUSE, D., (American, 20th C): "Blindman's Bluff", from Silhouette Desire, O/B romance novel illustration, 26" x 18 1/2", SLR, titled and signed verso, dated August 87.
41 FAUGERON, Adolphe, (French, 1866): "Nu Assis", nude, O/B, 26 1/2" x 34 1/2", exhibition label from 1939 affixed verso with title and artist, SLR, Roger Jove Paris Gallery label affixed verso. Est. $3000/5000**
44 WISNIEWSKI, Witold, (Polish, 20th C): Riverside landscape, O/B, 13" x 19", SLR, Lower Ends Rhoads Gallery label affixed verso.
48 LICHTENFELS, Eduard Peithner Freiherr Von, (Austrian, 1833-1913): Panoramic landscape with figures and cattle overlooking a rural estate, O/Cradled Panel, 19 1/2" x 25", SBM, dated LR 1861, bears partial label from Joh. Hall. Est. $2000/4000** Please call for condition report.
48A PICKERING, Joseph Langsdale, (British, 1845-1912): Figures along a stream in a wooded landscape, O/C, 14" x 20", SLR JL Pickering RA. Please note damage; call for condition. Est. $800/1200**
54 AMEN, Irving, (American, 1918): "Village Festival", artist proof serigraph, 20 1/2" x 28", SLR in pencil, TLL.
54A BEALE, Sophia, (British, 19/20th C): Beach scene with figures, W/C, 7 1/2" x 11 1/2", SLR, dated 1891.
56 CARTER, Clarence Holbrook, (American, 1904): Beach scene with anchor and lighthouse, W/C & Gouache, 7 1/2" x 9", SLL in pencil, dated 50.
59 DEVITY, Antonio, (Italian, 20th C): Panoramic Parisian street scene, O/C, 24" x 48", Devity Studio stencil verso on stretcher. The largest Devity we have sold. Encased in original carve gilt molding.
59A DEVITY, Antonio, (Italian, 20th C): Street scene outside of Moulin Rouge, O/C, 32" x 16", Devity stencil on canvas verso, encased in original carved gilt molding.
62 FABIEN, Louis, (French, 1924): "Bouquet Aux Lys", impressionist still life of flowers in a vase, O/C, 32" x 24", SLL, Wally Findlay Galleries label affixed verso, encased in original gilt molding. Est. $800/1200**
66A EUROPEAN LANDSCAPE WITH FIGURE BY A RIVER: O/C, 24" x 48", SLR Jacopo dela?, closely resembling the style of Andre Gisson, encased in carved original frame.
66B GOLD ON BLACK TEMPLE RUBBING: Sir Robert de Bures 1301? - 1331, Sir Robert de Bures a Suffolk Knight who's successful career was based on royal service. He seems to have been one of Edward I's main aides in the administration of Wales after Edward's conquest of the country as well as being a member of the royal bodyguard. 86" x 27" sight size.
69 SMEDLEY, Will Larymore, (American, 1871-1958): Wooded landscape, O/C, 16" x 27 1/2", SLR, dated 03, encased in original elaborate deep dish gilt molding with foliate motif. Est. $1200/1800**
69A AMERICAN? IMPRESSIONIST NOCTURNAL MOONLIT WILDERNESS LANDSCAPE WITH CABIN BY A CREEK: 18 1/2" x 14 1/2", no visible signature. Call for condition.
71 18TH C.? OLD MASTER O/C/B: Landscape with figures, 24" x 21".
72 KEANE, William, (American, 19th/20th C): Coastal Scene at sunset with sailing ships on the horizon, O/C, 16" x 26", SLL, encased in elaborate period carved gesso frame.
72A 3 DIMENSIONAL FLORAL STILL LIFE REVERSE PAINTING ON GLASS: 6 panes are used to create this visual effect, does have age, 12" x 12", SLR H Garnier.
74 JUDSON, Alice, (American, 1876-1948): "Fishing Boats", O/C, 20" x 24", SLR, encased in original period gilt molding, artist's label affixed verso with title. Est. $2000/4000**
76 CHAGALL, Marc, (Russian/French, 1887-1985): Interior scene with two figures, Dry Point Etching, impression size 8 3/8" x 10 7/8", signed in plate lower right and lower left, on J. Perrigo wove paper. Est. $400/600**
76A FINI, Leonor, (Argentina, 1908-1996): Reclining Nude with figure, Artist Proof Color lithograph, 14 1/2" x 11", SLR in pencil, marked EA in pencil lower left. Est. $400/600**
78 19TH C O/B STILL LIFE OF PEACHES AND PEARS: 10" x 13 1/2", no visible signature, encased in period gold gilt frame.
78A FERRANTI, Carlo?, (Italian, 20th C): Young Peasant Girl feeding chickens, W/C, 21 1/2" x 15", SLR, encased in original gilt frame.
84 "DIANA", 19TH C CARVED ALABASTER BUST IN THE MANNER OF HIRAM POWERS: 22"h., bust of young woman shows exquisite detail in facial areas, hair and clothing, no visible signature, minor chip to front of garment, sits on circular marble plinth with minor damage.
84A DeDIEGO, Julio, (American, 1900-1979): Poster for the Ballet Hispanico New York, limited edition one of one hundred, sight size 29" x 20", SLL, #1/100.
85A MUIRHEAD, John, (Scottish, 1863-1927): Country manor, O/C, 12" x 8", SLR, dated 1884, encased in original deep dish gilt frame. Est. $500/800**
86 EARLY 20TH C AMERICAN ILLUSTRATOR'S SCHOOL, O/C: Depicts Dutch girl reading letter and dreaming of taking the steam ship to America, 32" x 25", no visible signature. Est. $500/700**
86A HEDGES, Robert Danforth, (American, 1878): Illustration of a racing yacht in rough seas, W/C, 14" x 12", SLR, dated 1929. Est. $500/700**
88 LATE 19TH C O/B, "PORTRAIT OF WOMAN WITH WORK BASKET": 11 1/2" x 9 1/4", possibly a signature lower right but very very faint, superior quality, label affixed verso with title, possibly museum/auction/exhibition label.
88A EARLY 20TH C ITALIAN OIL ON PANEL STUDY OF A YOUNG GIRL: 8 1/2" x 5 3/4", Otto Burgass-Lange label affixed verso, inscribed in pencil "Tessitore" verso. Of exceptional quality.
92 NEIMAN, Leroy, (American, 20th C.): "French Soldiers, Changing of the Guard", mixed media, signed and dated Paris '60 asymmetrically on right, sight size 15" x 19". Professionally framed and matted. Est. $3500/5500**
92A NEIMAN, Leroy, (American, 1926): Nude study, W/C, signed lower left in pencil, dated '54, sight size 24" x 10", professionally framed and matted. Est. $2800/3500**
93 NEIMAN, Leroy, (American, 20th C.): "Pele", mixed media, signed middle, titled lower left, dated lower right '77, all in pencil, sight size 11 1/2" x 14 3/4", professionally framed and matted. Est. $3500/5500**
93A NEIMAN, Leroy, (American, 20th C.): "Jessie Valdez, Boxing Hall Munchen", mixed media, signed lower right in pencil, titled lower left, dated Sept. 6, '72, in middle, sight size 15" x 11 3/4", professionally framed and matted. Est. $2800/4000**
93B NEIMAN, Leroy, (American, 20th C.): "Duane Thomas, National Anthem, Super Bowl, '72", mixed media, signed lower left in pencil, titled and dated Jan 16 '72, sight size 15" x 11 1/2", Merrill Chase label affixed verso with artist biography. Professionally framed and matted. Est. $3000/5000**
96 AOKI, T.,(American, 20th C.): Owls in Fir, gouache, 26 1/2" x 21 1/2", signed. Est. $800/1200**
96A 19TH C CHROMOLITHOGRAPH, "VIRGIN OF LIGHT": After Swiss master Angelica Kaufmann, oval 11" x 9", encased in period ebonized gilt Victorian frame.
97 19TH C PAINTING ON PORCELAIN: Nature study of bird and dragonflies, 11 1/2" x 18", please note old staple repair verso, no visible signature.
104 MOORE, Benson Bond, (American, 1882-1974): "Sunrise on Chesapeake", O/CB, 16" x 20", SLL, encased in period carved molding. Est. $1200/1800**
104A COLLUM, Wendell F., (American, 20th C): Beach Scene on the Mass. Coast, O/B, 5" x 7", SLR.
109A CHARLES, Irene, (American, 20th C): "Thirteen Roses", O/C, 24" x 18", SLR, painting was awarded 1st Place at the 8th annual Gardena Valley Art Exhibit, 1978.
111 19TH C DUTCH SCHOOL, O/C, WINTER LANDSCAPE WITH FIGURES SKATING: 25" x 34 1/2", no visible signature, relined.
111A CONTEMPORARY DECORATIVE O/B: Depicts European children, one boy watching two girls mending, 20" x 24", SLR D. Goetz, encased in embossed foliate motif molding.
114 PRIMITIVE 19TH C O/C OF HUNTING DOGS IN LANDSCAPE: 15" x 21", no visible signature.
115 PAIR OF 19TH C JAPANESE WOOD BLOCK PRINTS: Two portraits, one of a man, the other a woman, 13" x 9", encased in custom mirrored frames.
115A LATE 19TH/EARLY 20TH C CHINESE HARBOR SCENE WITH YOUNG BOY FISHING: O/C, 16" x 28", no visible signature. Call for condition.
117 STERNER, H., (American, 20th C): Still Life of toys and flowers in a vase, O/C, 28 3/4" x 32 3/4", SLR.
120A DEBUCOURT, Philibert-Louis, (French, 1755-1832) After Carle Bernet: "Le Chasseur", aqua tint, sight size 16" x 19".
121 LEVY, Nat, (American, 1896-1984): The Harbor Scene with Pier, W/C, 13" x 20 3/4", SLR. Est. $600/800**
121A LEVY, Nat, (American, 1896-1984): Costal Scene with birds and water crashing, W/C, 14" x 21", SLR. Est. $600/800**
122 19TH C EUROPEAN O/C GENRE SCENE: "Lobster Boy", 15 1/2" x 12", no visible signature.
124 WALTERS, Ruth, (American, 20th C): Impressionist village landscape, O/C, 26" x 36", SLL.
126 LIVINGSTON, Charlotte, (American, 20th C): "Along the Hackensack River", W/C, 15 3/4" x 11 3/4", SLL, titled verso.
128 MID 20TH C LANDSCAPE OF SNOW CAPPED MOUNTAINS: Possibly Mount Shasta, 24" x 36", SLR P Haller.
128A MARESCA, Ilgo, (Italian, 20th C): View of Capri, O/C, 19 1/2" x 27 1/2", SLL, encased in period frame. Please note damage to canvas.
131A SILVESTRE, P., (American, 20th C): "Leda & The Swan", 2 bronze sculptures, 12" x 30", signed in the base, #63 & 64 of 500, copyrighted limited edition cast by The Margarita Corp. Sold at high bidder's choice.
135 EXCEPTIONAL EARLY 20TH C QUARTER SAWN OAK WIDE PANEL FRAME: Inset 30" x 24", vintage photographic print of cathedral, still has old glass and original patina, overall 40" x 34".
136 HALLBERG, J. Henry, (American, 20th C): "Sailboats on Cattegat", O/C, 24" x 20", SLL, dated 1938. Call for condition.
136A EARLY 20TH C IMPRESSIONIST O/B OF GLOUCESTER HARBOR: 24" x32", no visible signature.
140A TERRY, Marion, (American, 20th C): Interior with two females, O/B, 20" x 24", SLL, dated 1953.
140B TERRY, Marion, (American, 20th C): Ballerina Recital, O/B, 10 1/4" x 19", SLR.
147 AUTUMNAL IMPRESSIONIST BARN YARD SCENE: O/C, 12" x 16", SLL A. Milam, possibly Annie Milam noted Texas artist.
149A PAULSEN, Paul S., (American?, 20th C): "St. Sebastien", O/C, 40" x 24", SLR, dated 60.
149B PAULSEN, Paul S., (American?, 20th C): "Acrobats", O/B with collage, 33" x 28", SLR, dated 1960.
155 PRIMITIVE AMERICAN O/B COUNTRY LANDSCAPE WITH HOUSE: 12" x 18 1/2", no visible signature.
155A 19TH C PRIMITIVE LANDSCAPE OF A CASTLE OVERLOOKING A RIVER: O/P, 8" x 10", no visible signature, encased in period gold gilt foliate and nut motif oval frame.
157 MacCOY, Guy, (American, 1904-1981): Still life of flowers in a vase, serigraph, 23 1/2" x 19 1/4", SLR.

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