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Sunday, May 20, 2007

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Fine Art Only Auction Results

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Sale Price
151 Click for larger picture 19th C TWIST LEG MAHOGANY DROP LEAF TABLE: Shaped corners on a top that opens to 48'' x 36''. 36'' x 23'' when leaves are down, 28 1/4'' h. Brass castors. 175
153 Click for larger picture 19TH CENTURY BLANKET CHEST: 25'' high x 47'' wide x 20 1/4'' deep. 175
155 Click for larger picture GEORGE S PATTON WAR DATED AUTOGRAPH LETTER & ENVELOPE: Typed response and hand signed letter dated Jan. 30th 1945 From General Patton. Contents of letter are thanking Carolyn Palm for her good thoughts in writing to him. Envelope is also signed hand signed by Patton above the return address in censored area. Also included is Mrs.Palm's letter to Patton, thanking him for his rescue of the troops in Bastogne, which he references in his response. 1400
156 Click for larger picture IWO JIMA FLAG RAISERS AUTOGRAPH LOT: Lot includes a First Day cover autographed by John Bradley, Appleton Wisconsin; Rene Gagnon, USMC, and Ira Hayes, Cpl. USMC. Very rare to find all 3 signatures in one place. All hand signed. Also included is a hand written response letter by John Bradley to Manfred Palm, a dedicated autograph seeker from New York, giving Mr.Palm the names and addresses of the other 2 survivors. Letter is postmarked Jan. 15th 1946 and has John Bradley name and address on front cover. 1600
157 Click for larger picture POLITICAL AUTOGRAPH GROUP EISENHOWER, GEORGE V, EDWARD VIII: To include 1) 2 WWII dated hand signed General Dwight Eisenhower letters. Letters are replies to Manfred Palm, a dedicated NY autograph seeker. One letter date June 1944, other Oct. 1945. 2) King George V hand signed card on Waldorf Astoria stationary. 3) Prince Edward VIII, the Duke of Windsor, hand signed letter cover with accompanying letter from secretary thanking Mr. Palm for his autograph request. 500
158 Click for larger picture 3 WWII GENERALS AUTOGRAPH GROUP DOOLITTLE WAINWRIGHT: To include 1) General James H. Doolittle hand signed magazine clip photo, with accompanying letter from secretary thanking Mrs.Palm, a dedicated NY autograph seeker, for her letter. 2) General J. M. Wainwright hand signed V-J day envelope cover, with accompanying return envelope from the war department. 3) General Maxwell Taylor hand signed first day cover of battle scenes at Remagen Bridgehead. Signed and dated 17 Oct. 1945. 200
159 Click for larger picture H. G. WELLS AUTOGRAPH PHOTO LOT: 3 pieces to include 1) 8 X 10 photo signed on a book in the photo, please note crease on bottom of photo. 2) Signed article from a magazine about the Spanish Civil War, article has been taped to a folder cover. 3) Signed folder cover autograph to Manfred Palms, a dedicated autograph seeker from New York. 850
160 Click for larger picture 2 WWII SCRAPBOOKS STAMPS AUTOGRAPHS LOT: To include autographs of Ignance Paderewski, Premier of Poland dated Dec. 1940 6 months before his death. Dorothy Thompson, a popular journalist, on a On the Record article she wrote dated 1938. 2 Will B. Johnstone political cartoons signed on file folder paper nest to cartoons. Scrap books are full with articles on World War II including battles, most from New York papers. Many 1930's, 40's and 50's letters with stamps from foreign countries, to include Germany, Australia, Greece, Columbia, Israel, France and more. Most are war dated. Collected by Manfred Palm, a dedicated New York autograph seeker. Please call for more detail. 500
161 Click for larger picture IDENTIFIED NEW YORK MILITARY ACADEMY SWORD: Identified to Jones Bond Jackson, graduate of New York Military Academy and bombardier for the RAF (England) in World War II. Minty blade with etched panels of owners name and NYMA. Also etched with makers name William C. Rowland Philadelphia. Blade measures 29 3/4''. Very slight looseness to hilt. All metal scabbard with brass mount and drag. Some peppering to finish. 100
162 Click for larger picture PROVOST MARSHALL STARR GERMAN WWII CARVED HUMIDOR: World War II era hand carved and painted prisoner of war art humidor. Identified to Provost Marshal Lt. Starr, 6th Civilian Internment Camp, Moosburg under lid. The 6th Internment camp was originally Stalig VII A and remained a internment camp until 1948. Measures 9 1/2'' high x 12'' wide x 8'' deep. Please note small crack in wood on one side. 350
163 Click for larger picture JOHN ROGERS GROUP ''COURTSHIP IN SLEEPY HOLLOW'': Ichabod Crane and Katrina Tassel. Plaster statue with original paint in worn condition. 16 1/2''h. x 15'' x 8''. 100
165 Click for larger picture SET OF 4 SIGNED HITCHCOCK SIDE CHAIRS: Stencil design in gold. Signed ''Authentic Hitchcock Nichols & Stone'' 100
166 Click for larger picture 1901 ENGLISH GOLF ASSOCIATION PRESENTATION TANTALUS/SMOKERS BOX: Presented to A.F. White Esq. from the Stapleford - Tawney Shooters 1901-2, a golf association in England. Burl walnut desktop case with key and lock separate compartments marked for cigars and cigarettes, over small drawer. Brass decoration and beveled mirror back over open decanters compartments. Measures 13'' tall x 14'' wide x 10 3/4'' deep. Please note condition of wood. 125
167 Click for larger picture 19TH C AMERICAN COUNTRY PLANTATION DESK: Fall front upper section with compartmented and interior, and lift up secret storage top. Single full length drawer across lower section. 58 1/2''h. overall, x 34'' x 21 3/4''. 250
168 Click for larger picture 19th C AMERICAN COUNTRY 4 DRAWER CHEST: Pine chest of 4 drawers, on later feet. 35'' high x 38 1/4'' wide x 17 1/2'' deep 350
169 Click for larger picture 1811 ORIGINAL GROSS ISLE MICHIGAN LAND GRANT MONROE: Dated June 1st 1811 and signed by James Madison and James Monroe. We believe the signatures to be secretarial as both look alike. Original land grant to John, William and David McComb for 640 acres on Gross Isle, Michigan. Paper has some minor tears along edges, fold and pencil writing on side dated 1876. Tears do not affect text. Measures 14 1/2'' x 8 3/4''. 100
170 Click for larger picture DE MARTINO, Giovanni, (Italy, 1870-1935): Bronzed Bust of a Boy, 13''h., signed, affixed to marble plinth with minor wear, 17''h. 250
171 Click for larger picture DE MARTINO, Giovanni, (Italy, 1870-1935): Figural Bronze of a Young Boy Playing, 12''h., signed, affixed to marble plinth, 14 1/2''h. overall. 100
172 Click for larger picture DE MARTINO, Giovanni, (Italy, 1870-1935): Bronze Bust of a Young Peasant Girl, 11''h., signed, affixed to a marble plinth, 15 1/2''h. overall. 250
173 Click for larger picture DE MARTINO, Giovanni, (Italy, 1870-1935): Grouping of Musicians, Bronze, 7 1/2''h. x 14''w., signed, on marble plinth, 8''h. overall. 225
174 Click for larger picture SITZENDORF FINE GERMAN PORCELAIN CENTERPIECE COMPOTE: Tall pedestal with figures and applied flowers, scrolled feet, gilt accent. The bowl has hand painted interior, applied flowers and same attention to detail as the base. Cross line mark. 15 1/4''h. x 11''w. overall. 275
175 Click for larger picture PAIR SHIERHOLZ GERMAN PORCELAIN CANDELABRA: Winged cherub holding cornucopia. Two part construction, 11 1/2''h. x 9 1/2'' wide. 225
176 Click for larger picture STERLING HAND CHASED BOWL WITH FLORAL DECOR: 4 floral medallions inside rim of bowl. Marked Sterling 584 Hand Chased, otherwise unmarked as to maker. Measures 3 1/2'' high x 12'' dia. Approx 22.4 troy oz. 200
177 Click for larger picture ORNATE VICTORIAN SILVERPLATE TEA SERVICE WITH EAGLE FINIALS: 6 pieces to include 1) Hot water kettle on 3 legged tilting stand, pot can be removed or tilted. Eagle finial on to of lid, 2 small ivory rings on handle 16 1/2'' high. 2) Water pitcher with eagle finial on lid, 2 small ivory rings on handle. 11 3/4'' high, marked on base R & H with hallmarks. 3) Coffee or tea pot with eagle finial, 2 small ivory rings on handle. 8 1/2'' high, marked on base RH & Co. with hallmarks. 4) Creamer, 6'' high. No makers stamp, similar hallmarks to water pitcher. 5) Large 2 handle sugar bowl, 5 1/2'' high. Similar hallmarks to creamer. 6) Large 4 footed tray. 29 1/4'' across. Marked Jays 142, 144 Oxford St W. EPNS 4743. 1300
178 Click for larger picture 1903 BIRMINGHAM SILVER TRINKET BOX: Small dimpled silver ring or trinket box. Marked with Birmingham marks and 1903 date stamp. Also stamped J. W. T., a jeweler founded in 1890. Measures 1 1/2'' high x 3 1/8'' wide. Approx. 3.3 troy oz. 200
180 Click for larger picture MINIATURE WATERCOLOR PAINTING OF THE MADONNA IN FILIGREE 800 SILVER FRAME: 1 1/2''dia, silver frame, 3''h. x 2 1/2''w., marked 800 verso. 125
181 Click for larger picture QUEEN ANNE STYLE CURIO DISPLAY CABINET: Raised on cabriole legs. Glass shelf interior. 60 3/4'' high x 43'' wide x 16'' deep. 200
182 Click for larger picture VON SCHIERHOLZ PUTTI PORCELAIN MANTLE CLOCK: Marked Von Schierholz Handmalereil inside open base of clock. White porcelain with applied flower decoration and 2 putti. Hand wound clock. No marks on works. 12 1/2'' tall x 8 1/2'' wide x 5'' deep. Please note minimal chip on implement in child's hand and 2 petals. 175
183 Click for larger picture OUTSTANDING GERMAN PORCELAIN OLDEST VOLKSTEDT LACY FIGURE OF A GRAND LADY: Seated on a chair, dressed in a gown of layers of lace and floral decorated gilt skirt. Plumed headdress. Marked under the chair. 11''h. 11'' wide. 750
184 Click for larger picture PAIR SITZENDORF FINE GERMAN PORCELAIN CANDELABRA: Companion pieces with young man and lady on each, fine detail. Blue line mark. 9 1/2''h. 7 1/2'' wide. 175
185 Click for larger picture MEISSEN QUALITY EDME SAMSON FRENCH PORCELAIN FIGURAL GROUP: Group of three deciding on fabric. Note the quality and detail. 8 1/2''h. x 8 1/2'', oval base painted in a repeating pattern. 550
186 Click for larger picture PARQUETRY INLAY FRENCH MARBLE TOP BOMBAY COMMODE: Beveled marble over 3 drawers with masqueron bale pulls. Striking parquetry inlay to the sides. 34''h. x 45'' x 20''. 1400
187 Click for larger picture SKOU, Sigurd, (American, 1875-1929): Illustration with Surreal Figures, Watercolor and Gouache, sight size 17'' x 30'', on a pieced artistic surface, signed and dated 1920, encased in newer metal frame, 28'' x 40'', not under glass. Sold as is. Bears a Christie's East sticker verso. 350
188 Click for larger picture PAINT DECORATED MUSIC CABINET: French scene joins on the two doors, 3 shelf interior. Paint is in worn condition. 41 1/4'' high x 17 3/4'' wide 16'' deep. 300
189 Click for larger picture DANISH SILVER MOUNTED CUT GLASS STEIN: Cut glass body with olive and star cuts. Danish sterling hinged lid with Danish 1904 stamp and J. Holm maker stamp. 8 5/8'' tall. Please note scratches on glass base. 250
190 Click for larger picture YOUNG, Stephen Scott (American, 1958-): Portrait of a Young Boy, W/C, 23'' x 19'', signed, dated 1979, inscribed verso ''Hero as I am to him....'', encased in custom frame, 31'' x 28 1/2''. Provenance - Property of a prominent retired Florida attorney. 4500
191 Click for larger picture MAHOGANY EXTENSION TABLE: Table flips and pulls out, the lyre shaped duo pedestals slide apart for support. With leaf open the table is 39'' x42''. 21'' deep with leaf folded down, 29 3/4''h. The legs and pedestal are carved, brass paw feet covers, brass castors. 200
192 Click for larger picture TURKISH HAND TIED CARPET: 8' 2'' x 5' 5'' 100
194 Click for larger picture ORMOLU AND PAINT DECORATED FRENCH VITRINE: Early 20th Century Display cabinet with bowed glass front. Mirror back interior with glass shelves. Measures 34 1/2'' high x 37'' wide x 20'' deep. 600
195 Click for larger picture MULLER VOLKSTEDT TRIO OF LACY DANCERS: Pink lacy ballerinas dancing Ring Around the Rosie. Applied gilt roses. 4 3/4''h, the base is 4 1/2'' dia. Muller & Co. Volkstedt, Germany. 170
196 Click for larger picture FURSTENBERG GERMAN LACY FIGURE ON CHAISE: Dresden type lacy figure reclining on her chaise with full pillow. Blue crown F mark, 6 3/4''h, 10'' long. 400
197 Click for larger picture DRESDEN GERMAN PORCELAIN LACY FIGURE: Seated on a chair, dressed in a six layered blue lacy gown adorned with white rose buds. 7''h., 6 1/2'' base. Good condition with small amount of lace damage. 225
198 Click for larger picture LARGE VOLKSTEDT FINE GERMAN FIGURAL GROUP OF LACY FIGURES: Enjoying a joyous evening of music. Pianist, cellist and dancers. 12 1/2''h. x 7 1/2''. Muller & Co., Volkstedt, Germany. 600
199 Click for larger picture FINE GERMAN PORCELAIN SEATED LACY FIGURINE: Crown mark, (Dresden, Furstenburg, or Volkstedt). Lady seated on a sofa, dressed in layered pink lacy gown. 6 3/4'' h. x 7 1/2''. 250
200 Click for larger picture 3 GERMAN PORCELAIN LACY FIGURES, VOLKSTEDT AND SITZENDORF: 1) Yellow lacy gown with applied flowers, 7''h. Volkstedt mark. 2) Pink and white tiered dress with yellow slippers, 6''h, Volkstedt mark. 3) Ballerina in white tu tu, 5 1/2'', Sitzendorf crown S mark. 275

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