ANTIQUE PERSIAN KERMAN HAND KNOTTED WOOL RUG, 11'4'' x 8'10'': This beautiful rug is one the best examples of Kerman carpets or of any Persian city rugs we have seen outside of museum collections. The overall design of the rug sits on a midnight blue field. There is a long thin central medallion made up of sprays of flowers. Loose sprays are around that and then there are rounded rectangular layers of design going out almost to the very edge of the rug so there's only the smallest of borders in the corners and sides of the rug. There are sprays of flowers that spring from one layer into the next making a sort of broken border. The color palette is extensive including three shades of blue, several shades of red to lavender beiges, rust, peach and so. A finely woven work of art that is in excellent condition with only a slight curl to edges due to tension.