CLASSIC ''AMERICA'' INDIAN PRINCESS PRINT: Hand Colored Engraving by ''B. Maryno'', c 1790, 7 3/4'' x 5 3/4'', original frame, on early white laid paper. Features a classic oval portrait of a standing Indian Princess ''America'' holding an arrow in one hand and a large bow in the other. Clad in animal skins, and a red tinted, yellow fringed woven skirt, a head wrap bedecked with red, white, and yellow feathers. The dark skinned Indian princess looks demurely straight ahead; forest, palm and palm trees, a waterfall, mountains and a river are depicted in the background. ''America'' is inscribed at her feet and in the bottom margin. An important early engraving with a most impressive historic icon.
CONDITION: Lightly toned and aged but still sharp and clear.