SWAROVSKI CRYSTAL FIGURES: 6 piece lot to include 1) Large MOUSE 7631, M. Schreck, issued 1976 retired 1995, with box and certificate; 2) Large FOX 7629, A. Stocker, issued 1987 retired 1999, with box (no foam) and certificate; 3) BEAVER MOTHER 7616, A. Stocker, issued 1992 retired 1996, with box (bad foam); 4) Medium HEDGEHOG 7630NR045, M. Schreck, issued 1985 retired 2008, with box and certificate; 5) Medium RABBIT 7652NR045, M. Schreck, with box and certificate; 6) SQUIRREL 7662NR42, M. Schreck, issued 1985, with box (bad foam) and certificate.
CONDITION: Please read description for any condition issues found, any boxes listed may not be original to the piece.