APPROX 20-40 YR OLD PERSIAN QUM HAND KNOTTED SILK MINIATURE PICTORIAL FRAMED RUG: This tour de force of weaving depicts different parts of the life of Moses. The central panel's lower portion shows the baby Moses being found in the bulrushes by the Egyptian princess. The upper part depicts the Ark of the Covenant. On one side, Moses is the Priestly leader who will bring the Israelites out of bondage in Egypt. He is holding a lamp, standing on/by a lion. On the other side is Moses holding the Ten Commandments also on/by a lion. The arched columns on each side have turquoise blue drapes. Above the columns buildings and palm trees are found. A huge crown with an inscription below and a Star of David in top are in the arch of the ceiling as well as panels with other different symbols in each one. This is a real collectors piece. Rug measures 2' 10'' x 3' 5'', framed 45'' x 50 1/2''.