ANDRE MAURIS SIGNED TYPEWRITTEN LETTER: TLS: 4to. Geneve [Switzerland], le 4 Septembre 1929 In French. [Translation] ''Dear Sir, I thank you for your magazine. I have written an article on Ernest Hemingway, and have sent it to Mr. Llone who is in charge of an American anthology. If he wishes to authroize you to publish it in English, as far as I am concerned you have my consent to do so. / Best wishes in your endeavor. Sincerely yours, Andre Maurois.'' Added in his hand at bottom of page, ''Permanent address: 2 Borghese Street, NeuUly-sur-Sein, France. Mr. Llona's address is: Les Alyciens, Charlotte, Seine et Marne, France. Andre Mauris was born Emile Salomon Wilhelm Herzog, (July 26,1885 - October 9,1967) was a French author and man of letters. ''Andre Maurois'' was a pen name that became his legal name in 1947. He became a member of the Academic francaise in 1938. Reference to: 'Llona': Llona was the Peruvian Victor Marie Llona [born in Lima (Peru) in 1886. He was a novelist and translator. William Crawford Plumley Estate
CONDITION: Small separation in one fold, slight foxing, half inch tear at bottom of page, otherwise good.