10 AMERICAN INDIAN PRINTS LARGE FOLIO FROM MCKENNEY AND HALL: 20.5'' x 14'' 1) Ochio Finico-Charles Cornelis; 2) Mo-Hon-Go Osage Woman; 3) Push-Ma-Ta-Ha Chactan Warrior; 4) Kish-Kallo-Wa Shawnee Chief 5) Els-Kwau-Ta-Waw The Open Door; 6) Wesh-Cub Chippeway Chief; 7) Red Jacket Seneca War Chief; 8) Meta-Koosega Chippeway Warrior; 9) Ki-On-Twog-Ky (Cornplant); 10) Major-Ridge Cherokee Chief; all unframed.
CONDITION: All prints are taped to a paper backing in all 4 corners, scattered staining and foxing with scattered tears, sold as is.