NATIVE AMERICAN 9 PC BLACKWARE & BOOK: 1) Santa Clara Bowl by Merton & Linda Sisneros, Black on black with eagle feathers, twin mountains, their Grandmother's triangle, Kiva steps and the water serpent. Measures 3'' h x 4'' d. Purchased from Sisneros 1991; 2) Santa Clara Seed Jar by M & L Sisneros, purchased from Merton 1997. Measures 3'' h x 3.25''; 3) Santa Clara Jar by Toni Roller, 4.5'' h x 3.5'' d; imprinted with 2 bear paws; 4) Tesuque Bowl signed Ignacia Duran, 1.875'' x 4'' d; 5) Navajo Bowl signed Harrison (Begay Jr), measures 2'' h x 2.25'' d; 6) Santa Clara bowl signed Miana Pablito, 1.5''h x 1.25'' d; 7) Santa Clara Seed Jar signed May Tapia, 2.25'' h x 1.75'' d; 8) Black ware chicken vase, 2.75'' h x 3''w signed Loly Reyes; 9) Black ware bowl signed JM and SDP, measures 3.5'' h x 4'' w. Sold with ''Art of Clay'' book by Lee M. Cohen.
CONDITION: Book shows normal wear. All pottery pieces are in very good/excellent condition.