VIRGIL THOMSON AUTOGRAPHS LETTERS POSTER MEMORABILIA LOT: Included in this lot: 1) Autographed Poster ''The Mother of Us All'' a production in celebration of Thompson's 75th birthday, at St. Peter's Church in NYC, 1967, 11x17, folded horizontally, clean copy, on verso list of characters, more illustrations, and a synopsis of each act; 2) Hand-written bar by Virgil Thompson with signature from the score: Four Saints in Three Acts (on verso of a lined letter (8.5x11) in which one is requested); 3) Typewritten signed letter on New York Herald Tribune letterhead to Mr. Thompson giving Mr. Thompson the address for Alice Tolkas; 4) Two signed quotes from various works by Thompson, each typed at the top of the page on a pale yellow sheet (8.5x11), each about 13 lines; the quotes are from ''American Music Since 1970'': the subjects are Aaron Copland and John Cage. Virgil Thompson (November 25, 1896 - September 30, 1989) was an American composer and critic and was instrumental in the development of the ''American Sound'' in classical music. In the 1930s, he worked as a theater and film composer. His most famous works for theater are two operas with libretti by Gertrude Stein, Four Saints in Three Acts, especially famous for its use of an all-black cast, and The Mother of Us All, both of which he wrote the musical score. (included in this lot) As well as incidental music for Orson Welles' Depression-era production of Macbeth, set in the Caribbean, known as Voodoo Macbeth. William Crawford Plumley Estate