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Sale Price
1351A Click for larger picture WILD BLACK BOAR SHOULDER MOUNT TROPHY: The wild boar is an ancestor of the domestic pig, and is native to much of northern and central Europe and Asia, though it can be found on many ranches throughout the U.S. Ready to hang. Approx measurements 21.5'' l x 16'' w x 17'' h. 125
1352 Click for larger picture COLLECTION OF 9 HEISEY ART GLASS/CRYSTAL ANIMALS: Comprising 2 giraffes, 4 swans, 1 pheasant, 1 rooster vase, and 1 paladin horse head. One swan bares the Heisey sticker. A few others bare the ''H'' in a diamond glass mark. Largest Approx. 10.25'' h x 7.25'' l x 2'' w.
CONDITION: Horse and 1 swan have flea bites to bottoms.
1354 Click for larger picture 2 PC. DOULTON BURSLEM & ROYAL WORCESTER DRAGONWARE PITCHERS: Royal Worcester dragon ware pitcher in a cream-colored ground with a high relief gilt dragon encompassing to create the handle. Green Worcester mark resides on underside. Approx. 11.5'' h x 6.75'' w. Doulton Burslem gilt dragon handle with an ornately painted golf floral pattern on brown. Body has been painted with floral & foliage on an embossed floral pattern body. Doulton & Slater impressed mark & green marks on underside. Approx. 11.75'' h x 6.5'' w. 275
1356 Click for larger picture ICON OF CHRIST: Circular Icon, 10'' in diameter, probably 19th century, painted on a cradled panel.
CONDITION: Scattered flecks of loss, overall ware and loss, sold as is.
1357 Click for larger picture BLACK MARBLE TOP SERVING BAR: Oval black marble top bar with wine glass racks under bar to over shelf. 2 doors with interior wine bottle rack. Metal tube wrap around foot rest. Pineapple center medallion under drawer on front. Approx. 40.75'' h x 63'' l x 24'' w. 400
1358 Click for larger picture EARLY MEIJI-LATE EDO BLUE & WHITE WINE JUG: A less common large early Meiji/late Edo period blue & white wine jug with 1 figure is riding away on horseback, while one is walking his horse to meet the third figure coming to shore from his boat. Scrolling foliate design and literal characters decorate the top. Original lid is present. Approx. 20'' h x 10'' w. 550
1359 Click for larger picture BOND, Elena, (Russian, 1974-): ''Bellagio'', Mixed Media/Canvas, image size is 24'' x 40'', signed in paint, frame measures 30'' x 47''. 200
1360 Click for larger picture BOND, Elena, (Russian, 1974-): ''Portofino Marina'', Giclee/Canvas, image size is 24.5'' x 40.75'', signed lower left in gold paint, frame measures 30'' x 47'', from the numbered edition of 95. 150
1361 Click for larger picture ENGLISH OAK LOCKING SHIP CAPTAIN'S TANTALUS DECANTER SET: English oak and brass locking tantalus holding 3 crystal decanters with multi-faceted stoppers. This set was purchased in England circa 1850. Adorned by 3 Scotch Staffordshire porcelain medallions to decanter necks. Approx. 14'' h x 17.75'' l x 6.75'' w.
CONDITION: Lock not currently working.
1362 Click for larger picture GERMAN INLAID MANTLE CLOCK: German wood cased mantle clock inlaid with foliate and ribbon design, made in Wurttemberg, Germany. Incised scrolling foliate on a silvered face plate with Roman numerals. Approx. 16.5'' h x 11'' l x 7.5'' w.
CONDITION: Currently not in working condition. Chip to front left bottom. Wear consistent with age and use.
1363 Click for larger picture PAIR WEST AFRICAN IGBO CARVED SHRINE FIGURES: 2 carved wood shrine figures, one wearing a helmet, Igbo culture, Nigeria, taller 37'' h. 19th/20th Century.
CONDITION: Both with evidence of prior insect damage, one with damage to a foot.
1364 Click for larger picture AFRICAN TERRACOTTA FIGURAL VESSEL: Terracotta or earthenware pot with 4 human figures and crocodile, possible Bamana culture, Mali, 11 1/4'' h. x 11''. 20th Century.
CONDITION: Chips to figures.
1368 Click for larger picture ESTATE ORIENTAL CARPET, 2'10'' X 5'1'': Caucasian Design with Red Ground and Blue and White Border.
CONDITION: sold as is
1369 Click for larger picture ESTATE ORIENTAL CARPET, 4'7'' x 7'5'': Red with Dark Medallion, Old Made in Iran label.
CONDITION: sold as is
1370 Click for larger picture TRIPLE SEAT SLAT-BACK BENCH: This unique 3 seat bench has solid wood frame construction and has each seat fold up independently, or fold all up then fold up the legs for easy storage. Vertical slat back support with horizontal slats at seat. Approx. 34'' h x 55'' l x 25'' w. Reportedly from a pool hall in Asheville, North Carolina. 125
1371 Click for larger picture 4 MID-CENTURY ROOKWOOD PROTOTYPE ASHTRAYS: 4 mid-century ashtrays Designed by Rookwood in 1950, this green glazed ashtray was nothing more than a prototype that would never see production, and that's what makes it unique. Bakelite snuffer ball in center with 2 metal cigarette rests. Rookwood mark resides underside. Approx. 3.5'' h x 6.5'' w.
CONDITION: Crazing to glaze on 2 ashtrays.
1372 Click for larger picture ESTATE ORIENTAL CARPET, 3'3'' X 4'11'': Caucasian style with 3 Medallions, Old Made in Iran label. 350
1373 Click for larger picture ESTATE ORIENTAL CARPET, 3'5'' X 6'5'': Large Center Medallion Red ground. 325
1374 Click for larger picture LARGE COLLECTION OF HAVILAND CLOVER LEAF CHINA: Approx. 106 pieces of Haviland Clover Leaf china to include 18 dinner plates (9.75''), 6 salad plates (6''), 6 soup bowls (7''), 6 dessert bowls (6''), 15 teacups and 18 underplates, 1 gravy boat, 1 serving platter (12'') and 1 serving platter (16'').
CONDITION: One teacup with cracks, minor chips on an occasional plate discovered.
1375 Click for larger picture 2 MEIJI PERIOD EXPORT VASES: Both vases have the same form and general design with windows of birds and flowers. Both have red ground with different medallion and scrolling design. The mark on bottom reads Made in the shop of Zoshun by Sanpo. Sanpo was the fictitious trade name Hisatomi Yojibei Masayasu circa 1960. Either late Edo or early Meiji. Approx. 12.5'' h x 10.75. Eat. $800-$1,200 Start $200 150
1376 Click for larger picture AMPHORA VASE WITH APPLIED FRUIT: Footed Austrian Amphora iridescent salt glaze vase with applied fruit and foliate glazed in gold. Impressed Amphora and Austria mark reside on the underside. Approx. 10'' h x 10.5'' l x 8'' w. 150
1377 Click for larger picture WARNER BROTHERS CEL FROM ''CARROTBLANCA'': Depicting Bugs Bunny and Yosemite Sam, sight size 8.5'' x 11.5'', Warner Bros. COA verso, framed, 17'' x 19.5''. 150
1379 Click for larger picture PAKISTANI BOKHARA HAND KNOTTED WOOL RUG, 5'10'' X 8'9'': Two patterns of guls are found repeating over all the black field in a traditional Bokhara pattern. Multiple small borders complete the rug.
1380 Click for larger picture QUENCE, Raymond, (French, 1932-): Two Figures Walking Away from a Grand Rural Estate on a Dirt Road, Oil/Canvas, 28.75'' x 36'', Wally Findlay Gallery Label Affixed verso, framed 36'' x 43.50''. 125
1381 Click for larger picture MEIJI PERIOD FIGURAL DRAGON VASE: Finely chased high relief Japanese bronze bottle vase with encompassing protruding birds and foliate design. Neck has high relief dragon sculpture on neck. Approx. 11.75'' h x 6.5'' w. 150
1382 Click for larger picture PICASSO LITHOGRAPH FROM 40 DESSINS DE PICASSO EN MARGE DU BUFFON: ''Heads of Medusa'', 14.5'' x 11'', framed, 18'' x 14''.
CONDITION: Some minor scattered foxing
1383 Click for larger picture 3 PIECE ORIENTAL RUG LOT: 1) Antique Turkoman Bokhara finely hand knotted with good colors and traditional design of alternating ''guls'' and some unusual motif variations in the borders. 3'7'' X 4'2''. 2) Semi-Antique Persian Belouchi prayer rug in traditional colors (brown, orange, and blues) with a stylized ''Tree of Life'' design on the field. 3'2'' X 4'3''. 3) Semi-Antique Persian Belouchi bag face or small mat in traditional colors and design. 2'2'' X 1'9''.
CONDITION: For all-some visible wear but good for ages.
1384 Click for larger picture CHINESE FLAMBE GLAZED PORCELAIN VASE: Chinese vase elegantly glazed in deep red tones splashed with streaks of purple and turquoise. 3 incised rings at bottom of neck. Approx. 13'' h x 8.25'' w. 150
1385 Click for larger picture IBOS, Jean-Francois, (French, 1951- ): ''Les Plumes'', Serigraph, sight size is 38'' x 37.50'', pencil signed lower right and numbered 56 of 199 lower left, custom frame and mating is 51'' x 51''. 150
1386 Click for larger picture CARVED FRENCH LEATHER SETTEE: Upholstered in a brick red leather with a carved oval back with cane work and a carved flower center medallion. Carved draped floral design. Approx. 35.75'' h x 47.5'' l x 24'' w. 200
1387 Click for larger picture PAIR OF 19TH CENTURY CHINESE MOTTLED GLAZE VASES: Pair of 19th century Chinese mottled glaze vase. Red ground with green and grey. Hand-painted blue double circles reside on the underside of both. Approx. 12.25'' h x 4'' w. 400
1390 Click for larger picture 3 PIECE LLADRO FIGURINE LOT- 3 piece Lladro figurine lot to include 1) Spanish name ''Esquimal Jugando'', sculptor Juan Huerta, retired 2007, 4.75'' h. 2) Spanish name ''Dama Charleston'', sculptor Vincente Martinez, retired 2001, 13.75'' h. 3) Spanish name ''Enfermera'', sculptor Salvador Furio, retired 1990, 15.75'' h.
CONDITION: No condition issues noted.
1391 Click for larger picture 15-LIGHT TIFFANY STYLE TULIP LAMP: This Tiffany style 15-light lamp has spotted blue & mercury glass tulip shaped shades. Attached by arched arms to metal base with lotus leaf form design. Approx. 22'' h x 27'' w. 250
1394 Click for larger picture PAIR OF DIMPLED CHINESE LIDDED JARS: 2 Chinese cream glazed dimple vases with top & bottom scrolling foliate collars. Floral medallion lids with peaked finial. Incised ring around neck. Approx. 9.25'' h x 6'' w.
CONDITION: Crazing throughout glaze. Wear consistent with age and use.
1395 Click for larger picture ANCIENT EGYPTIAN GESSO ON WOOD FIGURAL FRAGMENT: 2 ancient Egyptian figures hand-painted on gesso applied to wood. This fragment has a wood peg above top figure and the verso has a recessed upper section. Cased & mounted in plexiglass. Approx. 21.25'' h x 6.25'' l x 2.5'' w. 400
1396 Click for larger picture 8 CARTIER STERLING SILVER SALT & PEPPER SHAKERS: 8 Sterling silver Cartier salt & pepper shakers in their original red with gold embossed Cartier presentation box. All shakers have the impressed Cartier Sterling mark on underside. Shakers approx. 1.5'' h x 1'' w. Presentation box approx. 1.5'' h x 9.5'' l x 2.25'' w. Approx. 1.665 Troy ounces. 125
1397 Click for larger picture CARTIER STERLING SALT & PEPPER GRINDER: Cartier salt shaker & pepper grinder with Bakelite interiors. Both are stamped Cartier on side under lids. Pepper grinder is stamped on underside made in Italy. Approx. 4'' h x 2'' w. 225
1398 Click for larger picture BRONZE PORTRAIT BUST OF A MAN: 10'' h., illegibly signed, Pastori foundry mark, affixed to marble plinth, 16.5'' h. overall.
CONDITION: Several flea bites to marble
1400 Click for larger picture LADIES TRAVELING TOILETRY CASE WITH INLAID MOTHER OF PEARL: 2 mother of pearl inlaid exterior crests with a red crushed velvet interior. 9 glass lidded jars and 2 glass lidded boxes with scrolling designed lids. Removable tray with 2 recessed handles lift to expose another compartment. Brass fitting on right is removable to expose the hidden drawer on the right lower side. Approx. 6.5'' h x 12'' l x 9'' w.
CONDITION: Slight damage to front & back lower left side. Scratch to top left of lid.

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