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Sunday, November 17, 2019

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1007 Click for larger picture GOTT, Susan, (American, 20th C): ''Robed Shaman'', Art Glass Sculpture, approx. 49'' plus three tiered plinth, overall approx. 53 1/2''h., signed and titled at back base of glass. Susan Gott is a Tampa Florida artist, her projects are included in the collections of the City of St. Petersburg, Hillsborough County, Hartline University Transit Center, and the University of Central Florida.
1008 Click for larger picture GOTT, Susan, (American, 20/21st C.): ''Green Man Shaman II'', 27.5'' height, affixed to marble, 30.5'' overall, signed.
1013 Click for larger picture 4 PIECE MINIATURE PAINTING LOT: To include 1) oval painting on porcelain of a young boy, 3'' x 2.5'', signed in bottom margin FR. Till Dresden, framed, 8'' x 7''; 2) Watercolor portrait of young maiden signed Augustin, oval measurements are 3.5'' x 2.75'', encased in heavy cast metal frame, 8.25'' x 5.75''; 3) Nearly full length portrait of a young woman, watercolor, 3.25'' x 2.5'', signed lower right Kay Hall, framed, 6'' x 5.25''; 4) Fine painting on porcelain of a young female child, 3'' x 2.5'', framed, 4'' x 3.25''.
1016 Click for larger picture BELL, John, (United Kingdom, 1823 - 1892): Nature Morte Still Life of Dead Game Including Birds and Rabbit, Oil/Canvas, 27.5'' x 36'', signed lower right, inscribed Stockton, dated 1846, framed, 34.5'' x 43''. Est. $1500/2500**
CONDITION: Several patches verso, several areas of craquelure and inpaint, small puncture in lower mid-margin and upper left corner.
1017 Click for larger picture GADAN, Antoine, (France, 1854 - 1934): Still Life with Dead Fox and Two Dead Chickens on a Table, Oil/Canvas, 39'' x 29.5'', signed lower right, encased in acanthus leaf motif, carved and gilded frame, 49.5'' x 39''. Est. $3000/5000**
CONDITION: Scattered craquelure throughout, several patches visible verso, black light reveals some touch ups to those areas and several other scattered touches, frame shows minor wear.
1018 Click for larger picture MEUCCI, Michelangelo, (Italy, 1840 - 1909) Nature Morte, Two Birds Hanging Still Life, Oil/Wood, 18.5'' x 13.75'', signed lower right M. Meucci Firenze, dated 1879, encased in a hand carved leaf and acorn pierce carved frame, 29.5 x 22.5''. Est. $800/1200**
1019 Click for larger picture FULL BODY SUIT OF ARMOR: Engraved metal, made within last 50 years, sold with mount and decorative weapon, 77'' h with stand. Est. $2000/4000**
1021 Click for larger picture MINIATURE RELIGIOUS THEMED WATERCOLOR PAINTING BY MATOSIS: 3.5'' x 2.5'', signed lower right, encased in a champleve frame, impressed DG 84, 6'' x 4.5''.
1022 Click for larger picture PAVEL, Elie, (Russia, France, 1873 - 1948): View of Paris from Montmartre with Figures Seated on Several Park Benches, Watercolor and Gouache, 19.5'' x 26.5'', signed lower right, encased in floral motif gilded gesso frame, 25'' x 32.5''. Est. $800/1200**
CONDITION: Frame has damage to several corners.
1023 Click for larger picture 19TH CENTURY ILLEGIBLY SIGNED GENRE PAINTING TAVERN INTERIOR: Two Gentlemen Seated While Being Served by a Young Woman, Oil/Canvas, 24.5'' x 20.25'', signed in lower wooden rung of a chair that gentleman on the left is seated in, contemporary frame, 30.25'' x 26''.
CONDITION: Relined, scattered craquelure throughout, scattered touches of inpaint.
1024 Click for larger picture CRESWICK, Thomas, (United Kingdom, 1811 - 1869): Landscape with Figures Along a Path and Cattle, to the Right, Interior of Blacksmith Shop Can Be Seen with Fire Ablaze, signed lower right, dated 1839, exceptional gilded gesso frame, 34.5'' x 47''. Est. $15000/25000**
CONDITION: Older reline, several areas of inpaint, especially in lower margin, clean and ready to hang.
1027 Click for larger picture FINE DRAMATIC PAINTING OF AN EAGLE WITH PREY, FOX: Oil/Canvas, 24.5'' x 30.5'', illegibly signed lower right, framed, 30'' x 36''. Est. $800/1200**
CONDITION: Relined, some scattered touches of inpaint, scattered craquelure.
1028 Click for larger picture FINE 19TH CENTURY GAME BIRD STILL LIFE PAINTING: Oil/Canvas, 18'' x 24'', no visible signature, pierce carved and gilded gesso frame, 23.5'' x 29.25''. Est. $500/800**
CONDITION: Relined, several scattered touches of inpaint, small abrasion in upper right corner.
1029 Click for larger picture FLACHAT, Antoine, (France, 19th Century): ''Nature Morte Still Life of Game Birds Against a Tree with Butterflies & Insects'', oil/canvas, 38'' x 30'', signed lower left and lower right, dated 1878, encased in a paneled oak frame, 53'' x 36.25''. Est. $2000/4000**
CONDITION: Older reline scattered craquelure, several scattered touches of inpaint.
1030 Click for larger picture VERSCHNEIDER, Jean, (France, 1872 - 1943): ''L'Effort'', Patinated Bronze, 37.5'' height, signed, French LNJL Paris circular stamp, also stamped Made in France. Est. $2000/4000**
1032 Click for larger picture CLOUET, Felix, (France, 1806 - 1882): Trump L'Oeil Painting of Rabbit and Mallard, Oil/Canvas, 32'' x 22'', signed lower left, dated 1875, acanthus leaf motif frame, 40'' x 30.5''. Est. $2000/4000**
CONDITION: Scattered craquelure, pinpoint touches of inpaint, especially along the edges.
1033 Click for larger picture EXCEPTIONAL STILL LIFE PAINTING OF PHEASANT IN BRAMBLE: Oil/Canvas, 27'' x 20'', no visible signature, encased in heavy acanthus leaf frame, 37'' x 29.5''. Est. $500/800**
CONDITION: Scattered touches of inpaint, relined.
1034 Click for larger picture ROBERTSON, Struan, (United Kingdom, 20th Century): After the Hunt, A Still Life of Rabbit and Pheasant, Oil/Canvas, 36'' x 24'', inscribed on the stretcher verso ''Veg Veen'', signed lower right, dated '99, framed, 40'' x 28''. Est. $600/800**
CONDITION: Several patches verso.
1035 Click for larger picture HILLIARD, William Henry, (American, 1836 - 1905): Nature Morte Still Life of Rabbit Hanging by a String, Oil/Canvas, 37'' x 19'', signed lower right, framed, 44'' x 26''. Est. $800/1200**
CONDITION: Several patches verso, stretcher bar wear, minor inpaint.
1037 Click for larger picture EXCEPTIONAL 19TH CENTURY STILL LIFE PAINTING SIGNED V. HEDING: Oil/Canvas, 21.5'' x 27'', Various Birds, Rabbit and Gun, signed lower left, framed, 29.5'' x 34.5''. Est. $500/800**
CONDITION: Old wax reline, scattered craquelure throughout, several flecks in upper right corner.
1038 Click for larger picture VOLLON, Antoine, (France, 1833 - 1900): Nature Morte, Collection of Hunted Birds, Oil/Board, 13'' x 18'', signed lower left, framed, 18.5'' x 23.5''. Est. $400/600**
1039 Click for larger picture FINELY DETAILED STILL LIFE PAINTING: Oil/Canvas Laid on Board, Dead Birds, Fruit and a Ceramic Vessel, 18.5'' x 29'', framed, 21.5'' x 32'' Est. $600/800**
1040 Click for larger picture THOMASSIN, Desiree, (Austria, Germany, France, 1858 - 1933): Haying Scene with Multiple Workers, Children, Pets on a Sunny Day, Oil/Canvas 19.5'' x 24.5'', signed lower right, framed, 23.5'' x 28''. Est. $1000/2000**
CONDITION: Sporadic craquelure, small fleck of loss in right margin, several minor abrasions, needs cleaning.
1042 Click for larger picture PABLO PICASSO: 347 SUITE: 1st Edition of Picasso's largest print series named for the number of works in this book. Picasso created 347 etchings and aquatints in 7 months and they are represented in the 347 some of which were controversial because of their erotic nature. Sold with purple velvet lined presentation box. Est. $1000/2000**
CONDITION: Volume I cover has white smudge on cover, inside cover paper is wrinkled and slightly torn, and 1st blank white page has a smudge. Otherwise Volume I and II are in very good condition.
1044 Click for larger picture LARGE 3-DIMENSIONAL MICRO MOSAIC OF CHRIST ON THE CROSS WITH SAINTS PRAYING: First Half of 20th Century, 21.75'' x 16.75, framed, 24'' x 19''.
CONDITION: Scattered pieces are missing.
1045 Click for larger picture TWO PIECE FRAMED MARBLE INTARSIA ARTWORKS: Landscape Featuring Large Stone Wall with Village Beyond, 4'' x 5.25'', signed lower right A. Buccioni, framed, 6.25'' x 7.5'', Larger of Two, Floral Still Life, 9'' x 6.5'', signed A. Buccioni, framed, 15'' x 12.5''.
1054 Click for larger picture CONSTANTINOPLE BAZAAR INTERIOR SCENE PAINTING: Oil/canvas, circa 1900 - 1920, 13.75'' x 10.25'', fine pierce carved and gilded frame, 21'' x 16.5'', titled verso ''Arms Bazaar Constantinople''.
CONDITION: Canvas is laid down on a stretched piece of canvas, small abrasion in lower third with minimal paint loss.
1055 Click for larger picture STUDY OF NUDE MALE BACK PAINTING BY MANNER: Young Male Sitter from the Backside, Oil/Canvas Laid Out on Board, 22'' x 15'', signed lower right, framed, 27.5'' x 19.5''.
CONDITION: Laid down, obvious repairs to torn canvas in several spots, visible inpaint throughout.
1057 Click for larger picture LUDWIG, Carl Julius Emil, (German, 1839-1901): Dramatic View of Wendelstein above the Clouds, with Orthodox Cross, Oil/Canvas, 27.5'' X 45'', signed lower right, carved wood frame,34'' X 52''. Wendelstein is a mountain in the Bavarian Alps in South Germany. Est. $500/800**
CONDITION: Scattered craquelure throughout, several visible flecks of loss.
1064 Click for larger picture CARVED FIGURAL BRAZILIAN EMERALD MATRIX: Carved Brazilian Emerald matrix in the form of a tiger preying on a hare. Approx. 4.5'' h x 7.75'' l x 3.75'' w.
CONDITION: No condition issues to be noted.
1065 Click for larger picture IMPRESSIVE HAND CARVED EMERALD IN MATRIX SCULPTURE LADY JUSTICE: 24'' in height, unsigned, purchased by the current owner in Brazil. Est. $3000/5000**
1066 Click for larger picture RYAZANOVA, Svetlana, (Russian, 20th and 21st C.): Exhibited Figural Colored Glass Sculpture, ''Dance'', 14'' height, sold with exhibition catalog, 1 of 2 pieces in a set, we are selling one. Est. $300/500**
1070 Click for larger picture 2 EARLY FRAMED CHINESE PAINTINGS OF CHI-LIN: 2 early Chinese gouache paintings of the mythical & Auspicious Chi-Lin under tree. Approx. 31.75'' h x 18.25'' w. From the collection of the daughter of former Governor Spessard L Holland (WWII era), then US Senator for 24 years, retiring from the US Senate in 1971. Est. $1000/2000**
CONDITION: Scattered loss of paper consistent with age and use.
1071 Click for larger picture NARAZAKI, Eisho, (Japanese, 1894-1936): ''Inside the Asakusa Kannon Shrine, Woodblock, sight size 9'' x 13.5'', framed, 18.25'' x 13.5''. Est. $300/500**
1074 Click for larger picture GOOD EARLY 20TH CENTURY PAINTING OF CAPRI BY DE MURA: Oil/Board, 7'' x 11.25'', signed lower right and titled ''Capri'', framed, 9.25'' x 13.25''.
CONDITION: Needs cleaning, some craquelure, small dent in upper left corner.
1075 Click for larger picture ILLEGIBLY SIGNED WW1 SOLDIER PORTRAIT PAINTING IN HOLLAND: Smiling Soldier Holding a Tankard of Beer and Smoking a Cigar with a Windmill in Background, Oil/Canvas, laid on board, 13'' x 9.5'', signed lower left, Van Ruyter?, framed, 17.25'' x 14.5''.
1076 Click for larger picture TROPICAL RIVER LANDSCAPE PAINTING: Oil/Wood, 13.5'' x 9.75'', mark on the back Rio Paraguay, no visible signature, framed, 17.25'' x 13.5''.
1085 Click for larger picture ILLEGIBLY SIGNED PASTEL ILLUSTRATOR QUALITY OF A YOUNG BEAUTY: Pastel, 24.5'' x 19.5'', signed lower right E. Dord?, framed 28.5'' x 23.5''.
1087 Click for larger picture LARGE ILLEGIBLY SIGNED STILL LIFE PAINTING WITH RABBIT, PHEASANT, FRUIT AND FLOWERS: Oil/Canvas, 35.5'' x 43.5'', signed lower left ALF, LAANENS?, framed, 43.5'' x 51.5''.
CONDITION: Stretcher bar wear, scattered craquelure, minor scattered touches of inpaint, frame needs a little work.
1088 Click for larger picture MONOGRAMMED AFTER THE HUNT PAINTING: 19th Century Oil/Canvas, 25.5'' x 35.5'' Monogrammed BS, dated 1870 lower right, scene depicts a rifle leaning against a tree, a rabbit, several birds and a pheasant, contemporary frame, 30'' x 40''.
CONDITION: Relined, scattered inpaint.
1103 Click for larger picture SCHNEUER, David, (Israel, Germany, Hungary, 1905 - 1987): Busy Paris Street Scene with Cafe, Serigraph, site size 30'' x 38.5'', pencil signed in lower margin, numbered 202/250, framed, 41'' x 49''. Est. $300/800**
1106 Click for larger picture GOOD MYSTERY PAINTING ILLEGIBLY SIGNED RUSSIAN? HORSE STABLE: Oil/Canvas, 15'' x 19.75'', illegibly signed lower left, period frame is 20.75'' x 25.50''.
CONDITION: Several flecks of loss, needs cleaning.
1107 Click for larger picture KUNZ, Adam, (Germany, Austria, 1857 - 1929): Still Life with Dead Bird, Rabbit, Pumpkin, Grapes, Pears, Pomegranate and a Delft Tankard, Oil/Canvas, 33.5'' x 45.5'', signed upper right, framed, 40'' x 52''. Est. $1500/2500**
CONDITION: Several scattered touches of inpaint.
1113 Click for larger picture MAZZAFERRO, Lucy, (American, 20th Century): Oriental Vase and Pomegranates, Oil/Board, 20'' x 24'', signed lower left and framed, 29.5'' x 33.5''.
1116 Click for larger picture GUANSE, Antonio, (Spain, 1925 - 2008): 26.25'' x 20.25'', signed lower right, numbered lower left 7/260, framed, 27'' x 21''.
1118 Click for larger picture GOLDSMITH, Lawrence, (American, 1916-2004): Two Abstract Landscapes, Watercolor, sight size approx. 16.50'' x 23.50'', pencil signed, matching frames 24.50'' x 30.50''.
1120 Click for larger picture BRUTALIST PEDESTAL: Veneered marble with patinated copper, resembling a geode, 30'' h, 18''w and d.
1124 Click for larger picture HARING, Keith, (American, 1958-1990): Interesting Haring Original Depicts Pink Animals Leaping through a Green Person into the Backside of a Man, Colored Chalk on Heavy Paper, ''1981 USA'' lower right, pencil signed left margin and dated Nov 27/81, unframed, 52'' x 64.5''. Est. $30000/50000**
CONDITION: Scattered chalk smudges and foxing, some bends, pinholes in corners and edge creases.
1128 Click for larger picture SIG DE TONANCOUR FIGURAL DRIFTWOOD CARVING: Bust Depicts a Dolphin Above a Young Female Face, approximately 35'' overall when including the quartz? plinth, signed and dated 1988. This highly collected California artist sells his works for thousands. Est. $500/800**
CONDITION: Flecks of loss along the edges especially in the upper left portion.
1131 Click for larger picture WUJCIK, Theo, (American, 1936-2014): ''Old Yeller'', Pop Art Composition, Oil/Canvas, 90'' x 42 1/2'', signed verso, dated 1998. Wujcik was a celebrated local artist that also taught at USF and was heavily involved with USF Graphicstudio, working with artists such as Lichtenstein, Rauschenberg, Rosenquist and Anuszkiewicz.
1134 Click for larger picture E.J. SHARPE NATURE MORTE STILL LIFE: Hanging Bird, Oil/Canvas, 18'' x 10'', signed lower right, dated 1905, framed, 24.5'' x 16.5''.
CONDITION: Relined, several touches of inpaint.
1135 Click for larger picture UNSIGNED PORTRAIT PAINTING OF GAME BIRD: Oil/Canvas, 19th Century, 16.25'' x 10.25'', no visible signature, gilded oak frame, 21.5'' x 15.5''.
CONDITION: Relined, scattered touches of inpaint.
1139 Click for larger picture KNUT HESTERBERG COFFEE TABLE BASE BY RONALD SCHMITT: One-piece aluminum ''propeller'' base supports a round glass top, NOT INCLUDED, 30'' diameter, 14''h. Est. $300/500**
1140 Click for larger picture REID, Sir George Ogilvy, (British, 1851-1928): Portrait of a Gentleman, Oil/Canvas, signed upper right, labeled verso, 40'' x 48'', unframed.
CONDITION: Heavy craquelure, patch visible verso, heavy alligatoring, needs cleaning, scattered craquelure, should be restretched, sold as is.
1146 Click for larger picture VELASQUEZ, Antonio (Honduras 1906 - 1985): Honduran Street Scene w/ Figures, O/C, mounted to board, 11.5'' x 9.75'', signed on lower margin, dated 1977, framed, 20.5'' x 18.5''. Est. $500/800**
1156 Click for larger picture WEBBER, Wesley, (American, 1841 - 1914): Ship at Full Sail, Oil/Canvas, 20'' x 28'', signed lower right, framed, 23.5'' x 31''.
1163 Click for larger picture PIERSON, Markus, (American, 1961-): ''Wild Ones'', Acrylic on Wood Sculpture, 24.5'' x 23'' x 9'', signed and numbered 213/350, dated 1991. Est. $1000/2000**
CONDITION: Repair to moon.
1173 Click for larger picture GATEWOOD, Charles, (American, b. 1942): Classroom Interior, Egg Tempera, 5'' x 5.5'', signed lower left, metal frame, 12.25'' x 16.25'', artist's business card affixed verso. Est. $300/500**
1174 Click for larger picture STARN, Mike and Doug, (American, b. 1961): ''Blue Configuration'', Oil/Masonite, 32'' x 41.75'', signed lower left, titled verso, thin edge wood frame, 33'' x 43''. Est. $2000/4000**
1175 Click for larger picture BRITTO, Romero, (Brazil, 1963): Smiling Dog with Bowtie, Acrylic 3-dimensional picture, 37.5'' x 29.5'', signed lower left in image.
1178 Click for larger picture ADAMS, Willis, (American, 1854 - 1932): ''Camel Palace Venice'', Oil/Canvas, 25'' x 22'', signed and titled verso, elaborate period gilded gesso frame, 37.5'' x 34'' x 4''.
CONDITION: Craquelure throughout, scattered inpaint, frame has minor loss.
1182 Click for larger picture MONTGOMERY, Harmon, (American): Portrait of a Brooding Young Boy, Watercolor, 15'' x 20'', signed lower right, framed, 24'' x 29''. Est. $300/500**
1190 Click for larger picture SHINN, Everett, (American, 1876 - 1953): NYC Nocturnal Street Scene, Pastel, 11'' x 7'', signed lower right, dated '35, framed, 19'' x 15''. Est. $4000/6000**
1196 Click for larger picture HART, William, (American, 1823-1894): ''Esopus Creek'', Oil/Canvas, 9'' x 16.5'', signed lower left, framed, 16.75'' x 24''. Est. $4000/6000**
1197 Click for larger picture HART, James MacDougal, (American 1828 - 1901): Hudson River School Landscape with Cows, oil/board, 8'' x 12'', signed lower right, framed, 16.5'' x 19.75''. Est. $1500/2500**
1198 Click for larger picture AMERICAN HUDSON RIVER SCHOOL TONALIST PAINTING: Peaceful Sunrise on the River, Oil/Wood Panel, 12'' x 16.75'', illegibly signed lower left, dated 1852, encased in fine period gilded gesso frame, 20'' x 25''. Est. $1000/2000**
CONDITION: Professionally restored with some scattered touches of inpaint.
1199 Click for larger picture 19TH CENTURY AMERICAN SCHOOL RIVER LANDSCAPE PAINTING: Oil/Canvas, 12'' x 18'', scene depicts two figures on the river's edge set in a country landscape, no visible signature, framed, 18'' x 23.5''.
CONDITION: Scattered craquelure throughout, patch in upper right corner, several scattered touches of inpaint.
1201 Click for larger picture WILDERNESS LANDSCAPE PAINTING WITH SNOW CAPPED MOUNTAINS SIGNED G.L. BROWN 1863: Oil/Canvas, 14'' x 20'', signed lower left, dated 1863, framed, 20'' x 25''.
CONDITION: Minor craquelure, relined, several scattered touches of inpaint.
1202 Click for larger picture CLERK, William F., (American, Late 19th Century): Landscape with Ellis River Depicting Cows, Oil/Canvas, 10'' x 16'', signed lower left, dated 1881, inscribed verso, ''Given to Michael Cabot by artist Clerk'' Jackson, NH 1881, newer frame measures 11.5'' x 17.5''.
CONDITION: Several patches verso.
1205 Click for larger picture GRIFFIN, Thomas B., (American, 1858 - 1918): Stormy Landscape with Babbling Brook, Oil/Canvas, 16'' x 20'', signed lower right, encased in original period carved and gilded gesso frame, 26'' x 30.5'' x 3.5''. Est. $1500/2500**
CONDITION: Scattered touch ups in the lower margin, one pinhole in upper mid-margin.
1210 Click for larger picture OWEN, Robert Emmett, (1878 - 1957): Early Spring Landscape with Dirt Road, Oil/Canvas, 30'' x 25'', signed lower right, carved and gilded period frame, 36'' x 33''. Est. $2000/4000**
CONDITION: Needs cleaning, scattered craquelure, reinforced canvas, frame does show age appropriate wear
1212 Click for larger picture BECHTEL, Carol, (American, 20th Century): Abstract Composition in Dark Colors, Oil/Canvas, 51 3/4'' x 60'', signed lower right, signed verso, encased in a silver gilt frame with wear 54'' x 62''.
1215 Click for larger picture FOUR EDWARD CURTIS INDIAN BASKETRY PHOTOGRAVURES: 1) ''Washo Basketry Designs'', 6.25'' x 8'', framed, 11'' x 12''; 2) ''Wishham Bead Work'', 8.25'' x 5.75'', framed, 12.5'' x 9.5''; 3) ''Basket Used in Puberty Rites''; Pomo, 6.25'' x 8'', framed, 11'' x 12.25''; 4) ''Ghemehuvei Basketry and Pottery'', 6.25'' x 8'', framed, 11'' x 12.25''.
1221 Click for larger picture POND, Harold Woodford, (American, 1897 - 1988): Maple Sugaring with Winter Cabin and Figure, Watercolor, 22'' x 30'', signed lower left, framed 31.5'' x 39.5''. Est. $400/600**
1225 Click for larger picture AUTUMNAL IMPRESSIONIST LANDSCAPE PAINTING SIGNED EMIL CARLSEN: 14'' x 20.25'', singed lower right, fine gilded impressionist frame 18.50'' x 24.50''. Est. $1500/2500**
CONDITION: Needs cleaning, been relined, signature does fluoresce, frame shows wear.
1230 Click for larger picture BLACK, Al, (American, 1947): Florida Highwaymen River Scene with Herons, Oil/Upson Board, 23.75'' x 36'', signed lower right and dated '84, framed, 27.5'' x 39''. Est. $500/800**
CONDITION: Abrasion in upper right corner, no paint loss.
1231 Click for larger picture 7 ROBERT BUTLER PINELLAS HERITAGE LITHOGRAPHS: 7 pc suite of signed limited edition lithographs for the Pinellas Heritage, all signed and numbered 46/750, 3 unframed, 4 framed, portfolio signed and dedicated as well, 23'' x 18'', framed, 21'' x 25.5. Est. $300/500**
1240 Click for larger picture APPEL. Charles, (American, 1857-1928): Landscape with Hay Cart and Woman Tending to Flock of Geese, O/C, 30'' x 25'', old label ''Property of The Baumgarth Company, South Bend Indiana. Titled ''Hay Rack Landscape''. Signed lower left, framed, 32.5'' x 27.5''.
CONDITION: Scattered flecks of loss, craquelure throughout, needs work.
1244 Click for larger picture OLIPHANT, Patrick, (American, 1935-): Caricature Portrait of Spiro Agnew, Charcoal Drawing, 30'' x 22'', signed lower right, dated '94, unframed. Condition: Several scattered scuffs.
1250 Click for larger picture DENARO, Madeline, (American): Vestige I, Oil/Canvas with applied Metal, Wood and Fabric, 77.5'' x 47.75'', signed lower left, signed titled and dated 1996 verso, unframed.
1252 Click for larger picture LARGE NATURE MORTE ILLEGIBLY SIGNED PAINTING: Oil/Canvas, 29.5'' x 23.5'', signed lower right L. Van de Leur, Pheasant, Woodcock and Mallard, framed, 39.5'' x 33''.
1253 Click for larger picture SCHINZEL, William, (American, 19th/20th Century): Nature Morte Still Life Painting of Game Birds and Rabbit in Outdoor Setting, Oil/Canvas, 22'' x 27.75'', signed lower right, framed, 26'' x 32''.
CONDITION: Minor craquelure and stretcher bar wear.
1259 Click for larger picture CHATHAM, Russell, (American, b. 1939):'' Sunrise'' Lithograph, 33.75'' x 44.5'', numbered 4/375, lower left dated 2001, encased in fine contemporary framing, 43.5'' x 54''.
1260 Click for larger picture ROSENQUIST, James, (American, 1933 - 2017): Sunshot for Ashley Tower, commissioned in 1985, lithograph done after a painting commissioned, 24.75'' x 38.5'', signed lower right, dated 1986, framed, 25.25'' x 39.25''.
1261 Click for larger picture BURCHFIELD, Jerry, (American): ''Second Degree'', still life number 17, lithograph, 31.5'' x 21.75'', Cibachrome monoprint, signed lower right, dated '82, numbered 44/150, framed, 32'' x 22.25''. Est. $200/400**
1265 Click for larger picture WOODWARD, Stanley, (American, 1890 - 1970): Waterside Scene Watercolor, 11'' x 15'', unframed, signed Stanley Woodward verso.
1266 Click for larger picture PUCKETT, William, (American, 20th C.): St Augustine Courtyard, Watercolor, 15'' x 20.5'', signed lower left, unframed.
CONDITION: Toning, with scattered spots of foxing.
1267 Click for larger picture ETTER, Harold, (1911 - 1972): Florida Coastal Palms, Watercolor, 15.5'' x 20.5'', signed lower left, unframed.
1268 Click for larger picture HANCOCK, Harold, (1920 - 2006): Swamp Sunset, Watercolor/Board, 19'' x 29.25'', signed lower right, titled ''Sanibel'' verso, unframed.
1269 Click for larger picture HANCOCK, Harold, (1920 - 2006): Dockside Scene in Ft. Myers, FL, Mixed Media Watercolor, Gouache, 10.75'' x 16.75'', signed lower left, unframed.
1270 Click for larger picture HANCOCK, Harold, (1920 - 2006): Sanibel, Florida Scene with Estuary, Watercolor, 14'' x 20.5'', signed lower right, unframed.
1271 Click for larger picture HANCOCK, Harold, (1920 - 2006): Regatta from the Beach, Watercolor and Gouache, 19.5'' x 29.5'', unframed.
CONDITION: Spots of Foxing
1272 Click for larger picture GOOD PASTEL STILL LIFE OF ORANGES BY GIFFORD: 8'' x 10'', signed lower left Gifford, unframed.
CONDITION: Abrasion in upper right corner, lower left corner has some moisture damage.
1273 Click for larger picture BERG, Wilfred, (American, 1908 - 2002): Four Florida Watercolors to Include, 1) Lush Green Landscape Through the Trees, 20'' x 26.5'', signed lower right, unframed, 2) Florida Riverbank Scene, 20'' x 25.5'', signed lower right, unframed, 3) Waterfront Scene with Bait Shop, 20'' x 25.5'', signed lower right, unframed, 4) Coastal Scene with Male Figure, 18'' x 23.5'', unframed.
1274 Click for larger picture GIBBS, Donna, (American, 20th Century): Florida River Scene with Egrets, Oil/Canvas, 24'' x 20'', signed lower right, unframed.
1275 Click for larger picture SADERA, Frank, (American 20th Century): Florida Beach Scene, Oil/Board, 17.5'' x 23.5'', signed lower right, artist information, personal letters affixed verso, FRAMED, 24'' X 38''.
1278 Click for larger picture CARIGIET, Alois, (Switzerland, 1902 - 1985): Surreal Lithograph with Owl and Owl-Like Person, 24'' x 35'', pencil signed lower left, dated '58, numbered 109/150 lower right, framed, 29'' x 40''. Est. $300/500**
CONDITION: Some overall even brown toning with some scattered frames, not examined out of frame.
1280 Click for larger picture AMADIO, Vittorio, (Italy, b. 1934): ''Genesis'', Mixed Media Watercolor, Pen and Ink, 39'' x 85'', signed lower right, titled lower left, dated 1991, framed, 52'' x 91.25''.
CONDITION: Some scuffs to frame.
1281 Click for larger picture AMADIO, Vittorio, (Italy, b. 1934): ''Tappeto Arabesco'' Mixed Media, 47.5'' x 55.5'', signed lower right, titled lower left, dated 1993, framed, 50.75'' x 59''.
1282 Click for larger picture MCLAUGHLIN, Nancy (American, 1932 - 1985): ''He Watches'' Camp Scene with Gossips, Oil/Canvas, 18'' x 24'', signed lower left, framed, 26'' x 32''. Est. $500/800**
1285 Click for larger picture GOOD 19TH CENTURY NATURE MORTE STILL LIFE PAINTING: After the Hunt, Pheasant, Rabbit and Two Birds, Oil/Canvas, 30.5'' x 25.25'', probably an English picture, framed, 35.5'' x 30.25''.
CONDITION: Abrasion in upper margin, scattered inpaint, frame has been overpainted.
1286 Click for larger picture RHODES, Joseph, (United Kingdom, 1782 - 1854): Still Life with Dead Rabbit and Pheasant, Oil/Canvas, 30'' x 25''. Condition: Heavy scattered craquelure, old label affixed, ''The Hare and the Blackcock'' painted by Rhodes for illegible name. Est. $600/900**
CONDITION: Relined, scattered inpaint, paint is stable for now but may need some maintenance in near future.
1287 Click for larger picture ILLEGIBLY SIGNED EXCEPTIONAL STILL LIFE PAINTING OF GAME BIRDS: Oil/Canvas, Tabletop Still Life with Jar and Onions, Copper Pan, Woodcock and Goose, 22'' x 28'', illegible inscription in lower right corner, added signature lower left, Johannsen dated 1876, framed, 31.5'' x 26''.
CONDITION: Scattered craquelure, several minor abrasions, scattered areas of inpaint, several flecks of loss, frame shows age-appropriate wear.
1288 Click for larger picture NATURE MORTE STILL LIFE PAINTING SIGNED L. MAESEN: Depicts Dead Rabbit, Bird and Basket, Oil/Canvas, signed lower right, 14.5'' x 20'', encased in foliate motif gilded gesso frame, 22.5'' x 28''.
CONDITION: Scattered craquelure, needs cleaning, frame has bits of loss.
1289 Click for larger picture CLAISSE, Genevieve, (French, 1935-): Op-Art Composition, Serigraph, sight size 31'' x 25'', signed lower right, numbered lower left 39/100, metal frame, 32'' x 25.5''.
1290 Click for larger picture AGAM, Yaacov (Gipstein), (Israel, US, 1928-): ''Untitled'', Mixed Media Lithograph Under a Lenticular Lens (Agamograph), sight size is 14.5'' x 14'', signed lower right in ink, edition 41 of 99 in ink lower left, framed 16.50'' x 16.50''.
1295 Click for larger picture BRAUTIGAM, Don, (American, 20th C): Marx Brothers in Thanksgiving Attire, Oil on Board, sight size 12'' x 12'', signed lower right, framed, 20'' x 20''.
1301 Click for larger picture FINE 19TH CENTURY STILL LIFE PAINTING OF GAME BIRDS: Oil/Canvas, 18'' x 16'', possible faint signature lower right, framed, 22.75'' x 20.75''.
CONDITION: Probable reline, several scattered touches of inpaint, screening varnish was used, several marks along the upper margin with chips to paint, frame has been overpainted.
1302 Click for larger picture NATURE MORTE STILL LIFE PAINTING WITH RABBIT AND PHEASANT: Circa 1900, Oil/Canvas Laid Down on Board, probably English, 30.25'' x 23'', no visible signature, gilded frame, 35.5'' x 28.5''.
CONDITION: Some scattered touches of inpaint, canvas has been laid down on board.
1303 Click for larger picture NATURE MORTE BIRD STILL LIFE PAINTING BY GEORGIE STEWART: Oil/Canvas, 24.5'' x 19'', unframed, signed lower right.
CONDITION: Several patches, visible verso, scattered areas of inpaint.
1304 Click for larger picture STILL LIFE PAINTING BY B. ALPER AFTER THE HUNT: Oil/Canvas, 30'' x 25'', signed lower left, dated '42, framed, 34.5'' x 29.5''.
CONDITION: Inpaint on right and left margins, probably patch in upper right corner, other scattered minor inpaint.
1305 Click for larger picture GOFF, Lloyd, (American, 1908-1982): 2 works; 1) ''Our Paris, 1963'', Watercolor, sight size 12'' x 9'', signed lower right and dated '63, framed, 18.5'' x 15''; 2) ''Louvre'', (Tuileries Garden), Watercolor, sight size 8.5'' x 11.5'', signed lower right, framed, 12'' x 15.5''.
CONDITION: 2) Some moisture damage, frame has loss, not examined out of the frame.
1308 Click for larger picture LARGE EARLY HINDU CEREMONIAL PAINTING: Scene Depicts Deities and Human Figures gathered together in a Circle, Oil on Linen Fabric, 55'' x 38'', framed 56.5'' x 39''.
CONDITION: Several scattered holes, some loss to fabric. Sold as is.
1312 Click for larger picture LARGE FOX HUNT PAINTING: Oil/Canvas, 27'' x 34'', no visible signature, framed, 33'' x 40''.
CONDITION: Several patches in the left margin.
1317 Click for larger picture PORCELAIN MINIATURE PAINTING: Peasant Boy, 3.25'' x 2.5'', impressed mark verso, metal containment ring with pin back.
CONDITION: Some minor abrasions.
1320 Click for larger picture ROGERS, Charles, (American, 1848 - 1918): Coastal Surf Scene, Oil/Masonite, 16'' x 20'', signed lower right, signed and title illegibly verso, marked Monhegen, framed, 25.5'' x 29''.
1321 Click for larger picture STEELE, Edwin, (United Kingdom, 1837 - 1898): Still Life of Fruit and Roses, Oil/Canvas, 12'' x 20'', signed lower right, period frame, 20'' x 27.5''.
1322 Click for larger picture BAROOSHIAN, Martin, ( American, 1929-): ''Scorpio'' , Etching/Aquatint, 15'' x 11'', signed lower right, titled, numbered 68/75, framed, 20.25'' x 16.25''.
1325 Click for larger picture EUROPEAN FOLK PAINTING OUTDOOR MOUNTAIN PARTY: Festive Scene in a Mountain Valley Lakeside Setting, Oil/Board, 18'' x 31.5'', no visible signature, framed, 24'' x 37''. Est. $300/500**
1327 Click for larger picture NATURE MORTE STILL LIFE PAINTING DEER BIRDS AND FRUIT: Highly Detailed Oil/Canvas, probably 19th century but could be early 20th, 15.25'' x 20'', no visible signature, framed, 22.5'' x 26.5''.
1328 Click for larger picture ILLEGIBLY SIGNED 19TH CENTURY PAINTING OF GAME BIRDS AND RABBIT: Oil/Canvas, 11.5'' x 16.5'', illegibly signed on canvas verso, depicts outdoor wilderness scene with dead game birds, hunting and rabbit against the backdrop of a tree, carved and gilded frame, 16.5'' x 21.75''.
CONDITION: Frame has some loss and repair, scattered craquelure throughout, several smaller areas of inpaint.
1329 Click for larger picture NATURE MORTE AFTER THE HUNT PAINTING: Oil/Canvas, inscribed verso by C. Ausburg, 30'' x 16'', framed, 38.5'' x 23.5''. Est. $400/600**
CONDITION: Several scattered touches of inpaint.
1330 Click for larger picture PAINTING AFTER THE HUNT WITH GAME BIRDS AND WATERFOWL: Oil/Canvas Laid Down on Board, 24.5'' x 32'', framed, 29'' x 37''.
1334 Click for larger picture LARGE DECORATIVE PAINTING OF A CAVALRY BATTLE SCENE: O/C, 36'' x 48'', illegibly signed lower right, framed, 47.5'' x 59''.
1343 Click for larger picture PAIR OF ILLEGIBLY SIGNED WELSH LANDSCAPE PAINTINGS: 1) Forest Scene with Stream, Watercolor, sight size 15.5'' x 19.5'', signed lower right Williams? and dated 1972, framed, 21'' x 24.5''; 2) Panoramic River Scene with Mountains in the Distance, sight size 15.25'' x 19.25'', signed lower right Williams? and dated 1973, framed, 21'' x 24.5''. Est. $300/500**
1350 Click for larger picture THREE INUIT SCULPTURES: 1) Mother and Child, 5'' h., signed WE; 2) Stone Arrowhead-type carved with faces, unsigned, 7.75'', no visible signature; 3) Eskimo Fisherman, Pottery Sculpture, signed Abbott Canada, 9.75'' h. Est. $300/500**
CONDITION: 3) Some loss of glaze.
1352 Click for larger picture DOTY, Neal, (American, 1941 - 2016): 1) ''Abu'', Serigraph, 29.5'' x 21'', pencil signed lower right, 85/300 lower left, framed, 39.5'' x 30.5'', sold with COA, available in front office; 2) ''Laura'' Prisma-Pencil Drawing Engraving and Oil Pastel, sight size with margins 20.25'' x 15.25'', pencil signed lower right, numbered 34/50 lower left, framed 27.5'' x 22.25''. Est. $300/500**
CONDITION: Margins indicate some toning, not examined out of the frame.
1358 Click for larger picture LARGE 19TH CENTURY NATURE MORTE PAINTING AFTER THE HUNT: Oil/Canvas, Various Species of Birds Laid Out on a Table with Powder Horn and Several Knives, 24.75'' x 30'', no visible signature, encased in fine period leaf carved and gilded frame, 33'' x 38''.
CONDITION: Needs cleaning, sporadic craquelure, water damage has not caused to fleck yet, this painting needs some maintenance.
1359 Click for larger picture NATURE MORTE TABLETOP STILL LIFE PAINTING: Duck and Birds on a Tabletop, Oil/Canvas, 17'' x 26.5'', no visible signature, framed, 22.5'' x 32''.
CONDITION: Patched visible verso, stretcher bar wear, inpaint in right corner down to the right margin.
1360 Click for larger picture STILL LIFE PAINTING OF MALLARDS HUNG ON A WALL: Oil/Canvas, 38'' x 20'', no visible signature, framed, 40.25 x 22.25''.
CONDITION: Relined, stretcher bar wear, scattered craquelure, a lot of background inpaint and several touch ups to the birds.
1361 Click for larger picture GOOD 19TH CENTURY PAINTING OF TWO RABBITS HANGING: Oil/Canvas, 24'' x 18'', no visible signature, framed, 28.5'' x 22.5''.
CONDITION: Relined, scattered inpaint.
1368 Click for larger picture FRANCESCO RAGAZZI SIGNED MURANO GREEN GLASS SCULPTURE: Blown glass clear & green rock form sculpture having controlled air bubbles. Signed at underside, F. Ragazzi, Murano. Original sticker resides at lower side. Approx. 12'' h x 6.5'' l x 5.25'' w.
CONDITION: No condition issues to be noted.
1372 Click for larger picture RUSSIAN LANDSCAPE PAINTING OIL/CANVAS: 10.75'' x 14'', Cyrillic inscription verso with attached paperwork, painted gesso frame, 20.5'' x 22.5''. Est. $300/500**
CONDITION: Frame has some loss.
1373 Click for larger picture TURN OF THE CENTURY PAINTING GAME BIRDS AND RABBIT: Oil/Canvas, 8'' x 10'', no visible signature, silver frame, 11.25'' x 13.25''.
CONDITION: Several pinholes, minor craquelure, stretcher bar wear, needs cleaning.
1374 Click for larger picture GOOD 19TH CENTURY PAINTING IN THE STYLE OF ARMFIELD DOG AND PHEASANT: Oil/Canvas, 16'' x 14'', no visible signature, encased in period pierce carved and gilded gesso frame, 20'' x 18''.
CONDITION: Sporadic craquelure, scattered touches of inpaint.
1375 Click for larger picture CLEMINSON, Robert, (United Kingdom, 1864 - 1903): Hunting Dog Retrieving Pheasant, Oil/Canvas, 18'' x 14'', signed lower left, framed, 23.5'' 19.5''.
CONDITION: Scattered craquelure, patch visible verso, scattered touches of inpaint.
1376 Click for larger picture GOOD 19TH CENTURY STILL LIFE PAINTING NATURE MORTE: Oil/Canvas, 12'' x 10'', Birds and Rabbit on Tabletop with Basket of Eggs, no visible signature, 18'' x 15.75'', framed, 18'' x 16''.
CONDITION: Stretcher bar wear, several touches of inpaint, small puncture in upper mid-margin, frame has been repainted.
1377 Click for larger picture TARKAY, Itzchak, (Serbia, Israel, 1935 - 2012): 2 Ladies Seated in an Interior, serigraph, 38'' x 28.5'', pencil signed lower left, #160/250 lower left, silver frame, 52'' x 42.5''.
CONDITION: Frame shows some wear.
1382 Click for larger picture OUTDOOR KINETIC SCULPTURE: Metal, copper and Stone, 56'' h., signed on the base BP.
1383 Click for larger picture TOM TORRENS LARGE OUTDOOR METAL SCULPTURE: Has a bird feeder, signed on the base, attached artists metal tag, 76'' h., 35.5'' w.
1384 Click for larger picture TABLETOP STILL LIFE PAINTING WITH BIRDS, FRUIT AND TANKARD: Oil/Canvas, 20'' x 30'', signed lower left Bohmer?, circa 1910, framed, 26'' x 35.5''.
CONDITION: Several patches verso, minor scattered inpaint.
1385 Click for larger picture MALLARD REVERSE PAINTING ON GLASS: Sight size 23.5'' x 10.5'', signed May Lath, framed, 29'' x 15.5''
1386 Click for larger picture STILL LIFE PAINTING OF WOODCOCKS HANGING: Oil/Oval Oak Panel, 28'' x 13.5'', pencil inscription verso ''Wedding Present to Mr. & Mrs. Fletcher, by James Lays''.
1387 Click for larger picture C. BRALEY NATURE MORTE STILL LIFE PAINTING OF BIRD: Oil/Oak Panel, 20'' x 10'', signed lower left, framed, 24.25'' x 14.25''.
1388 Click for larger picture NATURE MORTE PAINTING ON OAK PANEL: Oil/Oak Panel, 24'' x 16'', no visible signature.
1389 Click for larger picture SHAHN, Ben, (American, 1898-1969): ''Nights of Travel'', Lithograph, Sight size 18 1/2'' x 16 1/2'', signed in the plate lower right, framed 25 1/2'' x 22 1/2'', original label affixed version from the Collector's Guild, Ben Shahn Trust Stamp above the label.
CONDITION: Framed piece appears to be in excellent condition except for small tear in very margin upper right-hand corner - not in the image. Other 2 pieces have visible handling creases, soiling in the margin, possible water damage, several minor tears in margin, sold as is.
1390 Click for larger picture NATURE MORTE STILL LIFE PAINTING OF GAME BIRDS: Oil/Oval Wood Panel, 25'' x 16'', signed lower left May Lath.
1394 Click for larger picture SMITH, Terry, (London, England (1956-): Portrait of a Chickadee, Titled ''Southern Belle'' O/B, 7.5'' x 9.5'', Signed Lower Right, Framed, 14.25'' x 16.25'', Plaque Affixed Titled ''Southern Belle by Terry Smith to Larry and Margilee, Christmas 1996''.
1397 Click for larger picture LANDSCAPE PAINTING BY L. CROOK WITH STREAM AND COWS: Oil/Canvas Under Glass, 22'' x 16'', signed lower right, dated 1905, period frame, 29'' x 23''.
1398 Click for larger picture BEACH SCENE WITH FISHERMEN, BOATS AND FIGURES BY DOMENECH: Oil/Canvas, 15'' x 18'', signed lower right, framed, 20'' x 23.25''.
1399 Click for larger picture TWO ORIENTAL REVERSE PAINTINGS ON GLASS: First Scene Young Woman Holding a Vase and a Landscape, 18'' x 12.5'', framed, 21'' x 16'', Second Scene Two Japanese Women Standing next to Tree, 18'' x 12.5'', framed, 21'' x 16''.
1402 Click for larger picture JECK, Doug, (American, 1963-): ''Theorist'', 1990, Ceramic & Mixed Media, 39'' x 57'' x 19'', 3-part sculpture: the man, the seat and the bottom slab.
CONDITION: PLEASE GET SHIPPING QUOTE PRIOR TO BIDDING!! Repair to his right leg, several chips from slab and seat, and several stress cracks to the body.
1403 Click for larger picture LARGE RARE MIKE COCKRILL/JUDGE HUGHES PAINTING: ''Husband, Father, Drunk'' Oil/Canvas, 60'' x 72'', lower left signed, titled, dated 1985 verso, unframed.
1404 Click for larger picture DADOUNE, Joseph, (French-Israeli, 1975-): ''Satin Noir Organisation/ Le Club 2000'', Cibachrome on Aluminum, 47.50'' x 71.50'', signed verso #404 and dated 2000, Alon Segev Gallery Limited Televiv stamp, custom bracket mounting.
1405 Click for larger picture W.E. WADE NATURE MORTE STILL LIFE PAINTING: Oil/Board, 12'' x 9'', signed lower left, dated '90, framed, 16'' x 13''.
1406 Click for larger picture ANTIQUE PASTEL NATURE MORTE BIRDS: 23.5'' x 9.5'', framed, 27.25'' x 13.5'', no visible signature.
1407 Click for larger picture CONTEMPORARY PAINTING OF HOUND TAKING DOWN A STAG: Oil/Canvas, 24'' x 30'', framed, 34.5'' x 40.5''.
1408 Click for larger picture SCOTT, Amy (New Zealand): Dead Game Bird Watercolor, 11'' x 13.75'', signed lower left, dated 1883, framed, 15'' x 18.25''.
CONDITION: Frame shows some wear.
1409 Click for larger picture LARGE STILL LIFE PAINTING OF DEAD BIRDS BY LEVIGNE: Circa 1900, Oil/Canvas, 36.25'' x 29.25'', signed lower right, framed, 44.5'' x 37.5''. Est. $400/600**
CONDITION: Several patches verso, several touches of inpaint.
1410 Click for larger picture LARGE CONTEMPORARY STILL LIFE PAINTING OF FRUIT AND PHEASANT: Oil/Canvas, 27.5'' x 39.5'', illegibly signed lower right, framed, 3'' x 50.5''.
1411 Click for larger picture BAEDER, John, (American, b. 1938): ''Curley's Diner'', Printer's Proof Lithograph, 18'' x 25.5'', pencil signed lower right, marked ''PP'' lower left, framed, 27.5'' x 34.5'', old label is affixed verso, watercolor, painted in 1977, ''Curley's Diner'' is in Stamford, CT.
CONDITION: Sporadic darkening with blotches, overall toning.
1412 Click for larger picture 2 PC CAROLYN BECKER CHEESE CLOTH SCULPTURE RELIEF: Female Form Relief Sculptures from Miami Gallery, larger is 80'' l., smaller is app 60''.
1413 Click for larger picture COFER, Deborah (American): 3 Pencil/Pastels the Nevada Series III, Three Red Haired Women, All Bare Chested, 7.25'' x 6'' all signed lower right, dated 1981 & framed 14.25'' x 11.25''.
CONDITION: Several pictures exhibit foxing and staining as viewable in the images provided.
1414 Click for larger picture ANTONIO, Julio, (Cuban, 1950-): ''El Sonador'', Monotype, 27'' x 39'', signed lower right, titled and numbered 1/1, framed, 29'' X 41.5''. Est. $300/500**
1415 Click for larger picture CONTEMPORARY BLACK & WHITE TWO SCENE PAINTING: O/C, unsigned, comes from a high end modern art gallery, 28'' x 50'' In one scene, man delivering flowers to woman by bedside, second scene is a bird's eye view of the flower shop and city street, unframed.
1415A Click for larger picture 2 FEMALE PORCELAIN SCULPTURES: 2- Porcelain female Romanesque figures. Marks at undersides. Largest Approx. 14.25'' h x 5'' w.
CONDITION: No condition issues to be noted.
1417 Click for larger picture PRIMITIVE PORTRAIT PAINTING OF SETTER AND GROUSE: Oil/Board, 20'' x 16'', no visible signature, framed, 27.5'' x 23''.
1418 Click for larger picture L.D. RICH NATURE MORTE STILL LIFE PAINTING BIRDS: Oil/Canvas, 24'' x 12'', signed lower right, dated 1906, framed, 26.5'' x 14.5''.
CONDITION: Relined, several abrasions upper margin, several touches of inpaint in lower margin.
1419 Click for larger picture OIL/CANVAS AFTER JAN WEENIX: Dead Birds, Rabbit, N/A in an Italianate Setting, 12'' x 14'', framed, 15'' x 18''.
1420 Click for larger picture GRACE ANDERSON STILL LIFE PAINTING WITH DUCK, QUAIL AND CORN: Oil/Canvas, 14'' x 22'', signed lower left, framed, 18.25'' x 26.75''.
CONDITION: Some stretcher bar wear.
1421 Click for larger picture D. KETCHAM STILL LIFE PAINTING OF DUCKS: Oil/Canvas, 16'' x 14'', signed twice lower left, dated August '67, oak frame, 20.75'' x 18.75''.

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