LOT OF 3 APPROX 30-45 YR OLD TURKISH HEREKE FINELY HAND KNOTTED SILK FRAMED RUGS WITH SEVEN MOUNTAIN FLOWER THEME: These fine Hereke rugs were made in the same workshop that was originally set up by and for the Sultan's exclusive use. Two of these small gems are almost identical with the Seven Mountain design expressed in a tree of life that has a variety of branches of different flowers that spread out over the field of the rug. There are birds here and there on the tree branches, deer frolicking below and clouds floating by above. The third rug is another variant on the theme with a pastoral theme that includes the variety of flowers, the birds, and the clouds, but also has a stream with ducks swimming and a very large deer. This last gem also has the added design element of a ''broken border'' that is formed by a band that is at times overlapped by sprays of flowers or palmettes that span the field and borders. The larger rug measures 25 1/4'' x 18'', framed 29 1/4'' x 32 1/4''. The 2 smaller measures 12 1/2'' x 18 1/2'', framed 30'' x 20''.
CONDITION: Good, not examined out of frame. One back glass with cracks.