17 BIG LITTLE & BETTER LITTLE BOOKS: To include 1415 ''Blondie and Baby Dumpling'', 1477 ''Smitty in Going Native'', 1456 ''The Story of Charlie McCarthy and Edgar Bergen'', 1408 ''Skeezix at the Military Academy'', 1458 ''Wimpy'', 1442 ''Big Chief Wahoo'', 1422 ''Junior Nebb on the Diamond Ranch'', 766 ''Chester Gump Finds the Hidden Treasure'', 1449 ''Little Orphan Annie and the Mysterious Shoemaker'', 1164 ''Freckles and the Lost Diamond Mine'', 1128 ''Felix the Cat'', 1415 ''Kayo and Moon Mullins and the One Man Gang'', 1429 ''Blondie and Baby Dumplings'', 1487 ''Perry Winkle and the Rinky Dinks Get a Horse'', 1446 ''Terry and the Pirates and the Giants Vengeance'', 1401 ''Li'L Abner Among the Millionaires'', 1161 ''Sequoia''.
CONDITION: Condition varies, well read, sold as-is.