SIGNED HEREKE SILK CARPET 3'6'' X 5': A rarely seen, extremely fine and absolutely gorgeous rug in a prayer rug form of asymmetrical design. It has a vase of flowers of a very unique design, the base of the vase having a striped design of salmon red and beige and the upper vase having beige with salmon, peach, and beige and ivory highlights. The piece features a stylized tree of life that has many different types of flowers and leaves that are of a feathery appearance, all on a midnight blue field. The top corners of the prayer niche of the mihrab are in a burgundy or cranberry color with two toned beige, yellow, and gray highlights of stylized flowers. The main border has a cranberry colored field with alternating palmettes and stylized leaves and sprays of flowers. There is a signature cartouche on the top right hand corner of the last guard border. Approx 35-45 yrs old.