10 AMERICAN INDIAN PRINTS LARGE FOLIO FROM MCKENNEY AND HALL: 20.5'' x 14'', 1) Mah-Has-Kah Ioway Chief; 2) Shau-Hau-Napo-Tinia Ioway Chief; 3) Moa-Na-Hon-Ga Ioway Chief; 4) War Dance of the Sauks and Foxes, 14'' x 20.5''; 5) Ho-Po-Eth-Le-Yo-Ho-Lo; 6) Wa-Pa-Shaw Sioux Chief; 7) Shin-Ga-Ba-Wossin Image Stone; 8) Okee-Maakee-Quid Chippeway Chief; 9) Little Crow Sioux Chief; 10) Chippeway Squaw and Child. These color lithographs were from McKenney and Hall's book ''The History of the Northern Tribes of America''.
CONDITION: All prints are taped to a paper backing in all 4 corners, scattered staining and foxing with scattered tears, sold as is.