APPROX 75-100 YR OLD TURKISH HAND KNOTTED VILLAGE PRAYER RUG, 3' X 4'3'': This rug has a lot of pizzazz, from its interesting design to its good color composition. The golden center of the mihrab, or prayer niche has a red base consisting of arrow topped panels with gold four part circles in each panel. They are outlined by red, black, gold, and white. Two long stemmed flowers (very stylized) rise into the gold field. The side flowers on these stems are repeated up the inside of the mihrab even on the stepped portion leading to the top of the niche. Stylized lamps are suspended from the top into the field and below them is a star. Above in the white corners at the top are more flowers. The borders complete the rug.
CONDITION: The condition is good for its age with some visible wear.