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1010 Click for larger picture HAZIZA, Shlomi, (American/Israeli, b. 1969): 8.5'' in height, signed on the base and dated '93, numbered #CB/111. Also included in this lot are a number of colored Lucite cubes and cylinders, unsigned. 150
1013 Click for larger picture LARGE PORTRAIT PAINTING OF ANNA MARIA LUISA DE MEDICI: Oil/Canvas, 77'' x 53'', gilded gesso frame, 81.5'' x 61'', after the original by Antonio Franchi. The original portrait was commissioned on the 16th of January, 1687, by Ferdinando de' Medici, Grand Prince of Tuscany, Anna Maria Luisa's older brother, and was finished without doubt by 1688, when it is mentioned in an inventory of Palazzo Pitti with other six portraits of the Medici painted by Justus Sustermans. The portrait was displayed in Ferdinando's audience room. (Wikimedia)
CONDITION: Older reline, repairs to canvas visible by blacklight, frame has some loss.
1017 Click for larger picture VATICAN CITY MICRO MOSAIC PAPERWEIGHT: 3.75'' wide by 5'' tall, several scattered chips along the edges. 450
1017A Click for larger picture SALTELLI ITALIAN MICRO MOSAIC LANDSCAPE WITH RUINS: Signed lower right Saltelli, sight size 8.5'' x 5'', framed, 16'' x 12''.
CONDITION: Appears to be some damage in the lower margin to the frame.
1017B Click for larger picture ITALIAN MOSAIC LANDSCAPE: Semi-precious materials used to create this landscape include lapis, granite, malachite, and others. Illegibly signed lower left and framed, sight size 3.75'' x 5.5'', framed, 10'' x 11.25''. 150
1018 Click for larger picture LARGE AUGUST JOSEPH CARRIER SEMI-NUDE GODDESS BRONZE: (French, 1800-1875) Beautiful Large Semi-Nude Goddess Pouring Oil Into a Lamp, German Neurwell Sanson Hamburg foundry stamp on the verso, A. CARRIER, foundry stamp: F R SANSON SUOC 4 NEURWALL HAMBURG, signed on the foot. Approx. 21'' x 7'' x 7''.
CONDITION: Old medium dark brown patina, estate dust, some marks on the shoulders possibly from casting.
1020 Click for larger picture LAUGEE, Georges, (French, 1853-1937): The Wheat Harvesters, A Barbizon Scene, Oil/Canvas, 32'' x 24'', signed lower right, framed, 39'' x 31''.
CONDITION: Abrasion in the upper margin, needs cleaning, stretcher bar wear.
1022 Click for larger picture MARCOUX, Jules, (European, 19th C.): Seated Cavalier with a Pipe, Oil/Canvas, 16'' x 13'', signed lower right, period frame, 21.5'' x 19'', Roelofs label verso.
CONDITION: Older reline, craquelure throughout, scattered touches of inpaint, overpainted frame.
1024 Click for larger picture LARGE 19TH CENTURY ENGLISH SCHOOL GENRE PAINTING: Oil/Canvas, Depicts a Mother Leading her Child Over a Bridge Crossing a Small Stream in a Country Landscape, 53.25'' x 42.25'', no visible signature, framed, 58.5'' x 47.5''.
CONDITION: Professional restoration, relined, scattered craquelure and inpaint throughout, several minor abrasions.
1025 Click for larger picture LARGE FELIX BRISSOT FRENCH LANDSCAPE: (French, 1818-1892) Sheep and Shepherd with Dog in an Atmospheric Barbizon Manner Landscape, Oil/Canvas, 25.75'' x 36.25'', circa 1882, signed lower left F. Brissot, unframed. Felix Saturnin Brissot de Warville, born 1818 Veron, France - died 1892 Versailles, France. Partially obscured three or four character gallery, auction or sale inventory number on a vertical stretcher as well as faint numerical inscriptions on the top horizontal stretcher, accompanied by a gallery or collector card as Sheep In Meadow that lists Sheep In Meadow, 1882 - the source of our circa date for this painting - as amongst a list of known or exhibited titles by the artist however this is unverified and note that the frame that preciously housed this painting had a 20th century plaque titled In the Meadow.
CONDITION: Sound estate discovery condition, no noticeable craquelure, 20th century cleaning, uncertain as to whether lined as the edges have old paper tape since varnished over, a couple of edge spots and some edge wear.
1026 Click for larger picture BUONO, Eugenio, (Italian, 1863-1954): Cautious French Soldier, Oil/Canvas, 12'' x 8'', signed lower right, framed, 15.25'' x 11''.
CONDITION: Frame has been overpainted.
1027 Click for larger picture VOGLER, Fritz, (French, 19th Century): Gypsy Dancer with Cavaliers Onlooking, Oil/Canvas, 13.25'' x 16'', signed lower right, carved and painted gesso frame, 21'' x 24''.
CONDITION: Small puncture in upper mid margin, frame has scattered wear and loss and has been overpainted. Painting has scattered craquelure throughout and needs cleaning.
1028 Click for larger picture TALL OSCAR LAURENT DE BEUL BRONZE NUDE STATUE: (Belgian, 1881-1929): Young Female Nude Tambourine Musician Sculpture, Approx. 26.25'' x 9'' x 12'', signed O. DeBeul and stamped Paternotte Fondeur Lembecq or Lembeck Lez Hal. Interesting and endearing semi garden worn and weathered estate patina with pale rose, medium brown and partial verdigris patina atop a variegated marble base of a corresponding palette.
CONDITION: Semi garden worn and weathered estate patina with pale rose, medium brown and partial verdigris patina that may have patinated from gilt dore rather than brown as there seem to be a few scattered muted gold patina areas, arm and leg casting seams visible, scattered wear, some staining or heavier darkening to the top surface of the base, a bit dusty, a rear outer wrist scrape with some house paint residue and a tiny bit of visible bright metal.
1032 Click for larger picture WAGNER, Carl, (American, 1938-2011): ''Crystal River'', Depicts an Underwater Florida Scene with Fish, Reeds, and Manatees, 12.5'' in height, signed, titled, numbered 40/50 and dated 1998, affixed to a polished marble plinth, 15'' in height overall. 550
1033 Click for larger picture WAGNER, Carl, (American, 1938-2011): Ibis, Patinated Bronze, 15.5'' in height, signed, titled, and numbered 10/50, dated 1993, affixed to a polished marble plinth. Overall approximately 18'' in height. 450
1034 Click for larger picture FINELY DETAILED POLISHED BRONZE OF A STOIC YOUNG MAIDEN: Probably late 19th or early 20th century, 11.75'' in height, no visible signature, impressed mark 1841, affixed to a bicolor fluted and beveled marble plinth, overall measurements 16.5''.
CONDITION: Age-appropriate wear, several flecks to the plinth.
1036 Click for larger picture 19th CENTURY OLD MASTERS STYLE PAINTING OF BEARDED ELDER WRITING: Scene Depicts a Bearded Elder Gentleman Writing in a Book with Angel Looking On, Oil/Canvas laid down on Board, 41'' x 31.5'', no visible signature, framed, 43'' x 34.25''.
CONDITION: Craquelure scattered throughout, older repair, scattered inpaint, ready to hang.
1040 Click for larger picture HELLEU, Paul, (American/French, 1859-1927): Redheaded Beauty in a Hat, Etching, sight size 21.5'' x 13.5'', pencil signed lower right, framed, 31.5'' x 23.5''. 1000
1049 Click for larger picture RIZZI, James, (American, 1950-2011): ''Sidewalk Cafe'', 3D Print, sight size 10'' x 13'', pencil signed lower left, titled lower margin, numbered 82/175, dated '87, framed, 17.25'' x 20.75''. 1500
1054 Click for larger picture GOYA FRAGONARD EUROPEAN GENRE PAINTING CIRCA 1900s: Lovers in a Landscape, 9'' x 7.25'', no visible signature, original framing, 10.75'' x 9'' x 1.75''. French, Spanish, Continental or European School circa 19th to late 19th to turn of the 19th to 20th Century probably circa 1900. European stretchers, circa post WWII frame molding. We suspect this could be the early work of an accomplished Impressionist painter interested in the painting of Goya, Fragonard and the Barbizon School such as were being exhibited in Belle Epoch Paris, France when this was likely painted.
CONDITION: No craquelure, light stretcher bar wear, even surface dirt, not lined, small scratch line above male head, scattered surface abrasions plus significant wear to all edges now covered by present frame, stretched canvas not presently anchored in frame.
1055 Click for larger picture LARGE EUROPEAN LANDSCAPE PAINTING WITH WASHER WOMAN AND STONE BRIDGE: Oil/Canvas, 30'' x 40'', possible signature lower left, period gilded gesso frame, 37.5'' x 47.5''. 400
1056 Click for larger picture PARISIAN PARK SCENE PAINTING IN FANTASTIC GILDED AND CARVED NEWCOMB MACKLIN FRAME: Oil/Canvas, 23.75'' x 39.5'', measures 30.5'' x 38.5'' with mat, unsigned, overall measurements 35.5'' x 43.5''.
CONDITION: Small fleck of paint loss in the right margin, frame does have minor touch-ups, and some very minor loss. Appears to be in exceptional condition.
1060 Click for larger picture LARGE 1984 IVAN SAGITO INDONESIAN SURREALIST OIL: Figures and Leaves from Heads Landscape, Oil/Canvas, 51.5'' x 35.5'', signed lower right, dated 1984, framed, 57.5'' x 41.5'' x 2''. Titled and extensively inscribed on stretcher including what appears to be DU TA above EXH. 88 possibly indicating a 1988 exhibition. Modern frame molding.
CONDITION: Paint very good, no craquelure, a few very light linear rubs, visible mild scattered spotting, there are some canvas waves especially along the top edge that could benefit from a stretcher tightening or re-stretching. Some side edge frame wear.
1061 Click for larger picture HUGE 1984 OGENG HERU OH SUPONO PAINTING: Modernist Seated Green Figure 1984, Oil/Canvas, 55'' x 47'', signed lower left, dated 84 and inscribed verso, framed, 58.5'' x 50.5'' x 1.5''. Modern frame molding.
CONDITION: Sound estate discovery condition with no craquelure, a few thin light linear scuffs to forehead, upper background and edges, scattered moderate frame edge wear.
1062 Click for larger picture LARGE EROTIC NUDE ERTE BRONZE ''STARFISH'': 19.75'' in height with the base, dated 1988, impressed ''Chalk & Vermilion & Sevenarts'', numbered 351/375 and signed. 1800
1063 Click for larger picture ORIGINAL ERTE BRONZE FASHION MODEL: Approximately 20.25'' in height with the base, signed, dated 1990, impressed ''Chalk & Vermilion & Sevenarts'', numbered 346/375F.
CONDITION: The beads hanging from her neck will need a slight repair.
1064 Click for larger picture JASON, Mario, (American, 20th Century): ''Prelude'', A Ballet Dancing Couple, Patinated Bronze, 23'' in height, signed, titled, dated '86 and numbered 7/30. Affixed to a polished and beveled marble plinth, overall 25'' in height. 950
1067 Click for larger picture KAWASE, Hasui, (Japanese, 1883-1957): ''Snow at Hie Shrine, Tokyo'', Woodblock Print, 15.25'' x 10.25'', signed lower right, titled lower left, seal in left margin.
CONDITION: Several spots of foxing.
1068 Click for larger picture KAWASE, Hasui, (Japanese, 1883-1957): ''Korea, Kaijo'', Woodblock Print, 15.25'' x 10.25'' with margins, pencil signed lower right, seal in right margin, also seals in left margin, titled lower left, unframed. 2200
1068A Click for larger picture HASUI, Kawase, (Japanese, 1883-1957): ''Namikiri, Shima, 1942'', Japanese Woodblock Print, 15.5'' x 10.5'' with margins, signed lower right, seal in the left margin, framed, 21'' x 16.5''.
CONDITION: Some darkening in the sky area.
1069 Click for larger picture KAWASE, Hasui, (Japanese, 1883-1957): ''Lake Matsubara, Shinano Province'', Woodblock Print, 10'' x 15.5'', pencil signed lower right, titled lower left, seal in left margin, unframed. 450
1070 Click for larger picture KAWASE, Hasui, (Japanese, 1883-1957): ''Cryptomeria Road, Nikko'', Woodblock Print, 15.5'' x 10.5'', pencil signed lower right, titled lower left, seal in left margin, unframed. 425
1071 Click for larger picture KAWASE, Hasui, (Japanese, 1883-1957): ''Saishoin Temple, In Snow'', Woodblock Print, 15.25'' x 10.5'', pencil signed lower right, titled lower left, unframed. 650
1074 Click for larger picture SAITO, Kiyoshi, (Japanese, 1907-1997): Snowy Village, Woodblock Print, 11.25'' x 16.25'', pencil signed lower left, unframed.
CONDITION: Minor toning, some staining along the upper margin edge.
1084 Click for larger picture AGAM, Yaacov, (American/Israeli, b. 1928): ''Swirls IV'', Lithograph, sight size 7.75'' x 12'', pencil signed lower right, numbered 226/270 lower left, Martin Lawrence blind stamp in lower left corner, framed, 17.5'' x 22''. 225
1085 Click for larger picture 5 PC SCULPTURE LOT: Bronze of young boy holding apple, affixed to marble plinth, 6'' overall; Louis Kley Bronze of young girl, signed, 6.25'' h. with marb le plinth; Franz Sautner Cold Painted Bronze of young boy holding a rabbit, signed, 6.25'' h; Antique Bronze of young boy holding 2 fishing, 4.5'' h.; Copper Clad Sculpture of young man on obelisk, marked PMC, 10'' h.
CONDITION: 1) Chips to plinth; 2) flecks in base; 3) loss of paint; 4) hole in leg; 5 Dent in right front.
1094 Click for larger picture PIERSON, Markus, (American, b. 1961): ''Steppin' Out'', Carved and Painted Wood Sculpture, 17.5'' in height, signed verso, numbered 52/250 and dated 1988.
CONDITION: Several minor abrasions.
1102 Click for larger picture TARKAY, Itzchak, (Israeli, 1935-2012): Woman in a Red Hat Seated by an Outdoor Waterside Caf‚, Watercolor, 22.5'' x 15'', signed lower right, framed, 39.5'' x 33.5''. 750
1103 Click for larger picture TARKAY, Itzchak, (Israeli, 1935-2012): ''Morning Light'', sight size 15'' x 11.5'', signed lower right, framed, 24'' x 20''. 500
1106 Click for larger picture ROBERT INDIANA SIGNED SERIGRAPH FOR THE INDIANAPOLIS MUSEUM OF ART: Inaugural Exhibitions October 1970, printed by the American Poster Company, signed lower right, framed, overall dimensions 37.5'' x 27.5''. 275
1120 Click for larger picture LARGE ERTE SERIGRAPH ELEGANT WOMAN WALKING HER DOG: Sight size 26'' x 21'', pencil signed lower right, numbered 140/300 lower left, black lacquer frame, 42.5'' x 38.5''. 275
1123 Click for larger picture LARGE FINELY FRAMED ERTE ''ANGEL'' SERIGRAPH: Sight size 26'' x 37'', signed lower right, custom framed and matted, 36.5'' x 47.5''. 275
1130 Click for larger picture LARGE MICHAEL GARMAN DIORAMA SCULPTURE: Cityscape Sculpture, ''Yesterday's News'', 31'' x 32'', working streetlight. 475
1131 Click for larger picture TAKIS, Nicholas, (American, 1903-1965): Three Young Beauties, Oil/Canvas, 24'' x 20'', signed lower right, gilded and ebonized frame, 30.5'' x 26''.
CONDITION: Some scattered craquelure.
1132 Click for larger picture PARIS, Deborah, (American, b. 1950): ''Little Everglades'', A Florida Pasture with Cows in the Distance and Sand Hill Cranes, Oil/Canvasboard, 18'' x 24'', signed lower left, fine custom framing, 23'' x 29''. Signed, titled, and dated 2017 verso. 650
1139 Click for larger picture FREEMAN, Tom, (American, b. 1952): ''Bermuda Ketch'', Sailboat with Lighthouse, Watercolor, sight size 20.75'' x 15.75'', signed lower right and dated 1999, framed, 32.75'' x 27.75''. for more information about this artist's highly interesting career please visit this site https://store.tomfreemanart.com/biography.html On April 10, 2002 Tom had the honor of giving one of his paintings to the Holy Father, Pope John Paul II in Vatican City, Rome. The painting is hanging in Pope Pius IX museum in Italy. The White House Historical Association has commissioned Tom for the past 4 years to produce cover art for the Association's annual Christmas card. Tom was awarded the Department of the Navy Superior Public Service Award on April 3, 2003. On September 3, 2003 Tom presented a painting to President George W. Bush depicting the President's landing aboard the U.S.S. Abraham Lincoln. The painting was presented to him in the Oval Office. 950
1141 Click for larger picture SHERRIN, Reginald, (English, 1891-1971): English Landscape with Cottages and Figure Walking, Gouache, sight size 13'' x 20.5'', signed lower left, framed, 20'' x 27.5''.
CONDITION: Frame has loss.
1165 Click for larger picture LAURO, Roberto, (American/Swiss, b. 1932): ''9418'', Abstract Composition, Oil/Canvas, 47.25'' x 47.25'', signed lower right and dated '94, signed and titled verso, thin-edge wood frame, 48'' x 48.5''. Eleonore Austerer Gallery label affixed verso, San Francisco Gallery. Also included in this lot is a book about the artist.
CONDITION: Several areas of heavy impasto with the paint threatening to fall off the canvas, will need some maintenance.
1170 Click for larger picture AZANK, Roberto, (Argentinian, b. 1955): Still Life with Iris and Apples, Oil/Canvas, 34'' x 30'', signed lower right and dated 2001, also signed on the stretcher verso, thin-edge wood frame, 35'' x 31''. 325
1171 Click for larger picture LEMIRE, Madeleine, (Canadian, b. 1940): ''Impression Safran'', Oil/Canvas, 36'' x 30'', signed lower right, titled verso, framed, 37.5'' x 31.5''. 375
1172 Click for larger picture LEMIRE, Madeleine, (Canadian, b. 1940): Anemones, Oil/Canvas, 30'' x 40'', signed lower right, titled verso, framed, 31.5'' x 41.5''. 400
1176 Click for larger picture HASSAM, Childe, (American, 1859-1935): ''Toby's, Cost Cob'', Etching, 8.5'' x 12.5'' with margins, glued along the margin edges to the back card, not under glass.
CONDITION: Needs cleaning.
1178 Click for larger picture WILLIAMS, Walter Henry, (American/Danish, 1920-1998): ''Sunflower'', Woodblock Print, sight size 14.5'' x 20.5'', pencil signed lower right, dated 1959, titled mid margin and numbered 74/200 lower left, framed, 21.25'' x 27.25''. 950
1186 Click for larger picture LEVER, Hayley, (American/English, 1876-1958): ''Cracker Cabin, Punta Rassa'', Watercolor, 14.75x19.75, signed lower right, signed and titled ''Punta Rasa'' verso, unframed. 250
1190 Click for larger picture SOYER, Moses, (American, 1899-1974): Ballerina Dancer, Oil/Canvas, 30'' x 22.5'', signed lower right, framed, 34.5'' x 27''.
CONDITION: Needs cleaning, scattered craquelure, several flecks.
1194 Click for larger picture HUDSON RIVER SCHOOL KAATERSKILL CLOVE LANDSCAPE: Oil/Canvas, 16'' x 26.5'', partial ...tists 594 WASHI... artist supply label verso, no visible signature, framed, 29.75'' x 19.25'' x 1.5''. 20th century frame molding. We found an online reference to a Boston art supply company at that address in the 19th century and the lapped over canvas tabs were used in Boston but we are quite certain this is a classic view of Kaaterskill Clove likely looking down the Hudson River in upstate New York from the general location of the Frederick Church residence Olana such as has been painted by Sanford Robinson Gifford and Thomas Worthington Whittredge. We searched an online database of Christies New York auctions for oil paintings between 16 and 17 inches high and between 26 and 27 inches wide and found less than 25 and of those paintings only 2 were American landscapes of any period, both interestingly by David Johnson. We have used intense light and UV along the entire lower edge and found no signature or monogram so we do not believe it to be signed however it could use a cleaning that may well help identify an artist name. Sold as an unknown unsigned American School mystery artist of the Victorian Romantic luminist era likely of Kaaterskill Clove in upstate NY in autumn with an atmospheric sunrise or sunset over we believe the Catskill Mountains but perhaps the Adirondacks or White Mountains however the water topography we believe points to the Hudson Valley.
CONDITION: Estate discovery condition, sound with even surface dirt and even darkened varnish, fine craquelure, one small scuff with small spot of paint loss on the left foreground riverbank with a corresponding small spot verso as illustrated, paint edge wear spots under frame, frame with scattered chips throughout. Examination with UV shows inpainting at the riverbank scuff, otherwise no flat purplish black ultraviolet reactions.
1195 Click for larger picture LARGE GUSTAVE WIEGAND LANDSCAPE: Impressionist Marsh with Sunlit Cottage Landscape, Oil/Canvas, 24'' x 36'', signed lower left, various numerical inscriptions on stretcher verso, unframed. Accompanied by an old gallery or collector label titling work Landscape with Water.
CONDITION: Some separation along upper margin in canvas, older reline, some bubbling
1205 Click for larger picture LARGE 4 PANEL SAM GLANKOFF WORK ON PAPER: 4 Panel Print Painting, PP 4041 71, 38'' x 47.5'', Kew Gallery, E. 56th St. NYC label verso, monogrammed lower left, framed, 38.25'' x 47.75'' x 2''. Water soluble printer's ink and casein on Japanese paper featuring an incised brown horizontal form with green detail on white, light grey, green grey and black ground, with photocopy of 1985 Glankoff Estate sales invoice, 88 Lexington Ave., New York, NY showing the purchase of this by prior owners in 1985 while residing on East 57th Street in Manhattan for $ 5,800.00. 1100
1215 Click for larger picture BUTLER, Robert, (American, 1943-2014): Four Turkeys in a Florida Landscape, Oil/Canvas, 24'' x 36'', signed lower-right and dated '87, framed, 31'' x 43.25''. 5000
1216 Click for larger picture CABLE, Lee, (American, b. 1943): Wild Florida Turkey in Flight, Watercolor, sight size 17'' x 23'', signed lower left and dated '78, barnwood style frame, 30'' x 36''. 250
1217 Click for larger picture CABLE, Lee, (American, b. 1943): Florida Buck in a Landscape, Watercolor, sight size 17'' x 23'', signed lower left and dated 1979, barnwood style frame, 30'' x 35.5'', artist business card affixed verso. 250
1218 Click for larger picture CABLE, Lee, (American, b. 1943): Photorealist Wildlife Painting of Ducks in Flight at the Marsh, Watercolor, sight size 8.5'' x 23'', artist business card affixed verso, barnwood style frame, 21.5'' x 36.25''. 250
1225 Click for larger picture LARGE LEON VICTOR SOLON PORTRAIT MAGAZINE COVER ART: Miss Alice Anderton, 1911, Pastel on Paper/Canvas, 56'' h x 39'' w, signed lower right, gilt wood period frame, 61'' x 44''. Leon Victor Solon, son of the renowned Minton ceramist Marc Louis Solon, was an English painter, ceramist, and graphic artist who worked both in Europe and in the United States and is best known for being a purveyor of the Art Nouveau and Art Deco styles including in New York. Almost life-sized Beaux Arts Belle Epoch Arts and Crafts Movement portrait of Miss Anderton, the daughter of New York City Socialites Mrs. and Dr. William B. Anderton, painted by Solon to celebrate her engagement to Mr. Jules Montant. Facing right in an almost life-sized portrait of Miss Anderton, the daughter of New York City Socialites Mrs. and Dr. William B. Anderton, was painted by Solon to celebrate her engagement to Mr. Jules Montant. Painted facing right in an almost three-quarter view, Miss Anderton sits before a wall decorated in a stylized Japonesque mode. Dressed an elegant kimono style silk robe decorated with foliage and birds in flight complementing the background. The portrait was reproduced on the cover of Town & Country, May 27, 1911, vol. 66, number 11. As stated: This portrait of Miss Anderton by Mr. Solon is a pastel in life size and is unique in style having much to recommend it in its decorative features aside from its value as a likeness. The kimono is soft, blue and with a touch of rose at the throat. The background of gray Japanese silk with dragons in gold are all in harmony with Miss Andertons beauty of which red-gold hair is an attribute. Miss Anderton's marriage to Mr. Montant was, for reasons unknown, short lived. The painting was returned to the artist Mr. Solon who during the 1940s left New York City to retire in Lakeland, FL. Having chosen to keep the portrait, it appeared hanging in the Solon home in a photograph of the artist reproduced in the Lakeland Ledger during the 1950s. Sometime after its appearance in the paper, perhaps after Mr. Solons death in 1957, the portrait was acquired by a prominent Lakeland community leader, where it has hung until this decade. 2600
1226 Click for larger picture TEED, Douglas, (American, 1864-1929): Backstreet Orientalist Bazaar Scene, Probably Morocco, Oil/Canvas, 20'' x 30'', signed lower left and dated 1923, original faux bamboo style frame, 25'' x 35''.
CONDITION: Scattered craquelure, some scattered flecking, probably could use a cleaning.
1227 Click for larger picture AMERICAN SCHOOL RIVER LANDSCAPE PAINTING: Late 19th/Early 20th Century American School River Landscape with Chalet, Sailboats, and Mountains in the Distance, Oil/Canvas, 24'' x 36'', no visible signature, gilded gesso frame, 32'' x 45''.
CONDITION: Needs cleaning, small puncture in the center of the picture with minimal paint loss, another puncture above the chalet, some flecking in the lower left corner.
1230 Click for larger picture SARTELLE, Herbert, (American, 1885-1955): Palm Springs Desert, Oil/Canvas, 25'' x 30'', signed lower right, unframed.
CONDITION: Slight rippling in the canvas in the upper left corner, very minor craquelure.
1231 Click for larger picture FRANK BENNETT FISKE PHOTOGRAPH ''RAIN IN THE FACE'' 1902: ''Iromagaja'', Hunkpapa Sioux, 1835-1905, was involved in Custer's defeat at Little Big Horn, 6'' x 4.25''. 200
1235 Click for larger picture 2PC. DOLORES HACKENBERGER LOT: 1) ''Dutch Country Autumn'', Amish Village with Covered Red Bridge, Oil/Canvas, 9'' x 36'', signed lower left, dated 1989, framed, 13'' x 40.25''; 2) Amish House and Barns, Oil/Canvasboard, 4.5'' x 12'', signed lower right, barnwood frame, 7.25'' x 14.75''.
CONDITION: Several minor abrasions, frame shows several abrasions as well.
1241 Click for larger picture LORNE, Naomi, (American, 1902-1964): ''Haiti'', Oil/Canvas, 51.25'' x 38'', signed lower right, National Association of Women Artists 1963 Annual Exhibition label affixed verso, framed, 53.5'' x 40.5''.
CONDITION: Very small puncture in the lower right margin.
1242 Click for larger picture ABSTRACT BRUTALIST TERRACOTTA SCULPTURE: 12.75'' in height, illegibly signed Kunza?
CONDITION: Small minor flecks
1260 Click for larger picture DAVID PHILLIP ANDERSON FL ARTIST INTERIOR: Interior with Floral Still Life Element, circa 1985, Oil/Masonite, sight size 24'' x 30'', signed D. ANDERSON and dated 85 lower right, framed, 30.5'' x 36.5'' x 1.6''. 200
1270 Click for larger picture ROTHENBUSCH, Fred, (American, 1876-1937): Ducks in Flight Over a Lake, Oil/Canvas, 22'' x 28'', signed lower right and dated '90, framed, 27.5'' x 33.5''. 250
1271 Click for larger picture LARGE GARRY MCKEE FLORIDA SCRUB PAINTING: Watercolor, sight size 22'' x 29'', signed lower right, framed, 35'' x 41.75''. 275
1272 Click for larger picture DAWKINS, Thomas, (American, 20th Century): Florida Backwater Scene with Herons and Cranes, Oil/Canvas, 24'' x 30'', signed lower right, framed, 31.5'' x 37.5''.
CONDITION: Frame shows some wear.
1274 Click for larger picture ROGERS, Steve, (American, 20th/21st Century): Florida's Southernmost House, Watercolor, sight size 21'' x 25.5'', signed lower right, framed, 32'' x 37''. 250
1278 Click for larger picture MCGOVERN, Michael, (American/German, b. 1958): ''January Snow'', Oil/Canvas, 20'' x 30'', signed lower right, encased in silver gilt frame, 26'' x 36'', Gallery on the Green label affixed verso with original price tag of $3850.
CONDITION: Frame shows some wear.
1281 Click for larger picture LARGE NORTHWEST COAST DZUNUKWA EAGLE RAVEN TOTEM POLE: Carved and painted wood with applied copper, 80.5'' h. 1700
1282 Click for larger picture CONTEMPORARY VIVID SIGNED PAINTING OF TOTE BAGS AND BEAKERS: Oil/Canvas, 39.5'' x 28.75'', signed lower right and dated 2001, marked verso ''Josef Segu''(?). 250
1283 Click for larger picture 19th C. GENRE PAINTING OF A YOUNG WOMAN: Oil/Canvas, 22.5'' x 18.25'', signed in the right margin E. Bucciarelli? and dated 187?, framed, 30'' x 25''.
CONDITION: Several patches, needs cleaning, framed over painted
1285 Click for larger picture JACKSON, Michael, (American, 20th Century): Trumbull Avenue Rooftops, Oil/Canvas, 30'' x 42'', signed lower right and dated 1981, signed, titled, and dated verso, also titled on the structure, thin edge wood frame, 31.5'' x 43.25''. Artist not to be confused with the international pop star.
CONDITION: Minor craquelure, abrasion in upper right corner.
1286 Click for larger picture FERRARI, Pamela, (American/Italian, 20th/21st Century): Interior Scene with Blouse and Chair, Oil/Canvas, 47'' x 55'', signed lower right and dated 1995, framed, 50'' x 58''. 400
1287 Click for larger picture FERRARI, Pamela, (Italian/American, Contemporary): Tropical Veranda at the Beach, Oil/Canvas, 47'' x 47'', signed lower right and dated 1998, framed, 50.5'' x 51''. 950
1293 Click for larger picture LARGE TARKAY STYLE OIL PAINTING: 48'' x 60'', signed lower right Laurant, unframed. 200
1299 Click for larger picture ANDERSEN, Johan Meyer, (Danish, 1918-2005): Parisian Street Scene, Oil/Canvas, 20'' x 26'', signed lower right and inscribed Paris, framed, 25.5'' x 30.5''. 175
1302 Click for larger picture CRIMMINS, John, (American, b. 1963): Rockport Street Scene, Oil/Canvasboard, 16'' x 20'', signed lower right, framed, 20'' x 24''. 125
1318 Click for larger picture 2 PC. SERGIO BUSTAMANTE BIRDS: Comprising; 1- Colorful Peacock resting on a custom swing. Signed, #93/100. 1- Toucan resting on a custom swing. Signed, #39/100. Both acrylic on paper mache. Largest Approx. 44'' l x 10.75'' w.
CONDITION: Minimal scattered paint flecks.
1328 Click for larger picture JONES, John W., (American, b. 1950): ''Laurens Street'', Oil/Canvas, 16'' x 20'', signed lower left and dated '98, signed, titled, and dated verso, framed, 20.5'' x 24.5''. 150
1338 Click for larger picture LARGE ALISON HELM MIXED MEDIA SCULPTURE ''JOY STORY'': Polychromed Steel, Glass, and Wood, approximately 74'' in height, signed and dated 1997. 550
1339 Click for larger picture ALISON HELM THREE-DIMENSIONAL OPTICAL ILLUSION ARTWORK: Painted Wood and Metal in a Three-Dimensional Design, approximately 20'' in diameter by 9'' in height, signed A. Helm verso. 175
1340 Click for larger picture SEKINO, Junichiro, (Japanese, 1914-1988): Fish-like Creature with Human Features, Etching, 5'' x 4.125'' sheet size, plate size is 1.75'' x 1.75'', hinge mounted, printed name in bottom margin with Japanese characters lower right, pencil signed lower right of plate, numbered 6/50 lower left, framed, 14.5'' x 14''. 150
1348 Click for larger picture BEHYMER, Gregory Lee, (American, 1952-): ''Tall Palms, Saint John's River'', Florida, Oil/Canvas Board, 14'' x 18'', signed lower left, titled verso, framed, 15.5'' x 19.5''. 300
1349 Click for larger picture IRIDESCENT ART GLASS CHARGER ON BASE: Black marble base with intertwining patinated metal arms that hold the glass charger. Charger has a colorful iridescent quilted pattern. Approx. 29.5'' h x 20.75'' l x 8.75'' w.
CONDITION: Scattered nicks at base, small loss at marble.
1371 Click for larger picture 3 PC. ART MODERN POTTERY LOT: Comprising; 1- Italian blue & green art pottery charger, having impressed geometrical designs. Impressed Italy, at underside. 1- Asian square platter with blue & green fish motif, signed at underside. 1- Large olive colored ashtray with blue circles. Impressed Glidden, #272, at underside. Largest Approx. 2.25'' h x 14'' dia. 150
1400 Click for larger picture LUHRS, Marjorie B., (American, 1892-1981): Sun City, Florida, Colored Section, Watercolor, 12.25'' x 15'', signed lower right, titled verso, unframed. 150
1401 Click for larger picture ROCHARD, Pierre, (American/French, 1869-1950): ''Sunset on the Myakka River, South Florida'', Watercolor and Gouache, 11'' x 16.5'', signed lower right, titled verso, unframed. 150
1402 Click for larger picture RAFFEL, Alvin, (American, b. 1905): Three Florida Paintings: 1) Beachside Landscape with Figures, Miami, Florida, December 20th, 1933, Watercolor, 12.25'' x 15.5'', signed lower right and dated '33, titled and dated verso, unframed; 2) ''Aftermath'', Mango Trees, January 12th, 1934, Tahiti Beach, Miami, Florida, Watercolor, 12.25'' x 15.5'', signed lower right and dated '54, titled and dated verso, unframed; 3) Tall Florida Pines, Watercolor, 18.25'' x 15.125'', unframed. 150
1403 Click for larger picture MEYER, Alvin, (American, 1892-1976): Two Florida Paintings, to include: 1) Jack's Shells, Waterfront Landscape, Watercolor, 14'' x 20'', signed lower right, unframed; 2) Florida Cracker Shacks, Watercolor, 15'' x 21.5'', signed lower right, unframed.
CONDITION: 1) Scattered spots of foxing; 2) Overall even toning, small tear in lower right corner.
1404 Click for larger picture FOUR PIECE FLORIDA PAINTING LOT: To Include: 1) Goldie Lipson, ''Hammock Beach, 1944'', Watercolor, 18'' x 24'', signed lower right, inscribed verso ''Traveling Exhibit Nawa 1946'' along with titled and date of 1944; 2) Florida Homestead, unidentified artist, Watercolor, 16'' x 19.75'', signed lower right and dated '51, unframed; 3) W. Harold Hancock Sunset Florida Marsh Painting, Watercolor, 22.5'' x 16.5'', signed in the lower margin, laid down on board; 4) Edith Wyckoff Kuchler, Walkway to the Marsh, Watercolor, 15'' x 19'', signed lower left, unframed.
CONDITION: 3) Some abrasions and a small tear in the lower left corner.
1405 Click for larger picture WILCOX, J. Ralph, (American/Canadian, 1866-1915): Tomoka River, Watercolor, 14'' x 21'', signed lower left, unframed. 1800
1409 Click for larger picture FOUR PIECE JAYNE BELLOWS ART LOT: 1) ''Abandoned'', Oil/Canvas, 16'' x 20'', signed lower right, titled on the structure verso, distressed frame, 21.5'' x 25.5''; 2) Fishing Boat Dockside, Oil/Panel, 10'' x 12'', signed lower left, artist's business card affixed verso, framed, 15'' x 17''; 3) Landscape Painting, Oil/Board, 11'' x 14'', signed lower left, artist business card affixed verso, framed, 18.25'' x 21.25''; 4) Wooded Stream, Oil/Panel, 14'' x 10'', signed lower left, artist's business card affixed verso, framed, 19.25'' x 15''. 200
1410 Click for larger picture NELSON, William, (American, 1942-): Chicago Street Scene at the Corner of Michigan Ave, Allerton Hotel and Gucci, Oil/Canvas, unstretched, 38'' x 58'', signed lower right and dated '84.
CONDITION: Several scattered areas of loss, lower margin and left margin.
1414 Click for larger picture CARVED CHINESE JADE SHIP ON STAND: Carved Chinese spinach jade, Dragon ship, having 2 sails & 1- flag. Adorned with jade bells. Resting on a water motif stand. Approx. 15'' h x 16.25'' l x 3.5'' w.
CONDITION: Missing 4 bells, prior repair to 2 links of anchor chain.

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