36 FRANKLIN LIBRARY LEATHER BOUND BOOKS: 36 volumes total from the Franklin Library, all with embossed leather covers and gilt page ends, to include: From the First Edition Society: The Walnut Door, Women of Crisis, Proteus, The Unmade Bed, A Distant Mirror, Black Night White Snow, The Bold and Magnificent Dream, War and Remembrance, The Snow Leopard, Selected Poem of Robert Penn Warren, Whistle, The Honourable Schoolboy, Evidence of Love. From the Franklin Library of Mystery Masterpieces: Overture to Death. From the 100 Greatest Books of All Time: The Poetry of Robert Frost, The Decameron, Vanity Fair (2), Paradise Lost, Leaves of Grass, Flowers of Evil, Women in Love, The Canterbury Tales, The Return of the Native, Aristotle Rhetoric on Politics and Tales of Edgar Allen Poe, The Annals of Tacitus, The Peloponnesian War, Moliere Comedies, Pere Geriot, James Henry Tales, Selected Plays Michel De Montaigne, Songs of Innocence and Experience, Anton Chekhov Plays, Tales of the Arabian Nights, Gargantua and Pantagruel.