16 BIG LITTLE & BETTER LITTLE BOOKS: 16 books total to include 1436 ''Tim McCoy on the Tomahawk Trail'', 1453 ''Railroad Detective on the Streamliner'', 1170 ''Dick Tracy on the Trail of Larceny Lu'', 1491 ''Dick Tracy and the Man With No Face'', 1434 ''Dick Tracy and the Phantom Ship'', 1435 ''Gangbusters Step In'', 1496 ''Radio Patrol Outwitting the Gang Chief'', 1466 ''State Trooper and the Kidnapped Governor'', 1118 ''Dan Dunn Secret Operative 48, Crime Never Pays'', 1430 ''Ken Maynard in Western Justice'', 1461 ''Buck Jones and the Rock Creek Cattle War'', 1457 ''Cowboy Lingo Boys Book of Western Facts'', 1427 ''Red Ryder and the Code of the West'', 1135 ''The Texas Ranger'', 1452 Zane Grey's King of the Royal Mounted Gets His Man'', un-numbered ''Men of the Mounted''
CONDITION: Condition varies, well read, sold as-is.