FROM THE HILLS AUTOGRAPH LOT: Books by William Plumley hosting the Appalachian Series, Drawings & Autographs Hatfields & McCoys by Jack Palance, From the Hills, 1972 with signatures from Ruth Ann Musick, Muriel Miller Dressler, Arthur C. Buck, Louise McNeill, Avril F. Gaskins, Martin Sheen, Jessie Stuart, Mona Adams, & more; Drawings on Book Covers by Merilee Davis, John West, autographed by William Plumley as well; Poems from the Hills, 1970 with autographs inside by Merilee Davis, Mrs. William Gibson, Steven R. Hayes, Wallace E. Knight, W.F. Lee, Ruth Ann Musick, Dennis C. Miller, & more. Scimitar & Song Anthology with Dedication to Bill Plumley from Jean Sterling, 1976; Eve & the Ophidians by Ron Whitehead, author signed; Leaves of Life by Ferlinghetti, author signed with 30 drawings from the Model Volume Two; Volcanic Heaven, author signed Paul Edwards. Sold as a Lot. William Crawford Plumley Estate