COLLECTION OF 8 ANTIQUARIAN BOOKS: Assorted titles to include 1) ''Milton's Poems'', undated, Crowell & Co., New York. 2) Goolde Brown, ''The Institutes of English Grammer'', undated, Samuel & William Wood, New York. 3) Holy Bible, 1822, E. White and E. Bliss, New York. 4) Bible in Spanish, 1807, Madrid. 5) John Pierpoint, ''National Reader'', 1843, David Williams, Boston. 6) General Lew Wallace, ''Ben-Hur'', 1896, Harper & Brothers, New York. 7) Phil Stong, ''Horses and Americans'', 1946, Garden City Publishing Co., New York. 8) Crown Classics Alfred Lord Tennyson Selected Poems, undated, The Grey Walls Press, London.
CONDITION: Various states of condition and sold as-is.