APPROX 25-50 YR OLD TURKISH YAGCIBEDIR HAND KNOTTED WOOL RUGS: This trio of Turkish rugs measure approx 2'7'' x 4'4'', 2.7'' x 4'5'', and 2'6'' x 8'9'', are woven in Yagcibedir have motifs that are usually seen in rugs from the Turkestan region but in the traditional colors of weaving from their area. The diamond shaped guls and half diamonds have latch hook edges and the colors red, burgundy, blue, and white, with the white really standing out. These vibrant lively rugs were made with good wool and good workmanship. Could be used in a bedroom suite or for an entryway/hallway. Yagcibedir carpets produced in the northwest mountain villages of the Aegean region in Turkey known to be very durable with a dense weave and very good quality Turkish wool coming from sheep grazing at a high altitude.