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September 22, 2002 - Partial Auction Results

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4 TILEVSKI(?) (Eastern European School, Early 20th C): Village Landscape with Sunlit Spires, O/P, 6 1/2" x 5 1/4", SLR. Bronze-gilt molding. 125
6 POWELL, Lucien Whiting, (American, 1846-1930): Grand Canal, O/B, 9 1/4" x 15 1/2", SLL. William Weschler of Weschler and Sons, Washington, DC. Appraisal available upon request. 500
8 19TH C WHITE MOUNTAIN SCHOOL? O/C PANORAMIC LANDSCAPE: With fishermen, cabin and mountain range in the distance, O/C, 10" x 14". Est. $600/800** 1,800
10 19TH C BATTLE SCENE: Depicts soldiers on horseback and cannons, possibly French or German, O/C/B, 12" x 15 1/2", monogrammed on a tombstone "KM" and dated 1841, encased in heavy Dutch walnut frame. Possibly by Joseph Kenney Meadows, a 19th C British illustrator and engraver. 750
14 BARLOW, John Noble?, (American, 1861-1924): Bridge on a wooded country path, O/C, 30" x 18", SLL, dated 85. 250
14A AMERICAN IMPRESSIONIST FARM SCENE, O/B: 16" x 20", SLL Cl. B. Graff?, dated 1937, pencil marked verso "Rockport", encased in impressionist gold leaf carved frame. 300
18 MASON, Roy Martell NA, (American, 1886-1972): "In the Toy Alders", Graphite and W/C, 5" x 7", SLR, dated 48, TLL, noted in right column "Near Peunellville, New York Oct 1948". 100
20 GERRY, Samuel Lancaster, (American, 1813-1891): "Paddling Across",O/P, 5 1/4" x 8 5/8", SLR. William Weschler of Weschler and Sons, Washington, DC. Appraisal available upon request. 2,000
21 19th C HUDSON RIVER SCHOOL PANORAMIC LANDSCAPE: From the mountains overlooking a river valley, O/C, 22" x 36", added signature LR, encased in period embossed gilt gesso frame. 1,700
22 HUDSON RIVER SCHOOL, 19th C: Sunset Shoreline Landscape with Figures, O/C (laid down on convex glass), 8" x 10" (oval), unsigned. Original ornate mid 19th C, corner decorated tondo frame. 200
28 FENETTI, Fredrick M., (American, 1854-1915): Floral still life of roses, O/C, 9" x 13", SML. 2,000
28A 19th C AMERICAN O/C STILL LIFE OF GRAPES ON A LINEN CLOTH: 13" x 17", no visible signature. 700
30 GRUPPE, Emile Albert, (American, 1896-1978): Gloucester Harbor, O/CB, 16" x 20", SLL, encased in American impressionist gilt frame. 3,500
30B GRUPPE, Charles Paul, (American, 1860-1940): River landscape with birch trees, O/C, 20" x 12", SLL, encased in original period gilt frame. 1,000
34 CHASE, Susan Miller, (American, 20th C): Dutch genre scene, O/B, 8" x 9 1/2", SLR. 250
36 "HOUSE AND TREES", O/C: SLR Lockwood, possibly John Ward Lockwood, 18" x 24", titled verso. 150
39 HINSBERGER, Alexis, (French, 1907): "Chanteurs Catalans", O/C, 24" x 18", SLR, signed and titled verso. 500
42 BASSARO, Joan Mary (American, 20th C): "Dusk At Chestnut Hill", O/C, 36" x 30", S & D 1960 LL, TIT/artist's label verso. Original frame. Provenance: Estate of Silvermine, CT architect Virginia, O'Neill. 100
44A PAIR OF ORIENTAL ROSEWOOD AND BLACK LACQUER RELIEF CARVED WALL PLAQUES: Intricate relief carving with pleasing painted accents, 36" x 24". 125
46 NORMAN, K***. (Italian or American Expatriate School): Venetian Canal Scene, O/M, 19 1/2" x 15", SLR, original gilt frame. 100
48 KLITZ, Anthony, (British, 1917): London street scene, O/C, 24" x 36", SLR, artist bio affixed verso. 100
48A COLORFUL MODERNIST STYLE DOCK SIDE SCENE WITH BOATS: O/B, 20" x 24", SLL Jahns?, possibly Maximillian Jahns. 125
52 PAIR OF 19TH C NEOPOLITAN SCHOOL GOUACHES: Depicts the same scene with boats and fisherman, one sunrise and one nocturnal, possibly Capri in background, no visible signature but closely resembles the style of Lapira or Correlli, 8 1/2" x 13"each. 1,200
56 TRUESDELL, Gaylord Sangston, (American, 1850-1899): Landscape with young girl with goats, farm house and cows in distant pasture, O/C, 50" x 36 1/2", SLL, dated 1893. Original bill of sale from June 8, 1943 at Schultheis Art Galleries, Inc., 15 Maiden Lane, New York, NY. 14,000
56A 19TH C AMERICAN LANDSCAPE: Stream pool, O/C, 26" x 22", signed at bottom W.S. Elwell, dated 1882, encased in period pierce carved gilt frame. Please note some damage, certainly worth restoration. 300
57 HELDNER, Colette Pope, (American, 20th C 1902-1990): "Marchand's Tin Shop, Rue Royale, New Orleans", O/B, 20" x 15 3/4", SLR, signed and titled verso, dated 1932, encased in original Arts & Crafts gilt frame. 750
59 CUCUEL, Edward, (American, 1879-1951): Pier scene with boats and figures, O/B, 10" x 13 3/4", SLR, dedicated verso "To my dear old boy Fritz Knickemeyer, from Eddy, July 10, 1930", encased in Newcomb Macklin quality period impressionist frame. 8,500
62 17th/18th C? ENGLISH SCHOOL PORTRAIT OF A LADY: Possible circle of Godfrey Kneller, O/C, 30" x 25", no visible signature, extensive restoration including inpaint and 19th C reline. 300
66A 1930'S EXPRESSIONIST/MODERNIST O/C OF TWO FEMALE NUDES: 26" x 20", SLR Brand, partial exhibition label affixed verso. 175
68 WYLAND PATINA BRONZE DOLPHIN SCULPTURE: 4 3/4"h., round black polished marble plinth incised Wyland, #70/950. Sold with The Art of Wyland book. 100
70 19TH C? BRONZE ASIAN DEITY: 13 3/4"h., incised markings to the base verso. 200
74A HARLEQUIN ROMANCE NOVEL ILLUSTRATION "THE RELUCTANT PRISONER": Depicting an amorous couple set in a country manor landscape, O/B, SLL Crouse, possibly Danny Crouse an American illustrator, 25" x 17", title verso. 400
76 VISKI, Janos, (Hungarian/American, 1891): Herding the Wild Horses, O/C, 24" x 30", SLR. 300
79A KUGLER, May, (Louisiana, 20th C): "Everyday Living", O/CB, 16" x 20", signed and dated 76, signed and titled verso with a brief summary of the meaning of the painting, encased in custom barn wood frame. 100
79B KUGLER, May, (Louisiana, 20th C): "Hog Killing", O/CB, 16" x 20", SLL, titled verso with artist's inscription, encased in original primitive barn wood frame. 100
79C KUGLER, May, (Louisiana, 20th C): "Bonfire", O/CB, 12" x 16", SLR, dated 76, titled and artist inscription verso, encased in original barn wood frame. 100
79D KUGLER, May, (Louisiana, 20th C): "Sugar Cane Country", O/CB, 12" x 16", SLR, dated 76, title and artist inscription verso, encased in original barn wood frame. 120
80 SMITH, Frog, (American, 20th C): Primitive "Outsider" artist, depicts cotton, farmyard landscape, O/B, 15 3/4" x 23 3/4", SLR. 200
88 KIRCHNER, Ernst Ludwig (German, 1880-1938): Modernist Landscape, ink/paper, 6 1/8" x 8", unsigned, "NACHLASS/E.L. KIRCHNER" stamp inscribed "St. 199" verso. Post-war gilt frame w/ older 4-section auction inventory label affixed to backing. Provenance: PB84 (Park Bernet), circa 1970. Private collection, New York. 350
90A FISCHER, Anton Otto, (American, 1882-1962): Illustration for The Saturday Evening Post, 1935, depicting two men in an interior smoking pipes, O/C, 24" x 22", SLL, dated 1935, Curtis Publishing Saturday Evening Post label affixed verso. Please call for condition. 3,000
90B FISCHER, Anton Otto, (American, 1882-1962): Urban street illustration with police officer and postal worker, O/C, 28" x 22", SLR, dated 1938, done for The Saturday Evening Post. 3,000
90C SET OF 14 HARRISON FISCHER COLOR LITHOGRAPHS: Illustrations originally for Charles Schreibner's Sons, New York, unframed, of the period. 375
92A 18th C? PERUVIAN O/C OF WINGED ANGEL: 44" x 32", no visible signature. One of six Latin American art works in the sale. 500
93 PERUVIAN RELIGIOUS 19TH C? O/C: Depicting Mother Teresa holding a cross, 24" x 17 1/2". 100
93A 19TH C PERUVIAN RELIGIOUS O/C: Madonna? with clasped hands, 29" x 23". 100
97A 17/18TH C? PERUVIAN MUSEUM QUALITY RELIGIOUS O/C: Depicts Madonna and child, 27" x 19 1/2" oval, intricate detail to lace veil and crown, outstanding overall composition, will need extensive restoration. 175
99 GEIGER, Karl, (German, 1822-1905): Allegorical/mythological scene possibly Ovid, depicting a neoclassically garbed blind bearded man with lyre, shield and sword, O/C, 72" x 60", SLL. 1,800
99A GORDON, G., (European, 20th C): Putti and young girl in forest landscape with stream, O/C, 40" x 14 1/4", SLR. 350
102 DALI, Louis, (French, 1905): Pair of Parisian street scenes, O/Cs, 9" x 10 1/2", both SLR, encased in original carved frames. 600
104 LATE 18TH/EARLY 19TH C PERUVIAN O/C: Depicting the beating of Christ, 60" x 43", no visible signature. 125
107A FOUJITA, Tsugouharu, (Japanese/American, 1886-1968): Young girl with doll, color woodblock, 16 1/2" x 10", signed in the plate LR. 850
110A 19TH C AMERICAN PRIMITIVE MARITIME O/C: Depicting coastal view with cliff and ships in harbor, 15" x 31". 125
112 ADAMS, Ansel Easton, (American, 1902-1984): "El Capitan, Winter, Yosemite National Park, California", special edition photograph printed by Alan Ross from Ansel Adams original negative under his supervision and initialed by him. 9 1/2" x 7 3/8", SLR in pencil. 175
117A BERNE, Sydney, (Canadian, 1921): Springtime landscape with rushing river rapids, O/CB, 12" x 16", SLL, original package with carved gilt frame. 250
117B BERNE, Sydney, (Canadian, 1921): Autumnal landscape with birch and pine trees and stream, O/CB, 12" x 16", SLR, original package with carved gilt frame. 250
118A BERNE, Sydney, (Canadian, 1921): Autumnal wooded landscape with stream, O/CB, 8" x 10", SLR. 175
118B BERNE, Sydney, (Canadian, 1921): Landscape with cottage, O/CB, 8" x 10", SLL. 175
120 GOHL, Edward Heinrich, (American, 1862): "Game Keeper's Cottage", Cernay La Ville France, O/C, 16" x 20", signed and titled on stretcher and canvas verso. William Weschler of Weschler and Sons, Washington, DC. Appraisal available upon request. 500
120A 19TH C OLD MASTER STYLE O/C STILL LIFE OF FLOWERS: 24" x 20", SLR Garman. William Weschler of Weschler and Sons, Washington, DC. Appraisal available upon request. 300
128 PAIR OF EARLY 20TH C COASTAL O/C's: 10" x 16", signed A. Waterhouse, dated 1913, encased in original period gilt frames. William Weschler of Weschler and Sons, Washington, DC. Appraisal available upon request. 150
134A BECKETT, M., (American?, 20th C): Still life of flower pots, O/B, 15 1/2" x 29 1/2", SLR, signed and titled verso. 125
136 MASTROVITO, Ottavia, (American, 20th C): Village Landscape, O/C, 19" x 27", SLR and verso on canvas. 300
136A MASTROVITO, Ottavia, (American, 20th C): Village scene with figures, O/C, 27" x 19", SLR and verso. 150
140 NIERMAN, Leonardo M, (Mexican/American, 1932): Abstract, O/M, 24" x 15 3/4", SLL. 400
142 WPA-ERA STREET SIGN FROM SILVERMINE, CONNECTICUT ARTIST'S COLONY: Cut-out wrought iron (painted gold). Provenance: Estate of Silvermine, CT architect Virginia O'Neill. Mrs. O'Neill designed sculptor Rubin Nakian's studio and resided in actress Lilly Ponds' former cottage. She was an avid antique collector who retired to South St. Petersburg. 110
146 SALVIATI, Giovanni?, (Italian, 1881-1951): Bay of Naples, O/C, 20" x 27 1/2", SLR. 200
152B DOW, Melvin C, (Florida, 20th C): Panoramic valley scene with farm house, O/C/M, 16" x 20". 150
153 19TH C PARISIAN STREET SCENE WITH FIGURES ALONG A RIVER BANK: O/C, 13" x 21 3/4", SLR R. Vuillem, dated 18?. 300
153A 19TH C PARISIAN RIVER SCENE WITH BRIDGE IN DISTANCE, BOATS AND FIGURES: O/C, 13 1/2" x 21 3/4", SLR R. Vuillem, dated 08?. 250
154 PAIR OF 19TH C? PERSIAN W/C ILLUMINATIONS ON PARCHMENT: 11 1/2" x 8 1/4" each. 175
167A TURN OF THE CENTURY FLORAL STILL LIFE: O/C, 8 3/4" x 14 1/2", SLL Breil, dated 03, encased in original pierce carved gilt frame. 110
182 DECO NUDE IN STYLE OF LEMPICKA: O/C, 36" x 24". 250

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