APPROX 25-50 YR OLD TURKISH HAND KNOTTED WOOL RUG, 3'1'' X 4'11'': This very lovely rug has a prayer rug format done in shades of blue with red , ivory, and green accents. There is a large vase at the middle base of the Mihrab or niche with a design incorporating two birds on its side and holding a bouquet of flowers. A curving vine of leaves and flowers in blues goes up to the base of a hanging lamp that has more flowers and leaves all around it. In the center are two large birds. On either side of the field are tall columns each with a stag sitting on top. The ivory corners at the top of the niche match the colors of the main border which has a profusion of different birds all around the field. The outer ivory border really frames this interesting rug.
CONDITION: Mostly good with some stains visible on outer borders.