LARGE COLLECTION OF ASSORTED US COINS: To include 1) 1935-S Peace silver dollar in presentation box. 2) American Historic Society WWII Coinage Collection in presentation box. 3) Postal Commemorative Society ''One-of-a-Kind'' US coin collection in binder. 4) Nearly complete set 1883-1912S nickels in binder (missing 1885, 1886). 5) Postal Commemorative Society ''Twenty Years of Buffalo Nickels'' 1916-1938 in binder. 6) Postal Commemorative Society ''US Indian Head Pennies'' 1890-1909 in binder. 7-8) 2 complete set Roosevelt Dimes 1946-1964 in folders. 8) Complete set Roosevelt Dimes 1965-1995D in folder. 9) 41 assorted Jefferson nickels in folder. 10) 51 assorted Lincoln cents in folder. 10) Grouping of assorted sets and loose coins. All coins ungraded.