HUMMEL ANGEL FIGURINES: 7 piece lot - 1 & 2) of FESTIVAL HARMONY featuring a large Angel with Mandolin, #172/II, TMK-3 stylized Bee mark, 10''h.; and Angel with flute, #173/0, TMK-4 three line mark, 7 3/4''h. 3) CELESTIAL MUSICIAN #188, TMK-5 the Last Bee mark, 7'', generalized crazing; 4) ANGEL DUET CANDLE HOLDER #193, TMK-5 the Last Bee mark, 5'', some crazing, mostly to base with long craze under glaze to bottom; 5) ANGELIC CARE #194, the Last Bee mark, 6 1/2''h., one or two spots of crazing on the base; 6) ANGEL SERENADE, angel with mandolin sings to lamb, #83, TMK-2 Full Bee stamp mark and Germany stamp, 6'', repair to left wing tip; and 7) HEAVENLY ANGEL #21/I, TMK-5 the Last Bee mark, 6 5/8''. Sold as a lot.
CONDITION: See description for condition, measurements are approx., no boxes.