FIVE-PIECE KEITH HARING POSTER LOT: 1. Pop Shop, Fluorescent Orange on Black, 34'' x 22'', unframed. 2. Nude Dancer from Reverse Poster for Tony Shafrazi Gallery, dated 1984, 35'' x 23 1/8''. 3. Poster done in 1982 of Two Different Scenes, Black and White, 24'' x 18'', unframed. 4. Color Poster done for the Tony Shafrazi and Leo Castelli Galleries, Depicting Haring Standing Next to One His Larger the Life Sculpture on His Studio, 24'' x 16.75''. 5. National Coming Out Day October 11, 26.75'' x 23.75'', signed in the poster in the plate and dated '88, unframed.
CONDITION: 1. Some minor dings along the right margin edge. 2. Crease in the lower left corner, several minor creases along the right margin edge. 3. Some scattered spotting, crease in the middle extending about halfway through, and some minor impressions. 5. Scattered foxing, minor handling creases, a large vertical crease on right hand side.