COLLECTION OF 6 ANTIQUARIAN BOOKS: Assorted titles to include 1) Jedidiah Morse, ''Geography Made Easy'' abridgment, 1796, Thomas and Andrews, Boston. 2) ''Abstract of Infantry Tactics'', 1830, Hilliard, Gray, Little and Wilkins, Boston, front cover detached 3) Rev. J. Goldsmith, ''A Geographical View of the World'', 1826, Hopkins & Reed, New York, partial folding map remains. 4) Thomas P. Jones, ''Journal of the Franklin Institute, Vol. 1'', 1828, Franklin Institute, Philadelphia. 5) James D. McCabe Jr., ''History of the War Between Germany and France'', 1871, National Publishing Co., front cover separated. 6) Francis Trevelyan Miller, ''Portrait Life of Lincoln'', 1910, Patriot Publishing Co., New York.
CONDITION: Various states of condition and sold as-is.