13 BIG LITTLE & BETTER LITTLE BOOKS: To include 1475 ''Men With Wings'', 1423 ''Tailspin Tommy and the Hooded Flyer'', 1448 ''Air Fighters of America'', 1445 ''Ace of Test Pilots'', 1444 ''Captain Frank Hawks, Air Ace and the League of Twelve'', 1494 ''Tailspin Tommy and the Sky Bandits'', 1492 ''Flash Gordon in the Forest Kingdom of Mongo'', 1474 ''The Phantom and the Sign of the Skull'', 1139 ''Jungle Jim and the Vampire Woman'', 770 ''The Tarzan Twins'', 1435 ''Jack Armstrong and the Ivory Treasure'', 1410 ''The Beasts of Tarzan'', 1410 ''Clyde Beatty Daredevil Lion and Tiger Tamer''.
CONDITION: Condition varies, well read, sold as-is.