IMPORTANT THEODOR & JOHANN DE BRY GRAND VOYAGES VOLUME 5: From the original 1995 Early American History Auctions catalog: '' Theodor De Bry & Johann Theodor De Bry, 'Americae Das Funffte Buch, Vol Schoner Unerhorter Historien, Aus Dem Andern Theil Joanis Benzonis Von Meylandt Gezogen...(Great Voyages, Part V)', Franckfurt am Mayn: Dieterich de Bry (1595). 13 1/4'' x 9 1/4''. Fifth volume of the first German edition of De Bry's ''Great Voyages'', containing Girolamo Benzoni's history of the early European settlements in American, based on his 14 years of travels in the New World. First published in Italian in 1565, at the time of publication it was the first such history from other than Spanish sources. There is a double-page copper engraved map of the central/western portion of Mexico proper, ''Hispanie Novae Sive Magnae, Recens Et Vera Descriptio, 1595'', 13'' x 9 1/2'', with two embellished cartouches (Indians, weapons, ornaments), and vignettes of natives, buffalo (''Indian cows''), canoes, and sailing ships. There are two title page and 18 of 22 copper-engraved plates, with letterpress text in the lower portions. The 18 plates (XIX-XXII are missing) show the conquest, enslavement, and torture of the natives, battles between the Spanish and French, etc. There is also a portrait of Columbus on page 3.
CONDITION: It is trimmed to the neat line and is moderately soiled, however attractive. Some internal soiling, corners are worn, some rough outer edges to the selvage, and there are occasional minor tears, including pages 107-8. Pages 95-104 are lacking and there are some repairs to first title page; wrappers are old and plant and front one is separated from body. Sold with all faults.