1928 RUTH SNYDER ELECTROCUTION PHOTOGRAPH: Press copy distributed immediately after the execution, by Tom Howard Photographer, Copyright 1928 P & A Photos. Text accompanying photo reads ''Watch your credit....(New York Bureau) I 56064 - Copyright 1928 by P & A Photos. Ruth Snyder's Death Pictured! This is perhaps the most remarkable exclusive picture in the history of criminology. It shows the actual scene in the Sing Sing Death House as the lethal current surged through Ruth Snyder's body at 11:06 P. M. on the night of Jan. 12th. Her helmeted head is stiffened in death, her face masked and electrode strapped to her bare right leg. The autopsy table on which her body was removed is beside her. This picture is the first Sing Sing execution picture and the first of a Woman's electrocution.'' Marked on the back with copyright warnings. 8 1/2'' x 6 1/2''.
CONDITION: Minor creases and bends.