PERSIAN NAIN? SILK CARPET SILVER METALLIC THREAD, 3'5'' X 4'6'': An extremely fine rug in a prayer format with a white ground that has two aqua turquoise vases, each with a paisley or a boteh coming from it. The interior of each boteh is woven with what appears to be silver metallic thread along with the silk flowers and palmettes in the center of it and flowers around the trim of it. This is an asymmetrical rug with a pendant type large turquoise medallion that has cranberry highlights and some pale yellow with sprays of flowers. The rest of the field is covered with sprays of different types of flowers and birds, some are sitting, others ready to take flight. The corners of the top of the main field are cranberry color with vines and scrolling flowers in the design. The turquoise border has an alternating design of birds and palmettes with little sprays of flowers around them. There is also metallic thread found in some of the guard borders. The signature cartouche can be found at the top middle of the final guard border of this phenomenal rug. The rug is in very fine condition.
CONDITION: The rug is in very fine condition.