ANTIQUE CAUCASIAN HAND KNOTTED WOOL RUG, 3' 9'' x 5': This antique rug has elements of several different types of Caucasian rugs and some old time dealers used to refer to these rugs as Cabistans , a non-existent group or area. The border designs contain a serrated leaf and wine glass in the main one and a running dog pattern in the guard borders. The pale colored field of the rug is covered with a repeating pattern of shield like designs, some of which have an ''H'' incorporated in the motif. The rows below and above the shields have a wing-like pattern above a ribbon that undulates across the rug from side to side. The rug has very little color to it partly from age related fading and partly due to the choices of the weaver. Still it is an interesting and appealing rug.
CONDITION: Please note the overall even wear.