THEODORE ALEXANDER ROBERT JUPE MECHANICAL DINING TABLE WITH 8 LEAVES: From the Vannuci Collection, an Art Deco Macassar Ebony Veneer and stainless steel circular extending Dining Table by Theodore Alexander. The circular top turning on a solid stainless steel Jupe mechanism to reveal eight openings for the insertion of leaf extensions, locking together to form a larger dining table above a plain frieze supported on angled and tapering supports issuing from an inverted conical base terminating in a stainless steel band. The table is accompanied by an appropriate baize lined leaf cabinet and 6 Theodore Alexander Vannuci Collection pony skin chairs. If you turn the tabletop 90 degrees anti-clockwise the crescent-shaped bars move the slices outward. Between each wedge is a gap shaped like a collar stiffener, with a point at one end. Into each of these spaces you slide a leaf made of the same wood as the original table top. To reduce the table, simply remove the eight leaves, twist the table top 90 degrees in a clockwise direction and the eight distant slices of pie slide together to make a circle again. Theodore Alexander in London makes fine reproductions of the Jupe Table such as this that start at around N6,600 ($13,200). Chairs original cost at $635.00 each. Sold as a set, Table and chairs together.
CONDITION: Table is 61'' dia and approximately 30'' high. Chair backs are approximately 40'' tall. The case for the leaves is approx 45 1/2'' x 16 1/4'' x 13 1/4''. Please note: All pieces are very heavy so please get a pre-auction shipping estimate unless you plan to pick it up yourself.