WILLIAM PLUMLEY PHOTOGRAPHS, AUTOGRAPHS, MANUSCRIPTS, INTERVIEWS: To include but not limited to; Willaim Plumley with Alice Walker, American Author and Activist, Writer of the critically acclaimed novel ''The Color Puple'' (1982) for which she won the National Book Award and the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction; William Plumley with Jack Palance, Betty White, Patricia Neil, & Alan Ginsburg; Plumley Behind the Camera, with Loretta Lynn & More; Pictorial issue ''From the Hills'' by Earl Hammer & Richard Thomas, Interviews with Earl Hammer; Appalachian Autographs from the 1975 Appalachian Festival to include but not limited to; Jesse Stuart, Clyde Ware, Gloria Steinem, Dr. Robert Coles, Billy Edd Wheeler, Elinor Horwitz, John Randolph, Lillie Chaffin, Guy Carawan, Candie Carawan, Jeanne Rasmussen, Arthur Lewis, Arnold Miller, Richard Sprague, & Norman Fagan, & Patricia Neal, all signing releases for the audio and video rights to the 1975 Appalachian Festival. William Crawford Plumley Estate