ESTATE COLLECTION OF 6 FANS AND TWO BOOKS: 1) The leaf with hand painted portraits and cherubs on paper, landscape verso, pierce carved and gilt ivory sticks, 20''w. 2) Pierce carved ivory or bone sticks, held with ribbon, 13'' span. 3) Oriental black lacquer, paint decorated sticks with hand painted cloth fan, (some holes), 15 1/2'' span. 4) Eastern fan of horn and hide, individual leaves, pierced and decorated with gilt figures, 16'' span. 5) Tortoiseshell and black feather, 16'' span. 6) Tortoiseshell fan with silver studs, the two end leaves are mother of pearl, 11 3/4''span. Sold with 2 books ''A Collector's History of Fans'' by Nancy Armstrong, copyright 1974. ''Collecting Fans'' by Susan Mayor, copyright 1980. Both books with jackets.