SWAROVSKI CRYSTAL COLLECTIBLES: To include, SWEET HEART JEWEL BOX 7480 000 002, Edith Mair designer, with colored crystals in assorted cuts, 1998-Dec 2001, 2 3/8''; COMET CANDLEHOLDER with sparkles still sealed in tube 7600 148 000, Martin Zendron designer, 1999-2004, 5 1/2''; 1997 BLUE HEART RENEWAL 210 899, 1 7/16''; 1998 RED HEART RENEWAL 215 371, 1 7/16''. Lot sold with two unmarked hanging crystals - clear prism and green heart with tiny dings.
CONDITION: Blue Heart has the certificate, inner small box and outer ''gift'' box. Jewel box and candle holder have boxes and sleeves. Three smaller ''gift'' boxes, one of which has heart shaped spot inside. No other certificates with this lot. Sold as a lot.