CHAMBERLAIN, John, (American, 1927-2011): ''High Collar'' Series Number 27 Foam and Lithopaper 1981: Mixed Media with Foam, Origami Dollar Bill, and Folded Piece of Paper with Paperclip, the Foam is Wrapped with a Painted Piece of Paper and Stapled, signed and incased in a plexiglass protective cube, overall measurement with the cube is 8'' x 5.75'' x 5.75'', the art piece measures 5.50'' x 4.50'' x 4.50'', paper reads ''For Rita Adler July 14th 1982, Happy Birthday and Love John Chamberlain''. John Chamberlain, Sarasota Artist and family friend to Rita Adler, has works in the Museum of Modern Art as well as the Ringling Museum in Sarasota. Provenance: Estate of Rita Adler, Sarasota Patron of the Arts.