REYNOLDS, Graham, (British, 20th/21st C.): ''56 Mercedes'' with Vegas in the Side Mirror, Airbrush on Canvas, 26.75'' x 38.75'', signed in the lower margin, unframed. Trained as a technical airbrush illustrator and re-toucher in Great Britain, Graham Reynolds worked almost exclusively in the 1980's for the film industry producing posters for cinema and video releases, however, car illustration has always been his forte. His superb technique and attention to detail make Graham Reynolds one of the best photo realistic car illustrators in the world. Reynolds classic car prints are famous and sold all over the globe. The originals are very rare and hard to find. ''As an artist and owner of a fine art print studio, I admire the photorealistic, classic car painting I've examined by Graham Reynolds. His seamless, original airbrush work was executed on imperfect canvas pre-dating the archival inkjet printing process and materials-yet has the appearance of perfection of a contemporary digital work'', Trulee Jameson, Art Source Studio, Sarasota. ''Reynolds classic car airbrush acrylic painting is a superb testimony to the amazing technic of photo realistic artists of the 1980's'', Megan Walsh, assistant conservator at the Ringling Museum of Art, Sarasota. Graham Reynolds work has appeared in several prestigious exhibitions including the celebrated JCA Illustration show in Tokyo in 1995. Est. $4000/6000**
CONDITION: Minor abrasion in the lower margin near signature.