HENRY BUCKER HAND PAINTED KPM PLAQUE OF MARY: Plaque depicts Mary, the mother of Jesus, with eyes raised to heaven. The artist has written ''Maria (illegible) Canto Dolce,'' or ''Mary's Sweet Song'' on the back of the porcelain. This scene comes from Luke 1:46-55, ''Mary's Song,'' which tells Mary's words right after she is told she will bear God's son. The verso of this piece also bears the artist's seal ''Henry Bucker, Painter on China, 5 Pragerstrasse 5, Dresden.'' The verso is stamped with the official KPM stamp. The porcelain rests in an oval frame measuring 7.25''h x 5''w. Henry Bucker was a painter on china in Dresden during second half of 19th century. He was awarded the prize medal at The Exhibition London in 1851; Dublin in 1885; and an honorable mention at The Exhibition London 1862. Porcelain measures 6 3/4'' x 4 3/4'', in contemporary easel back frame.