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Sunday, September 22, 2019

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Sale Price
1004 Click for larger picture CARVED MARBLE FIGURAL GROUPING WOMAN WITH LAMB: Marked Made in Italy and signed R. Colin.
CONDITION: Repair to foot, several chunks of loss to base.
1006 Click for larger picture 5 MINIATURE PAINTINGS, TIFFANY & CO. STERLING SILVER FRAME: Largest is 5.25'' x 3.5'' with frame, smallest is 3.75'' x 3''.
CONDITION: Tiffany frame has a bent corner
1013 Click for larger picture ''SECRET BRONZE AFTER MOREAU'' WITH PEDESTAL: Patinated Bronze, 16.5'' H, pedestal is approx 25.5'' H and 16'' in diameter with marble top. 300
1020 Click for larger picture LARGE CARVED WOOD AND POLYCHROME GESSO MADONNA AND CHILD AVE MARIA PLAQUE: 46.50'' x 28.25'', 19th century or earlier.
CONDITION: Several scattered flecks throughout.
1025 Click for larger picture LANDSCAPE PAINTING SIGNED JONGKIND: Possibly Johan, Oil/Canvas/Board, 8'' x 11.5'', scene depicts several figures traveling a path with horses and rider on horseback, signed lower left, ebonized frame, 14.5'' x 18''.
CONDITION: Needs cleaning.
1026 Click for larger picture MEADOWS, Arthur, (British, 1843-1907): Grand Canal Venice with the Doge Palace, Oil/Canvas, 12'' x 20'', signed lower right and dated 1906, JJ Gillespie Company Pittsburgh, PA label affixed verso, fine gilded period frame is 16.25'' x 23.50''.
CONDITION: Several of inpaint, scattered craquelure.
1035 Click for larger picture EXCEPTIONAL ITALIAN? PAINTING OF A YOUNG GIRL POUTING: Oil/Wood Panel, 15.75' x 10.25'', signed lower right Gianni?
CONDITION: Several scattered abrasions, needs cleaning, several indents in the wood.
1036 Click for larger picture ENDRES, Louis, (American, 1896-1989): Moroccan Street Scene with Flower Sellers, Oil/Canvas, 30'' x 34'', signed lower left, framed 36'' x 40''.
CONDITION: Minor craquelure, several flecks of loss.
1039 Click for larger picture KAUBA, Carl, (Austria, 1865-1992): 2 Figures Resting on Top of a Marble Plinth, Overall Measures 9'' x 9.5'' x 4''. Incised signature in marble C. Kauba fecit, stamped verso geschutz. Rests on velvet upholstered pedestal. Overall measures 11'' h x 10.5'' w. 950
1040 Click for larger picture LARGE AND IMPRESSIVE PAINTING IN THE STUDIO OF MICHELANGELO AFTER DUMINI FANTASTIC FRAME: Oil/Canvas, sight size is 31'' X 53.50'', masonic motif, pierced carved and gilded gesso frame 45.50'' x 67.50''.
CONDITION: Frame has some loss and repairs scattered throughout, painting has several repairs to tears, needs cleaning.
1046 Click for larger picture MARCHIORI, Carlos, (American, 20th Century): ''Gambling at the Ridotto'', Limited Edition Giclee on Arches Paper, sight size is 27'' x 33.50'', signed lower right, numbered 9/25 lower left, Powell Street Gallery Certificate of Authenticity verso, fine custom framing is 39.50'' x 45.50''. 200
1049 Click for larger picture LEVIER, Charles (France, 1920-2003): Profile of a Woman, Mixed Media Painting, sight size 16'' x 11.5'', signed lower left, framed, 23.5'' x19'' 175
1050 Click for larger picture ENGEL, Fritz, (German, 1877-1956): Two Paintings Encased in One Singular Frame Depicting a Relief of Two Young Lovers and Two Ravens. Upper Painting is Oil/Tin of Seated Odin Holding a Spear, 12.50'' x 9.50'' with an arched top, signed lower right. Second picture is Oil/Canvas Depicting Mermaids, 9'' x 7.50''. Maker's mark stamp lower right of custom frame 30'' x 18''.
CONDITION: Frame does show some wear, upper painting does have several scattered flecks, lower painting of mermaids appears to be entirely intact.
1052A Click for larger picture ENGEL, Fritz Franz (German, 1877-1956): ''The Music Lesson'', Father Satyr listening to young Satyr playing the pan flute, Painted Terracotta, 17''.
CONDITION: Several flecks along bottom edge and toe.
1056 Click for larger picture RARE WOODCUT FRUCHTE SIGNED HECKEL DATED 1952: on laid paper, 17.50'' x 20.75'', pencil signed and dated lower right, titled lower left, hinge mounted in the upper margin, framed 27'' x 31''. Possibly by Erich Heckel. 350
1060 Click for larger picture PIETRAS, Jan, (19th Century): Dutch Landscape with Windmill and Sheep, Oil/Canvas, 12'' x 20'', signed lower right, Gilded gesso frame is 20'' x 27.75''.
CONDITION: Craquelure throughout, stretcher bar wear, needs cleaning.
1062 Click for larger picture BARSTOW, Susie, (American, 1836-1923): Autumnal Country Path with Carriage, Oil/Canvas, 20'' x 13.75'', signed lower left, period gilded frame, 32'' x 23.5''.
CONDITION: Relined, frame has several flecks.
1065 Click for larger picture HOLLYER, William Perring (British, 1834-1922): Highland Lakeside Scene with Cattle, Oil/Canvas, 24'' x 36'', signed lower left, encased in period acanthus leaf motif gilded gesso frame, 35.5'' x 48''.
CONDITION: Scattered craquelure, older reline, frame has been painted.
1066 Click for larger picture DELFGAAUW, Gerardus Johannes (Dutch 1882-1947): Dutch Landscape with canal Oil/Canvas, 12'' x 16'' signed lower right, framed 16.5'' x 20.5''.
CONDITION: Needs cleaning, minor craquelure.
1069 Click for larger picture ALLEGORICAL PAINTING WITH PUTTI, SATYR & VENUS: Oil on Board, 13'' x 18.5'', unframed.
CONDITION: Loss in the bottom margin, scattered flecks throughout, the board is warping, upper left corner has been bent, several scattered abrasions, needs cleaning.
1074 Click for larger picture EARLY ASIAN PAINTING ON CANVAS: 2 Figures Meeting in a Forest, O/C unstretched, 20'' x 17.25'', no visible signature, framed 23.5'' x 20.5''.
CONDITION: Loss from rolling, hole in upper mid center and upper left corner.
1077 Click for larger picture FOUR-PIECE JAPANESE WOODBLOCK PRINT LOT: Various Scenes of Figures and Samurai, sight size is 14'' x 9'', framed 18.25'' x 13''. 275
1083 Click for larger picture OHNO, Bakufu (Japanese, 1888-1976): 4 Scenes That Depict Daily Life, all approx. sight size 14'' x 9.50'', all signed with matching frames 21.75'' x 17''.
CONDITION: Not examined out of the frame.
1084 Click for larger picture WONG, Tyrus, (China, 1910-2016): Landscape Scene, Watercolor, sight size 22'' x 28'', signed in left margin, framed, 29'' x 34.5''. Tyrus Wong is a noted Disney artist. 150
1092 Click for larger picture MODERNIST WELDED FIGURAL SCULPTURE IN THE STYLE OF TROVA: Consists of a hoop and four human figures reaching out to the middle, no visible signature, 39'' diameter.
CONDITION: white paint needs to be removed.
1093 Click for larger picture MODERNIST WELDED FIGURAL SCULPTURE IN THE STYLE OF TROVA: Cast Iron Figure with Arms Outstretched in a Square, no visible signature. 125
1132 Click for larger picture WACK, Henry Wellington, (American, 1867-1954): Springtime Thaw, Oil/Canvas Board, 11.75'' x 16'', signed lower right, impressionist style frame is 19'' x 22.50'' 125
1133 Click for larger picture GYPSY ENCAMPMENT PAINTING MONOGRAMMED MEB: oil/Board, 12'' x 18'', monogramed lower left, fainted titled verso, framed 15.50'' x 21.50''.
CONDITION: Several minor scattered flecks.
1136 Click for larger picture 7 WENDY KINDRED LITHOGRAPHS: Largest Print measures 30'' x 25.5, all encased in original plastic which has been damaged. All pencil signed and limited editions.
CONDITION: Scattered staining, foxing, several minor depressions.
1143 Click for larger picture LARGE RUSSIAN BRONZE AFTER LANCERAY: 3 Hunters on Horseback with Rifles, 28'' h., 40'' w., 28'' d. 172 lbs.
CONDITION: Several flecks and abrasions to patina. PLEASE GET SHIPPING QUOTE PRIOR TO BIDDING!!
1146 Click for larger picture SALVADOR DALI LITHOGRAPH ''TRIOMPHE D'AMOUR'': sight size 28.5'' x 20'', pencil signed lower right, numbered lower left XLVIII.CL, framed, 41'' x 32.5''. 900
1148 Click for larger picture PRODANOVICH, Vladimir, (Serbian, 1952): Couple Holding Hands, Oil/Canvas, sight size is 21.50'' x 16'', signed in lower margin, framed 24'' x 18.50''. 325
1153 Click for larger picture 5 LINDA STEIN ART WORKS: 1) Protection II, Lithograph, sight size 12.5'' x 10'', pencil signed lower right, titled mid margin and numbered 21 of 140 lower left, framed, 20'' x 17''; 2) Cinemaphile, Etching, sight size 18.5'' x 15'', pencil signed lower right, titled mid margin and marked AP, numbered VIII/XXV, framed, 27'' x 23''; 3) Marilyn or Moving, Etching, sight size 19.5'' x 25.5'', pencil signed lower right, titled mid margin and marked Artist Proof lower left, framed, 26'' x 31.5''; 4) Female Nude in Interior, Lithograph, sight size 21.5'' x 28'', pencil signed lower right, numbered 4 of 195, framed, 30'' x 36''; 5) Large Lithograph with Profile of a Female Face, 33.5'' x 44.5'', pencil signed lower right, numbered 8 of 100 lower left, encased in damaged plexiglass frame.
CONDITION: 2) Visible toning and matte burning; 4) Visible toning
1155 Click for larger picture LARGE IMPRESSIONIST MEADOW PAINTING IN IMPRESSIVE NOUVEAU RELIEF BRASS FRAME: Oil/Canvas, 32'' x 38'', overall dimensions with frame is 43.50'' x 50''.
CONDITION: Tear in upper margin, large patch in lower margin, needs to be re-stretched and repaired.
1173 Click for larger picture MR & MRS 19TH CENTURY AMERICAN SCHOOL PORTRAIT PAINTINGS: A pair of large fine quality O/C renditions of middle age couple, O/C, 38'' x 32'', matching frames, 46.5'' x 40.5''.
CONDITION: Extensive restoration including relining and patchwork, with inpaint, several small punctures still exist, craquelure throughout. Need cleaning. Sold as is.
1189 Click for larger picture RIVERS, Denton, (British, 19thy Century): ''The Highland Lake'' Depicting a Lone Fisherman, Oil/Canvas, 20.25 x 30'', signed lower left, period gilded frame 30'' x 40''.
CONDITION: Needs cleaning, stretcher bar wear in upper margin, some scattered loss to frame.
1195 Click for larger picture EXCEPTIONAL L.O. GRIFFITH LANDSCAPE PAINTING WITH COWS: GRIFFITH, Louis Oscar (Indian, 1875-1956): Forest Clearing with Cows, Oil/Canvas, 20'' x 24'', signed lower right, encased in period gilt carved frame, 24.5'' x 28.5'', framed under glass. 1300
1198 Click for larger picture MACMONNIES, Frederick William, (American, 1863-1937): ''Pan of Rohallion'', Bronze, 9.75'' h, signed and dated 1890.
CONDITION: Trumpets are detachable and show some loss of patina.
1204 Click for larger picture LARGE STAMPEDE BRONZE AFTER REMINGTON: 22'' h., 45'' w., 24'' d., with marble plinth. 228 lbs.
1205 Click for larger picture HESS, Sara, (American, 1857-1960): Tennessee Hills, Oil/Canvas, 14'' x 18.25'', signed faintly lower right. Incised, titled, and named on the stretcher verso, fine period impressionist framing by the Royal Art Framing Company West 54th Street NY 20.75'' x 24.75''.
CONDITION: Relined, needs cleaning due to some paint splatter, frame shows wear.
1206 Click for larger picture GOOD ILLEGIBLY SIGNED STILL LIFE PAINTING: Depicts classical style still life with water vessel, fruit and glass on a countertop, O/C, 12'' x 16'', monogrammed lower right and framed, 14.5'' x 18.5''.
CONDITION: Scattered craquelure and stretcher bar wear.
1210 Click for larger picture TURNER, Charles Yardley (American, 1850-1919): Pastel Sketch for Large Mural of Pontiac and Rogers, sight size 13.5'' x 27.5'', signed lower left, titled mid-margin and dated May 27, 1913 lower right. Framed, 22'' x 36''. The finished mural resides to this day at the Cuyahoga County Courthouse in the Court of Appeals Court Room, Cleveland Ohio. The painting depicts an important historical event in the meeting of Rogers Rangers with Pontiac, a French ally and Chief of the Ottawas. Robert Rogers and his Rangers had traveled west at the end of the French and Indian War to take possession of the outposts. Pontiac initially ordered the Rangers to leave the country as he claimed that the land belonged to the Native Americans. Rogers, however, explained his mission to Chief Pontiac, and announced that the French and Indian War had ended, and peace was declared. Apparently convinced, Pontiac and other Native American leaders eventually agreed to smoke the peace pipe. Charles Yardley Turner, born in Baltimore Maryland in 1850, studied art in Europe under French masters. Turner was the assistant director of decoration at the Chicago 1893 World's Columbian Exhibition and colorist for the entire 1901 Pan American Exposition in Buffalo, New York. Turner also painted ''The Trial of Captain John Smith at Jamestown, June 10, 1607, East Wall, Court of Appeals Court Room at the Cuyahoga County Court House as well the murals for the Essex County Court House in Newark, New Jersey, the Hudson County Courthouse, in Jersey City, and the Baltimore Court House. 500
1216 Click for larger picture POWELL, Lucien, (US, 1846-1930): Country Homestead Landscape, Watercolor, sight size 15.25'' x 19.75'', signed lower left and dated 1908, encased in original wide board gilded oak frame, 23.25'' x 27.75''.
CONDITION: Overall toning, not examined out of frame.
1226 Click for larger picture DICKINSON, Mabel, (American, 1869-1960): Autumnal Landscape, Oil/Canvas, 18'' x 14'', signed lower right and dated 1914, framed 23.50'' x 19.50''.
CONDITION: Patch verso, fleck of paint loss in left margin, stretcher bar wear, mild craquelure.
1230 Click for larger picture KNOX, Susan Ricker, (American, 1874-1959): Detention and Deporting Room after Typhus Scare, Italian and Czech Mothers and Babies, Little German Girl, Oil on Board, 16'' x 20'', Exhibition labels from Art Club of St Petersburg 1923 affixed verso, signed lower left, framed, 22'' x 26.25''. 650
1231 Click for larger picture SHEMI, Calman, (Argentinian, 1939): ''Spanish Fan'', Soft Painting (A Fabric Composition), 59'' x 72'', signed lower left, signed and titled verso marked 1 Off. 250
1232 Click for larger picture SHEMI, Calman, (Argentinian, 1939): Abstract Composition Mixed Media Print with Watercolor and Oil Paint Accents, sight size is 27'' x 39.50'', signed lower left and marked ONE Off, contemporary silver frame is 40.50'' x 52''. 450
1233 Click for larger picture SHEMI, Calman, (Argentinian, 1939): Abstract Composition, Oil and Gouache, sight size is 14'' x 21'', signed lower left and dated 1988, framed 25.50'' x 32.50''. 250
1234 Click for larger picture SHEMI, Calman, (Argentinian, 1939): Portrait Painting of a Young Couple, Gouache/Oil/Watercolor, 22.50'' x 30'', signed lower left, framed 35.50'' x 43.50''. 275
1235 Click for larger picture SHEMI, Calman, (Argentinian, 1939): Abstract Composition with Multiple Color Brush Strokes, Oil/Paper with Watercolor and Gouache, sight size is 21'' x 28'', signed lower left and dated '90, silver frame is 33'' x 40.50''. 225
1236 Click for larger picture SHEMI, Calman, (Argentinian, 1939): Abstract Composition, Oil/Paper, sight size is 26'' x 38.50'', signed lower right and dated '90, contemporary black frame is 39'' x 52''.
CONDITION: Loss in upper right corner, several small tears, frame shows wear.
1237 Click for larger picture SHEMI, Calman, (Argentinian, 1939): Abstract Composition of Figure and Chair, Etching that's been Enhanced with Gouache and Watercolor, sight size is 28.50'' x 20.25''. signed lower left and marked 1 Off, framed 37.50'' x 29.50''. 450
1240 Click for larger picture SELBY, Joe, (American, 1893-1960): ''Sea Going'', Oil on Canvasboard, 10.5'' x 15.25'', signed lower right, dated 1956, titled verso, unframed.
CONDITION: Lower left corner has been bent with minor paint loss.
1241 Click for larger picture SELBY, Joe, (American, 1893-1960): ''Kaseda'', Oil on Canvasboard, 10.5'' x 15.25'', signed lower right, dated 1956, titled verso, unframed. 1300
1242 Click for larger picture SELBY, Joe, (American, 1893-1960): ''Chanticleer'', Oil on Canvasboard, 10.5'' x 15.5'', signed lower right, dated 1964, titled verso, unframed. 1600
1243 Click for larger picture SELBY, Joe, (American, 1893-1960): ''Alberta'', Oil on Canvasboard, 10.5'' x 15.375'', signed lower right, dated 1956, unframed. 1200
1244 Click for larger picture SELBY, Joe, (American, 1893-1960): ''Loaf-A-Long'', Oil on Canvasboard, 10.375'' x 15.25'', unsigned lower, titled verso, unframed. 1600
1245 Click for larger picture SELBY, Joe, (American, 1893-1960): Sailboat in The Tropics, Oil on Canvasboard, 9'' x 12'', signed lower right, dated 1941, unframed.
CONDITION: Several depressions in the board in the upper margin.
1252 Click for larger picture 3 PC SWAROVSKI ENDANGERED SPECIES - POLAR BEAR, GORILLAS & TIGERS: 1) Faceted Polar Bear has black crystal eyes and nose and comes with title plaque; 2) 2009 Annual Edition, mother and cub. 2nd issue in the Endangered Wildlife Trilogy; 3) Handsome colored Tiger from the endangered wildlife series. All appropriately marked with original boxes and COAs.
CONDITION: All in excellent condition.
1253 Click for larger picture 5 PC SWAROVSKI TROPICAL THEME: 1) 2005 Harmony first piece in the Wonders of the Sea Trilogy. Colorful piece showing clown fish and anemones; 2) Tropical Jewelry box; 3) Clear crystal South Sea School of Fish with matte finish coral; 4) Crystal clear starfish; 5) Collection of small amber and clear starfish. All items appropriately marked with original packaging / presentation box.
CONDITION: All items in excellent condition.
1254 Click for larger picture 2 PC SWAROVSKI SEA TURTLE THEME: 1) Swarovski Wonders of The Sea Eternity 2006, Crystal Tortoise; 250
1255 Click for larger picture 3 PC SWAROVSKI - MOTHER, SISTER & BROTHER BEAR: 1) Crystal clear Mother Bear; 2) Crystal clear Sister and Brother bears with jet crystal eyes. All marked appropriately and sold with presentation boxes.
CONDITION: Excellent condition.
1256 Click for larger picture 3 PC SWAROVSKI TROPICAL FISH, SHARK & PUFFIN: 1) 2007 Wonders of the Sea Collection - Angel Fish; 2) Crystal clear Baby Shark; 3) A pair of faceted clear crystal puffins with red, black and orange accents. All items appropriately marked and sold with original presentation boxes.
CONDITION: Excellent condition.
1258 Click for larger picture PALLISER, R. L. (American, 20th Century): Brook in Winter, Oil/Canvas, 24'' x 30'', signed lower left, old label affixed verso, encased in a gilded Newcomb Macklin frame, 29'' x 35''.
CONDITION: Mild craquelure.
1259 Click for larger picture PEARCE, Darlene (American, 20th C): Portrait of a Cow, Oil/Canvas Board, 16'' x 12'', signed lower left, framed 22.50'' x 18.50''. 250
1260 Click for larger picture STEPULE, Charles (American, 1911-2006): Rockport Harbor View from Atlantic Road, Acrylic/Canvas Board, 9'' x 12'', signed lower left, titled verso, dated 1995, framed 13.5'' x 16.5''. 200
1262 Click for larger picture STEPULE, Charles (American, 1911-2006): Still Life of Flowers In A Vase With Fruit On A Table Top, signed twice, watercolor, sight size 19.5'' x 13.5'', framed, 27.5'' x 22''. 150
1270 Click for larger picture WEBER, Michael, (American, 1941): ''Glass with Cherries'', Watercolor, sight size is17.50'' x 11.50'', singed lower left, signed and titled verso dated 1998, framed 26'' x 20''. 300
1271 Click for larger picture FREDERICKS, Ernest, (American, 1877-1959): ''Lake Taneycomo'', near Branson, Missouri, Oil/Canvas, 10'' x 12'', signed lower right, original documentation verso, framed, 12.75'' x 14.75''. Fredericks was known as King of the Ozark painters.
CONDITION: Mild craquelure.
1272 Click for larger picture T. BAILEY CLIPPERSHIP PAINTING: Oil/Canvas, 37'' x 27'', signed lower right, framed 41'' x 31''.
CONDITION: Several small punctures, stretcher bar wear, mild craquelure.
1273 Click for larger picture WINTERS, Lumen (American, 1908-1982): Modernist Horses, Watercolor, sight size, 21'' x 28.50'', signed lower right, framed 28.50'' x 35''. 250
1276 Click for larger picture J. L. BROAHRAN PORTRAIT PAINTINGS OF MR. AND MRS. BAKEWELL 2 PIECE LOT: Oil/Canvas, Oval size is approximately 28'' x 23'', no visible signature, encased in glass shadowbox frame and the original gilded oval frame interior, overall measurements are 42.50'' x 37.50'' x 4''.
CONDITION: Scattered craquelure, several flecks to female, the shadowbox frames do show significant ware.
1285 Click for larger picture ROBINSON, Russell (American, 20th Century): ''Down East'' A modernist landscape oil/canvas 24'' x 30'', signed lower right and dated 70, signed and titled verso, framed 30.5'' x 35.5''.
CONDITION: Several minor abrasions with some paint fleck in upper right corner.
1286 Click for larger picture SHAW, Kendall (American, 1924-): ''Ma Jolie Fiances'', Oil/Canvas, 57'' x 47'', signed lower left, signed titled and dated 1959 - 60 verso with the original Orleans Gallery label affixed to canvas, modern metal frame 61'' x 51.50''. 700
1291 Click for larger picture SMITH, Fred Sydney (American, 20th Century): Country Pond, Oil/Board, 8.50'' x 10.50'', signed lower right, framed 16.50'' x 18.25''. 125
1301 Click for larger picture RIVERS, Larry (American, 1923-2002): The Jewish Museum Exhibition, September 23rd to October 31st 1965, 5th Ave New York, Lithograph, 35'' x 23'', pencil signed lower right, dated September '65, numbered 17/25, plexiglass frame 40.50'' x 28.50''.
CONDITION: Frame has some loss on the edges.
1305 Click for larger picture EGAN, Eloise, (American, 1874-1967): Florida Swamp Scene, Oil/Canvas, 32'' x 40'', signed lower left, titled on the back Tropical Canal Number 71, unframed.
CONDITION: Relined, several scattered flecks, visible craquelure.
1306 Click for larger picture HANCOCK, W. Harold, (American, 1920-2006): Ft. Myers Florida Swamp, Oil/Masonite, 24'' x 48'', signed lower right, titled Ft. Myers verso, unframed.
CONDITION: Needs cleaning, scattered flecks of loss along the margin edges.
1307 Click for larger picture AHL, Henry Jr., (American, 1905-1996): Florida Landscape with River and Heron, O/C, 8'' x 10.625'', signed lower right, unframed. 225
1316 Click for larger picture ONEILL, Calley (American, 20th C): ''On the Crest of '77'', Watercolor, circular dimension 13.5'' diameter, signed and titled in lower margin, framed, 21.5'' x 21.5''. Exhibited at WEDU Collector's Auction. 100
1322 Click for larger picture T. KIMMEL IMPRESSIONIST HARBOR PAINTING: Oil/Canvas, 24'' x 36'', signed lower left, pierce carved frame is 33'' x 44''. 200
1331 Click for larger picture AZOULAY, Guillaume (American, 1949-): Equestrian Serigraph, ''Winners'', Depicting Horses Galloping, Serigraph, sight size 28'' x 55'', pencil signed lower right, numbered 126/300 lower left and titled, dated '07, custom frame 39.50'' x 65''. 150
1337 Click for larger picture C.I.A. MANNA, TORINO, ITALY NUDE STATUE: C.I.A. Manna porcelain statue of a nude island woman resting on a boulder. Underside bares signature & #834. Made in Torino, Italy. Approx. 12.25'' h x 8.5'' l x 6.5'' w.
CONDITION: Possible abrasion at underside of right knee. Small imperfection at front leg. Wear consistent with age and use.
1339 Click for larger picture MODERNIST PAINTING OF SAILBOATS BY J. REID: O/C, 28'' x 34'', signed lower right and framed, 32.5'' x 38.5'' 175
1343 Click for larger picture HOWELL, Frank, (American, 1937-1997): ''The Spiritual Matrix'', Lithograph, 30'' x 22.5'', signed, titled and numbered 32/75, framed, 38.5'' x 30.5''. 275
1348 Click for larger picture FLORIDA TOWN STREET SCENE SIGNED W. HARVEY PAINTING: O/C, 18'' x 24'', signed lower right and framed, 21.5'' x 27.5''. 150
1350 Click for larger picture AFRICAN MID-CENTURY MODERN BENIN BRONZE FISH SCULPTURE: African bronze mid-century modern sculpture of a fish by the Benin tribe circa 1950. Raised on 4 bronze feet. Approx. 5.5'' h x 14.75'' l x 1.5'' w. 200
1353 Click for larger picture ICART, Louis, (French, 1888-1950): Three Young Girls Playing with a Siamese Cat and Yarn ball, Etching, oval sight size is 17.50'' x 21.50'', pencil signed lower left, numbered 227 lower left, framed 23'' x 27.50''.
CONDITION: Several minor abrasions, overall even toning, not examined out of the frame.
1356 Click for larger picture WOODS, Jack. (American, 1930-2011): Southwest Mountain Range, O/C, 14'' x 11'', signed lower right, framed, 21.5'' x 18.5''. 125
1369 Click for larger picture DAUMIER, Jean (French, 1948-): Large Crowd with Paris Carousel, Oil/Canvas, 20'' x 24'', signed lower left, framed 26.50'' x 30.50''. 150
1370 Click for larger picture DALI, Louis (French, 1905-2001): Parisian Street Scene with The Seine and Notre Dame, Oil/Canvas, 15.5'' x 18'', signed lower right, framed 21.5'' x 25'', Marshall Field label affixed verso. 150
1375 Click for larger picture TARKAY, Itzchak, (Israeli, 1935-2012): ''Blue Room'', Embellished Serigraph on Canvas Stretched, 11'' x 9'', signed lower right, labeled verso, framed 22'' x 19.50''. 200
1377 Click for larger picture TARKAY, Itzchak (Israel, 1935-2012): Monique and Monie, serigraph, sight size 25'' x 13.5'', pencil signed lower right, numbered 340/350 lower left, framed, 35.75'' x 24.5''. 150
1385 Click for larger picture BREWER, Alphonse C. (England, 1881-1996): 3 etchings to include: 1) Transcept Seville Cathedral, sight size 27'' x 18'', signed lower right by Alphonse Brewer and Henry C. Brewer, titled mid margin. Encased in a gilded and polychromed cathedral motif frame, 38.5'' x 27''; 2) Signed Alphege Brewer, Antwerp Cathedral, sight size 24'' x 18'', pencil signed lower right, titled lower left, period Gothic motif carved and gilded frame, 32.5'' x 26.75''; Rehims Cathedral from the Southwest, sight size 25.5'' x 29.25'' with margins, pencil signed lower right, titled lower left, period gilt carved frame, 29'' x 33''.
CONDITION: 2) Visible toning, some wear to frame; 3) scattered staining and frame shows wear.
1391 Click for larger picture KNOX'S GELATINE AD BY HARRY ROSELAND: sight size is 19'' x 29.5'', framed 28.50'' x 34.50''. 100
1393 Click for larger picture AGAM, Yaacov, (Israeli, 1928): two Piece Print Lot to Include: 1) Geometric Abstraction Serigraph, 24.25'' x 32'' with margins, not signed or numbered. 2) Two-Piece Print with Foil Underneath of a Cut Out Abstract Geometric Composition, Serigraph, 22.75'' x 25.25'', unframed, not singed or numbered.
CONDITION: 1) Some Staining in the right margin, several corners are bent. 2) Several spatter stains.
1394 Click for larger picture BARNET, Will (American, 1911-2012): ''Peter Grimes (Met Opera)'', Travel Proof, lithograph, 30'' x 22'' with margins, unframed.
CONDITION: Several handling creases and smudges.
1395 Click for larger picture APPEL, Karel, (Dutch, 1921-2006): Pagliacci, Lithograph, 29.75'' x 22.75'', stamped Travel Proof lower right-hand corner, unframed. 300
1396 Click for larger picture 6 GIOVANNI GALLO POMPEIAN FRIEZE PAINTINGS: Watercolors, largest measuring 4.25'' x 9.50'', three are measuring 3'' x 5.75'', two are measuring 3.50'' x 8.25''. All signed, most are dated between 1940-1970. Largest framed size is 9'' x 14''. 150
1397 Click for larger picture GALLO, Giovanni, (Italian, 1846-1924): Three Watercolor Paintings to Include: 1) Pompei-Trionfo Di Venere, 4.25'' x 11.25'', signed lower right and dated 1945, titled lower left, framed 9.25'' x 17.50''. 2) A Pompeian frieze of Putti Gladiators, 4'' x 10.75'', signed lower right, illegibly titled lower left, framed 9'' x 16''. 3) Pompei Casa Dei Vetti E Giardino, 6.25'' x 83.50'', signed lower right and dated 1950, titled in the lower marge, framed 11'' x 13.50''. 100
1405 Click for larger picture REPRODUCTION BRONZE WOMAN WITH FAN AFTER COLLET: 21.75'' h. 150
1410 Click for larger picture ALLISON, Roy, (American, 20th Century): Children Playing on Swings in a Forest, Oil/Canvas, 24'' x 36'', signed lower right, framed 31.50'' x 43.50''. 200
1421 Click for larger picture PAIR OF L. PIZARRO STILL LIFE PAINTINGS: 1) Depicts a Desktop with Books, Lamp, Pear, and Matches. Oil/Masonite, 4'' x 5'', signed lower left, framed 10.50'' x 11.25''. 2) Still Life of Teacup with Pastries, sight size 4.25'' x 5.50'', signed lower right, framed 10.25'' x 11.50''. 175
1430 Click for larger picture AFTER THE MASQUERADE BALL PAINTING BY ALTIERI: Oil/Canvas, 30'' x 40'', signed lower right, framed 37'' x 47.50''. 150
1433 Click for larger picture TIBETAN BUDDHIST MANJUSHRI DIETY BRONZE: Bronze Tibetan Buddhist deity having a sword in hand with draping ribbons. Mounted in a meditative resting position on a Lotus base. Underside bares an impressed 4-character mark. Approx. 5.5'' h x 4.75'' l x 2.25'' w. 275

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