6 VINTAGE WALT DISNEY BIG LITTLE BOOKS: 8 books total to include 6 Whitman books ''Mickey Mouse Sails for Treasure Island'' 1935, no number; #1111 ''Silly Symphonies'' 1936; #1128 ''Mickey Mouse and Pluto the Racer'' 1936; #1169 ''Silly Symphonies featuring Donald Duck'' 1937; #1476 ''Mickey Mouse in the Race for Riches'' 1938; #1478 ''Donald Duck Hunting for Trouble'' 1938. Sold with 2 Wee Little books, ''Mickey Mouse Will Not Quit'' and ''Mickey Mouse at the Carnival''.
CONDITION: Chips to covers and spines, toning, varying condition. ''Will not Quit'' with loose pages. Sold as-is.