6 PIECE ART LOT FROM PETER FISCHINGER ESTATE: To include: 1) Athanasius KircherArca Noe, Engraving, dated 1675, published by Johann Janson, sight size is 13'' x 8'', framed 23'' x 17''. 2) V.Thiron adter a painting Diane De Pointer en Diane Chasseresse by Francesco Primaticcio, Luxembourg Palace, Engraving, sight size is 14.75'' x 9.50'', professions frame and matting 24.25'' x 19.25''. 3) A.J. Anndouche after J.B. Greuze, ''Childhood'', 19th Century Steel Engraving, sight size is 11.25'' x 8.75'', custom frame and matting 20'' x 17''. 4) Pair of Engravings by F. Depollies after Lorrian, from the Tales of La Fontaine 1880 series. Both are 6'' x 7.25'', framed 19'' x 13''. 5) Pair of Engravings by F. Depollier after C.H. Eisen and Francouis Boucher, both 6'' x 7.25'', custom frame and matting 14'' x 25''. 6) J. Coquered after Charles Le Brun, ''The Maitre De Musique'', Color Engraving, sight size is 9.50'' x 7.50'', framed 14.75'' x 12.75''. Provenance: Estate of Dr. Peter J. Fischinger, M.D., Ph.D., former Associate Director, National Cancer Institute.
CONDITION: 1) Slight worm damage. 3) A few age spots. 5) Good condition. 6) Overall light toning.