ANTIQUE KAZAK CAUCASIAN PRAYER RUG WITH DATE CARTOUCHE, 3'3'' X 5'4'': This little gem is a real collectors piece. It has 2 date cartouches, the clearest one has the Islamic calendar date of 1296 which is 1878 in our calendar. The inclusion of the dates in the rug signifies that it was woven to commemorate a special event in the life of the weaver. The simplicity of the design also points to this being quite an old rug. The red field has only three motifs besides the two white date cartouches and is outlined by a green inner border. The outer borders all have simple traditional designs that are found on Kazaks. The red weft is another indicator of its origin.
CONDITION: This rug has been professionally tucked or reduced on one side, probably to get rid of a tension bump that was there from the beginning. This doesn't reduce the value of the rug because it improved its look and usability.