NATIVE AMERICAN COLLECTION OF NAVAJO POTTERY: 1) Navajo Bowl signed Alice Cling, 3'' h x 6'' d. Alice is one of the premiere Navajo potters. This piece measures 3'' h x 6'' d; 2) Bowl/vase signed Alice Cling, 3'' h x 3'' w; 3) Polished red jar signed Alice Cling, 4.5''h x 3.5''d; 4) 3.5'' h x 3'' d pot with great color, finish & fire clouds signed Sue (Williams - sister of Alice Cling; 4) Seed Jar signed Lorraine Williams, 2.125'' h x 3.5'' d. Incised and colored; 5) Incised and colored design in vase by Lorraine Williams, 5.75'' x 4.5'', 6) Incised & colored vase signed Lorraine Williams; 7) Navajo medicine bowl signed A. (Angie) Williams, 1.75''h x 3.5'' d; 8) Incised and colored seed jar signed Ida Sahmie, 2'' h x 2.5'' w; 9) Miniature pitcher signed Stella Y Claw, 2.5'' h x 1.5'' w; 10) Incised and colored pot signed LW (Lorraine Williams, 3.5'' h x 4'' d.
CONDITION: All pottery pieces are in very good/excellent condition.