5 PIECES BELLEEK PORCELAIN: To include, 1)Pink Tredacna/Tridacna pattern open sugar, gold trim to rim, approx. 3'' x 5''dia., first Black mark (1863-1890); 2)Ribbon pattern Creamer, Third Black? mark(green tones) (1946ish), 3 1/2''; 3)Shamrock Panel Vase, First Green (shades of black) (1946ish), 5 1/4''; 4)Flare top shell vase, First Green mark, (1946-1955), 3 1/2''h.; 5)Harp Shamrock Tea Ware Coffee Pot with lid, First Green mark (1946-1955), approx. 8''. Sold as a lot.
CONDITION: 1)Touch up to gold artfully disguises a small chip and descending hairline, also an additional older repaired crack about an inch to the side of the first.