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January 19, 2003 - Partial Auction Results

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1 CARVED IVORY STEIN: Barely a space goes uncarved, from the nude woman toasting to the world sitting atop the hinged lid to the 4 lion head masqueron feet. The body is a carved image of mythological festivities. Carved scrolled handle. 8"h 3,500
1A EMPIRE MAHOGANY 2 DRAWER WORK STAND: On pedestal base, 29"h, 22 1/2"w. 250
3A 19TH C ITALIAN BEAD WORK NEEDLEPOINT TAPESTRY: Depicts young woman with mandolin and small child, 8 1/8" x 6 1/2", partial older label visible verso. 200
4 BLAIR, Charles Henry, (British, 19th C): Kittens with strawberries, O/C, 10" x 14", signed lower left. Call for condition, several patches visible verso. 1,100
4A 19TH C ENGLISH? PORTRAIT OF TWO YOUNG PUPS: Pastel, 14" x 18", signed left margin Laura Strauss?. 150
5 ONE OF THE BEST QUARTER SAWN OAK PARLOR TABLE: Spiral twist legs ending in cast iron masqueron head claw feet set in 3" dia. glass balls. 400
5A CARVED IVORY SATYR WITH NUDE RIDER: Mounted on wooden base, 5"h, overall. 700
6B VICTORIAN BURLED WALNUT MARBLE TOP LAMP TABLE: Shaped corners and beveled edge white marble, burled panels. Est. $300/450** 300
7 19TH C VICTORIAN MAHOGANY 2 TIER ROPE TWIST HALL TABLE: Rest on brass claw and wooden ball feet with two rope twist columnar supports, turned ball and rope frieze and rope twist decor carving to both tiers, 30"h. x 35 1/2"w. x 22 1/2"d. 500
7A 19TH C ROSEWOOD LAP DESK: Complete with ink bottles and pen tray. Mother of pearl name plate is inscribed "From Thomas Morgan to Mary Turnball 1864" 250
7B ENGLISH STAND: Round top stand with pedestal base, bun feet. 19"h. 125
7C 19th C ROSEWOOD LAP DESK: With leather tops to interior compartments. 275
7D ENGLISH VICTORIAN LAP DESK: With interior felt surface and pen tray. Remnants of boulle inlay. 5"h,x 16" x 9". 350
8 BEMLEY, James?, (American, 19th C): Genre scene of two young Negro boys painting a fence, O/C, 18" x 12", signed lower left. 250
8A EARLY VICTORIAN SERVER: 2 ogee drawers, 2 tier with columnar legs and claw feet, 45 1/2"h, 37"w. 450
9 ORNATE BRASS AND IRON BED: 5'1" headboard, three-quarter size, rails included. 200
9A CAMEO BROOCH: Scenic soft shell cameo of young lady seated in front of building, open ring vermeil frame. 1 3/4" x 1 1/2" overall 125
9B 19TH C CARVED ITALIAN CASSONE: Stepped base on claw feet, 25 1/2"h, x 56", 21" 800
10 KPM PAINTING ON PORCELAIN BY G.R. SEITZ: "Sistine Madonna" after Raphael, 11 1/8" x 8 7/8", signed and titled verso, impressed KPM mark, original Gilman Collamore & Co New York label affixed verso. 1,500
10A MINIATURE W/C ON IVORY OF YOUNG VICTORIAN GIRL: 1 3/4" x 1 1/2" oval, encased in an ivory and embossed tortoise shell frame. 100
11 WATERBURY FIGURAL "CAVALIER" CLOCK: C. 1900, Full figured Soldier on rococo style case. Height 22" x 17" x 5". 8 day time and strike on gong. With key and pendulum. As seen on the cover of "Clock Guide Identification with Prices" by Robert W. Miller, 1981. ** 950
11A JAPANESE CARVED IVORY FIGURE OF A FRUIT VENDOR AND CHILD, CA. 1800: 9 1/4"h. Signed. Sold with card from the Chen Oriental Co. of Houston TX that tells us this piece is signed Mashiro. 1,200
12 GOFF, Lloyd Lozes, (American, 1911-1983): "Lincoln Square Sunset", O/CB, 16" x 12", signed lower left, titled verso. 200
12A RICHTER, Wilmer, (American, 1891): New England Dockside scene, Gouache, 20" x 28", signed lower right, dated 73, encased in golden oak frame. 200
13 ORNATE VINTAGE IRON FULL SIZE BED: 5' headboard, rails included. 350
13A EARLY PLANTATION DESK: Double door compartmented top over a lift top compartmented lower section, 53"h, x 28" x30". 750
14 MOSS, P. Buckley, (American, 20th C): Winter landscape with reflection, W/C, sight size 8 1/4" x 9 1/4", signed lower right Moss, dated 1980. 300
14A CHAPIN, Francis, (American, 1899-1965): Landscape with storm clouds, W/C, 7 1/4" x 9" sight size, pencil signed lower right. 100
14B ORNAMENTAL EMBOSSED METAL GUERIDON: With pierced motif depicting floral nouveau era edge with center panel embossed with scantily clad maiden and putti attendants, arched and pierced cross stretcher, cabriole legs with sparrows in flight, 30"h. x 29 1/2" x 19". 400
15 VICTORIAN LADY'S BURL WALNUT DRESSING CASE, CA. 1862: Fitted with silvered top bottles and jars, scent bottles and tools, spring action satin lined jewelry drawer, lift out tray with storage underneath. Mother of pearl escutcheon and mop name plate "To Maggie from Her Brother Andrew 1862". 6 3/4' x 12" x 9". 1,050
15A WALNUT ONE DRAWER STAND: Larger than most, surface size of 29 1/2" x 24". 400
16 WAUGH, Samuel Bell, (American, 1814-1885): "Magdalene", O/C, 24" x 20", signed lower right, dated 1858. 950
16A PINE OR PUMPKIN WOOD MULE CHEST CA. 1820: Lift top chest over 2 drawers, bracket feet, 38" x 39 1/2". 600
17 AN OUTSTANDING VICTORIAN INK STAND AND LETTER RACK: Starting at the ribbon carved handle that attaches to the upstanding compartments, one of which has tools. Letter rack has carnelian decorations, two stamp wells with sliding covers and a grand crystal ink bottle with hinged top. Bottle is 5 1/2"h, stand is 13 1/2"h, 15 1/2"l. 750
17A LUNT STERLING FLATWARE IN THE "MADRIGAL" PATTERN: 28 piece service to include 6 each of dinner knives, dinner forks, salad forks, teaspoons, lemon fork, pierced serving spoon, meat fork, and jelly spoon. Sold in the two tier wooden box. 250
18 PARSONS, Charles R., ANA (American, 1821-1910): Coastal Village Inlet at low tide, probably a New England town (Gloucester?), W/C, sight size 13 1/4" x 17 1/4", signed lower right, dated 04. 600
18A PARSONS, Charles R., ANA (American, 1821-1910): Coastal shanty village with figures, W/C, sight size 11 1/2" x 21 1/4", signed lower left, dated 89. 800
19 CARVED IVORY GROUPING: Fisherman with 2 children, fitted into a brass lamp base. 5 1/2" h. Please note condition. 250
19A CARVED IVORY FISHERMAN: Carved from one piece of ivory, highly detailed from textured head scarf and robe to his sandals, signed, approx. 7 1/2"h. 750
19B AUSTRIAN COLD PAINTED BRONZE BIRDS: 1) Yellow bird, 3"h, 4 3/4"l. & 2)Turkey, 3 1/4"h, 4"h. 200
20 BREDIN, Rae Sloan, (American, 1881-1933): "Peonies & Jean", O/C, 14" x 12", SLL, signed and titled verso in pencil, encased in original period gilt frame. 75,000
20A BURNHAM-WILLETS, Anita, (American, 20th C): Flower Garden, W/C, 17" x 20 1/4", signed lower left, dated 1933. Est. $200/400** 600
21A 19TH C PATINATED SPELTER SCULPTURE OF A SEATED NUDE AFTER DELAROSH: 25"h., rests on a beveled marble plinth. 400
22 GREACEN, Nanette, NA, (American, 1908): Floral Still Life, O/CB, 12" x 7 1/2", signed lower right. 200
23A AN ORNATE CONTINENTAL VICTORIAN MARBLE TOP STAND: Round white marble recessed into 18 1/2" dia. frame. 29"h. 400
23C BEAUTIFUL NOUVEAU DIAMOND & 18K GOLD BAR PIN: Delicate filigree work of 18k yellow gold with seven bezel set diamonds graduating in size, approx. 1ctw. 750
24 JOINER, Harvey, (American, 1852-1932): Tree lined country path in early morning light, O/CB, 10" x 20", SLR, encased in period ebonized shadow box with gold gilt interior frame. 4,000
24A LASH, Lee, (American, 1864-1935): Plein aire landscape, O/CB, 12" x 16", SLR, encased in period gilt carved American Impressionist frame. 800
25 VICTORIAN LOCKSIDE CHEST: 6 drawers with burled walnut panels, panel sides. 52"h, 35"w. 550
26 BERMAN, Harry G., (American, 1900-1932): Pennsylvania Winter landscape, O/C, 16" x 20", SLR, dated 29. 1,750
27 LATE 18TH C DUTCH MARQUETRY GAME TABLE: Lobed top over conforming apron with one drawer. Raised on carved cabriole legs. Leather rimmed felt surface under flip top. 28 1/2"h, 30"x 30" surface when opened. 4,500
28 BRAUBACH, Ida, (German, 1830-1918): Portrait of Anna Maria Pattison, O/C, 27" x 21 1/2" oval, signed lower right, encased in decorative period oval deep dish floral motif gilt frame, included with sale of painting is additional information regarding Anna Maria Pattison provided by Donald E. Baylis, dated 1972. Includes the Pattison family tree and some of the history and genealogy. 350
28A 19TH C AMERICAN? PORTRAIT OF A YOUNG GIRL IN BLUE DRESS WITH INTRICATE FLOWER BASKET: O/C, 15" x 12", no visible signature, encased in period deep dish heavy gilt frame. 300
29 FRENCH DRESSING TABLE SCENT BOTTLE STAND: Jadeite bottles and pink opaque bowl on metal mounted marble base. An oval mirror adds to the charm. 8 1/2"h, x 9"w. Please note condition of one bottle. 300
29B MAHOGANY GATELEG DROP LEAF TABLE: 4'l, 68" when leaves are opened. 400
30 WILLIAMS, Fredrick Ballard, N.A. (American, 1871-1956): "September Romance", O/B, 12" x 16", SLL, encased in elaborate period gilt molding. 2,500
30A 19TH C AMERICAN SCHOOL FLORAL STILL LIFE: Depicts mixed flowers in a vase, O/C, no signature, 17" x 13". 300
31A FARNSWORTH, Jerry, ANA, (American, 1895-1983): Portrait of a young woman, O/C, 16" x 13", signed lower right. 100
31B FARNSWORTH, Jerry, ANA, (American, 1895-1983): Portrait of a young child, O/C, 16" x 13", signed upper left. 100
33 ZOGBAUM, Rufus Fairchild, (American, 1849-1925): Civil War Battle Illustration, O/C, 10" x 12", SLL, dated 85, relined canvas. 300
33A ICART, Louis, (French, 1888-1950): "Lilies", etching and dry point, sight size 28 1/2" x 19 1/2", signed lower right, Paris Windmill embossed mark lower left, copyright 1934 upper left margin. 2,100
34A INLAY MAHOGANY GATE LEG DINING TABLE: Drop leaves lift for an oval 71" table. Inlay to the apron and spade legs. 400
35 KITTINGER LIBRARY TABLE: 2 drawer writing table, 30 1/2" h x 62 1/2" x 27". Brass Kittinger label, stamped A101 on underside. 800
35A CARVED IVORY FOO DOG: Detailed carving of dog standing among the rocks. 7"h. excluding the fine carved wooden stand. 600
35C RARE FRENCH CARVED IVORY BILLIARD BALL: The ball was split and the interior of each half is carved in a highly detailed historic scene. Hinged and carved on the exterior. 1,500
35D CARVED IVORY SCENIC PANEL: Relief carved landscape of figure and wildlife under a prominent tree, signed, 6 1/2"l. Sold with custom wooden stand. 500
36 DABO, Leon, A.N.A., (American, 1870-1960): Mountain valley landscape, Pastel, 16" x 21 1/2", SLL, dated 13. 450
36A GILBERT, Isolde Therese, (American, 20th C): Modernist Southwestern? Landscape featuring a twisted juniper, O/Paper, 12" x 16", signed lower left, dated 1933. 200
37 WALNUT DROP-LEAF, GATE LEG TABLE: with long 24" leaves, turned legs. 48"l, opens to 71"l. 375
37A CARVED IVORY SAINT GEORGE AND THE DRAGON: Exquisite rendering of St. George slaying the dragon, 8 1/2"h. including wooden plinth. 1,400
37B 3 PIECE REED & BARTON TEA SERVICE: 2048, a very regal design with crown like design around the lid and embossed image of a knight's portrait on the body. Set includes teapot #5, teapot #6, and creamer. 300
38 WARSHAWSKY, Alexander (Xander), (American, 1887-1945): Portrait of artist Alfred Hayward, O/C, 21 1/2" x 18", signed and dedicated lower right, Paris 1925. 300
38A MODERNIST GLAZED TERRA COTTA BUST OF A NEGRO: 16" h., signed D. Clark, dated 64. 100
39A SHERATON STYLE MAHOGANY DESK: Featuring letter galleries at each end, leather top, bulls-eyes to the stiles and reeded legs. 30"h, 49 1/2" x 29 1/2". 400
40A MODERNIST BRONZE GROUPING OF MOTHER DANCING WITH CHILD: 8"h., no visible signature, brown, green and gold patina, rests on a sculpted wooden plinth. 150
41 PAIRPOINT DIRECTOIRE TABLE LAMP: Three arms support a reverse painted shade, 15 1/2" dia. The base has a triangular bottom on 3 scrolled feet with cut glass step supporting 3 candlestick type lights. The base is signed Pairpoint over P in a diamond E3011. 26"h. overall. 2,750
41A PAIRPOINT ROSES AND HUMMINGBIRD, REVERSE PAINTED, PUFFY SHADE TABLE LAMP: Two hummingbirds flying over border of blue, yellow and pink flowers. Shade is 13 3/4" dia, 7 1/4"h. Base is original worn gilt finish petal motif and bears the word Pairpoint, the diamond and C3066. 2 light pull chain, 22"h, overall. 6,000
42 SHERWOOD, William Anderson, (American, 1875-1951): "Brume Du Soir", O/C, 23 3/4" x 28 3/4", SLL, artist label affixed verso with title. 750
42A WILSON, Maude, (American, 19th/20th C): "A Ploughed Field", O/wood panel, 6" x 9", signed and titled verso with artist's address on Park Ave. This painting is an interesting impressionist/Barbizon style with very pleasing pallet and brush work, encased in original frame. 500
43A CARVED IVORY MECHANICAL LOTUS: Leaves open to a covered container (opium?). Bakelite base, 6"h. 1,000
43B JAPANESE CARVED IVORY GROUPINGS, High bidder's choice of 3: All pieces signed. Choose the man with basket and child, 3 Geishas or woman with mandolin. 300
43B JAPANESE CARVED IVORY GROUPINGS, High bidder's choice of 3: All pieces signed. Choose the man with basket and child, 3 Geishas or woman with mandolin. 150
44A HAYWARD, Alfred, (British, 1875-1971): "Rapids", W/C, 17 3/4" x 24", signed lower left. 150
44B HAYWARD, Alfred, (British, 1875-1971): River Landscape, W/C, 17 3/4" x 24", signed lower left. 150
44C HAYWARD, Alfred, (British, 1875-1971): "Morning", W/C, 17 3/4" x 24", signed lower left. 150
44D HAYWARD, Alfred, (British, 1875-1971): River Rapids, W/C, 17 3/4" x 24", signed lower right. 150
44E HAYWARD, Alfred, (British, 1875-1971): "Angry Water", W/C, 17 3/4" x 24", signed lower left. 150
45A 6 PIECE IVORY BAND: Fabulous detail. The conductor with outstretched arms, drummer, cymbal player and 3 horn blowers, each on a wooden base. Ivory figures are 6", with the bases 7 3/4". 4,000
45B IVORY 3 PIECE BAND: Finely detailed Viennese carvings of an accordion player, a flutist, and the conductor. Each on a wooden barrel. Each approx. 6"h. overall. 2,000
45C PERSIAN SEVEH CARPET: 6'9" X 3'5" 150
46 LATE 19TH C HUDSON RIVER SCHOOL LANDSCAPE OF TRAIL, FARM HOUSE AND FIGURE: O/C, 12" x 18", signed lower left C? Weber. 250
47 TAHITIAN PEARL NECKLACE: Amazing strand of 38 pearls, 37 of which are individually knotted, ranging in size from a giant 14.5mm graduating down to 9.5mm plus a 6mm on the 14k clasp. All of the pearls on this strand are very round with good luster and overall good skin quality. These stunning natural color pearls have colors ranging from black to a soft pastel grey, with overtones of pistachio green and platinum. Retail value $18250** 3,250
48 COON, Howard A., (American, 20th C): Gloucester dock scene, O/B, 26" x 21", signed lower right, dated 60. From artist's estate. 400
48A COON, Howard A., (American, 20th C): "Gloucester", O/B, 8" x 10", signed lower left, North Shore Arts Assoc. 4th Annual Exhibition label affixed verso with title and artist, another painting verso of winter scene. From artist's estate. 150
48B COON, Howard A., (American, 20th C): Two sided work, salt marsh with landscape with tree verso, O/Bs, 11" x 13", from artist's estate. 150
49 "GRANDE BAROQUE" STERLING SERVICE BY WALLACE: 48 pieces to include 8 each of 9" dinner knives, dinner forks, salad forks, teaspoons, soup spoons, and butter knives. 850
49A GEORG JENSEN STERLING COVERED DRESSER BOX: 145, 3" dia. Marked GI 925 S in doted oval, Georg Jensen in dotted oval, Denmark Sterling. Est. $150/200** 250
49B GEORG JENSEN STERLING COMPACT: Raised fish design, 3" oval, spring lock with mirror. Marked "Georg Jansen Inc. U.S.A. Sterling". 150
49C GEORG JENSEN STERLING "ACORN" CARVING FORK AND KNIFE: Knife is 10.5"l overall and marked with the older "Denmark Sterling GI". The 9" fork is marked Denmark Sterling and JG in square. 150
49D GEORG JENSEN STERLING "ACORN" SERVING FORK: The two tine fork is 9", marked "Sterling Denmark Georg Jensen". 250
49E GEORG JENSEN STERLING DISH: 355D with shell design handles, , 3" dia. Marked Dessin A superimposed with G. Georg Jensen in dotted oval, Denmark Sterling. Est. $150/200** 200
50 WILLIS, Joseph R., (American, 1876): "Hopi Village", O/B, 12" x 16", signed and titled lower right. Est. $700/900** 1,700
50B TOWLE "OLD COLONIAL" STERLING FLATWARE: 32 pieces to include, 6 dinner forks, 6 dinner knives, 8 salad forks, 8 teaspoons, butter knife, 3 small serving spoons. 450
51 PAIR OF CONTEMPORARY SILVERED BRONZE FIGURAL CENTERPIECES, High bidder's choice of 2: Winged angel, 26 1/2"h, or young child, 25"h. 350
51B PERSIAN KURD CARPET: 7'7" X 3'10" 200
52 SLATER, John Falconar, (British, 1857-1937): Country Landscape with young fisherman by a stream, O/C, 27" x 22", signed lower right. 450
52A 18TH C? PORTRAIT THOUGHT TO BE CHARLES STUART: O/C, 29 1/2" x 24" oval. 1,000
53A ETCHED GOLD CHOKER NECKLACE: Multiple links of diamond etched squares, marked C&C 14k, 6"dia. Est. $400/500** 500
53C PLATINUM AND DIAMOND RING: Approx. 1/2ct Euro cut center diamond in square setting raised above an etched ground set with diamonds, approx. 3/4ctw. Period diamonds set in correctly styled recast platinum. 750
54 COON, Howard A., (American, 20th C): Gloucester dockside scene at low tide, O/B, 16" x 20", landscape verso, from the artist's estate. 350
54A COON, Howard A., (American, 20th C): Gloucester dockside scene with boats, O/C, 12" x 14", signed lower right, signed verso and dated 52, from artist's estate. 200
54B COON, Howard A., (American, 20th C): "Bass Rocks", O/B, 18" x 27", signed and titled verso, from the artist's estate. 250
55A LATE 17TH/EARLY 18TH GILT WOOD CARVED PEDESTAL: Half bodied winged maidens support, fruit carved wide bordered plinth above a fluted pedestal with floral carvings and acanthus leaf decor to tri-legged base. 47"h. 750
57 COLOSSAL ORMOLU MOUNTED FRENCH BRACKET CLOCK: Highly grained quarter sawn oak case with superior gilt metal pierced foliate ormolu overall, not a spot missed, fulled bodied winged cherubic figures to clocks front and upper case, pineapple finals crest each corner, step pedestal base with conforming gilt metal mountings, 10 bell, 28 1/2"h x 13" x 16"!! 5,500
57A SET OF 6 CARVED FRENCH SIDE CHAIRS: Floral carving to the crests, green velvet seats and backs. 350
57B EARLY TIN LINED ICE BOX: Lift top, front door, paneled sides, 53" 49"h, 40"w. 350
57C ROYAL ALBERT TEA SERVICE IN THE "ENCHANTMENT" PATTERN: Teapot, creamer, sugar, 6 cups and saucers, and a pierced handle sweets dish. 110
58 CATTERMOLE, Charles, (British, 1832-1900): "The Order (Arrest of the Royalist by the Roundheads)", W/C, sight size 18 1/2" x 25 3/4". 3,000
58A DUDLEY, W., (English?, 19th C): Interior scene with children at play, O/C, 14" x 12", signed lower right, relined, encased in period gilt molding. 400
59A CARVED IVORY FIGURE: Beating a drum bowl with a mask at his feet. 5"h. 350
59B CARVED IVORY FIGURE: A monkey on his shoulders and dog at his feet, 6 1/2"h. 200
60 OPPENHEIMER, Joseph, (German/Canadian, 1876-1966): Portrait of Henry Pfungst, an Englishman and reportedly a former member of the board of trustees of the London Stock Exchange and renown art collector and philanthropist. Portrait depicts Pfungst examining an Oriental idol while smoking a cigar, O/C, 34" x 32 1/4", signed upper right, dedicated to Mr. Henry Pfungst, dated 1907. Please note some in-painting and patch work. 1,400
60A 19TH C ENAMELED PORCELAIN AND WOOD PEDESTAL: Stepped tapered wooden column set with a enameled 17" floral decorated sleeve under a 11" square plinth, overall 42 1/2"h. 800
61 WILDER, Andre', (French, 1871-1965): "Notre Dame in Paris in a Snow Storm", O/C, 26" x 36", signed lower left, dated 19, partial label with title affixed verso. Call for Condition 600
61A 19th C. SPELTER SCULPTURE OF A YOUNG ITALIAN WITH PAN FLUTE: Plaque titled "Corydon", 18 1/2". 150
62 TIFFANY STUDIOS ADJUSTABLE BELL LAMP WITH FAVRILLE SHADE: #613 twelve sided base. Signed Tiffany Studios 613. The Murano design gold wave decorated shade is signed "L.C.T.". The lamp has been rewired, socket not original. Please note chip on top rim. 18 1/2"h. overall, shade is 8" dia. 4,750
62A TIFFANY STUDIOS "PINE NEEDLE " INK WELL: On ball feet, with hinged lid and glass insert, green slag glass intact. Signed Tiffany Studios New York 8. 600
62B TIFFANY STERLING 5 PIECE DRESSER SET, Ca. 1907-1938: To include 2 brushes, comb, button hook and file. Stamped "Tiffany & Co. Makers Sterling". Monogrammed. 350
62D TIFFANY STUDIOS BRONZE BOOKENDS, "BUDDHIST": Impressed "Tiffany Studios Makers", 6"h. 350
63 O/C ILLUSTRATION OF YOUNG BATTLING MEXICAN WITH SWORD DRAWN AND KNIFE IN SOMBRERO: 30" x 21", monogrammed lower margin, bears the Frank A. Munsey Co label verso. 200
63A QUEZAL GOLD IRIDESCENT ART GLASS VASE: Tubular shape with ruffled top, acid etched Quezal signature, 7 3/4"h. Sold with decorative iron stand, 13 1/2" overall. 200
63B TIFFANY STUDIOS DORE BRONZE FRAME, 2013: Easel back, embossed decoration, 10 1/4" x 8 1/4". Back impressed "Tiffany Studios New York 2013". 650
63D CARTIER STERLING CANDELABRA: A pair of 3 light curved arm candle holders, 13 2/4"h. overall. Converts to pair of single candles, 9 1/2"h. 550
64A RUTHERFORD, Charles Adrian, (American, 20th C): Vertical still life of red and white grapes on the vine, O/C, 7" x 5", signed upper left. Attached verso is a two page typewritten review by the Corcoran Gallery of Fine Art commending Rutherford for being one of the few artists able to capture the light and beauty of grapes on the vine. 300
64B RUTHERFORD, Charles Adrian, (American, 20th C): Still life of red and white grapes in a basket with vine, O/C, 5" x 7", signed upper right. 300
65 RUTHERFORD, Charles Adrian, (American, 20th C): Still life of grapes in a basket, O/C, 16" x 30", signed upper right. 600
65B 9 PIECE LOUIS XV STYLE BURL WALNUT MARQUETRY DINING SET: Inlay TABLE with leaf expands to 83". Carved crests on the 6 CHAIRS with carved cabriole legs matching the tables, with seats and backs upholstered. 7' serpentine front marble top SIDEBOARD, and a serpentine front enclosed CHINA CABINET. 1,050
66 LEBOEUF & MILLIET FRENCH SOFT PAST PORCELAIN PLATTER, CA. 1841-1863: Hand painted monochromatic blue bird motif on black ground. Framed in ebonized and gilt wood molding. 13 1/2" x 19" overall. Please note professional restoration. 200
67 LARGE ROZENBURG PAINTING ON PORCELAIN: Depicts a young mother knitting in a chair with approaching toddler, approx. 25" x 32", monogrammed lower right JAN, Rozenburg Den Haag mark verso. The largest plaque of its kind that we have seen! 1,500
67A 19TH C EUROPEAN (RUSSIAN?POLISH?) GENRE SCENE OF SNOWBOUND TRAVELERS: With horse carts in a winter landscape, O/C, 10 1/2" x 15 1/2", illegibly SLR, gallery label affixed verso with title "Gypsy's Journey". 450
68A BRADLEY & HUBBARD BENT PANEL TABLE LAMP: 6 panels and filagree shade, base 432 B, 27"h, shade is 18 1/2" dia. 300
68D LIBERTY $5 GOLD COIN BRACELET: Three 2000 $5 gold pieces are set in scroll work mounts, separated by fleur-de-lys and Greek key links, floral motif to clasp with safety catch, marked "AE" and 14k, 7 1/2"l. 200
69 JAPANESE BRONZE PATINATED SCULPTURE OF A ROARING TIGER: 25 1/2"l., artist signature on belly. 700
69A UNUSUAL 40's/50's BRONZE PYRAMID BASE INDIAN? SCULPTURE: 38 1/4" in height, signed Walsh?; a real oddity, but quite possibly a hidden treasure. 150
70 CARVED OAK CASE GRANDFATHERS CLOCK: Weight driven clock in an arched carved case, claw feet. 83"h. 900
70A ORNATE INLAID LAP DESK WITH CUSTOM STAND: Mother of pearl inlay with incised carving and paint decoration on burled wood. Interior with ink bottles. Sold with later custom stand. 425
71A RAIMONDI, Roberto, (Italian, 19th C): Interior genre scene with cardinals, W/C, 20 1/4" x 29", signed lower right. 1,200
72A ITALIAN O/C OF YOUNG GYPSY GIRL, CIRCA 1940: "Sorrento Fisher Girl", 16" x 12", signed lower right Valloretti?, encased in period gilt frame. 100
73A GEORGIAN ROSE CUT DIAMOND PENDANT: Multitudes of mostly rose cut diamonds set in silver with 14k gold rear gallery, correct "screw" construction, approx. 2ctw of period cut diamonds, delicate diamond encrusted dove motif hinged pendant loop, approx. 2 1/2"l. and 1 1/4"w. overall. From an estate family of London jewelers. Circa early 1800's. 1,250
74 WENGENROTH, Stow, NA, (American, 1906-1978): "New York Nocturne", lithograph, image size with margins 12" x 20", pencil signed lower right, superior condition with minor sun damage, affixed label verso from Kennedy & Co Rare Prints New York. 6,000
74A BONE, David Muirhead, (Scottish, 1876-1953): "Somerset House", dry point etching, image size with margins 17 1/2" x 15 1/4", pencil signed lower right, titled far lower right margin, laid down, from the Campbell Dodgson Catalog #185 third state published 1905 per M. Knoedler & Co label affixed verso, no visible foxing, some light damage. 300
74D ROYAL ARCH DEGREES OF YORK RITE MASONRY PIN/MEDAL: At the top is a keystone (diamond) surrounded by symbolic Masonry letters, hanging from the chain is a triangle with the Triple Tau symbol of the Royal Arch. This is perhaps the most common emblem used in the branch. This jewel belonged to Geo. D. Totten, of the Normal Park 210 chapter and identifies him as one of the three men who lead a Royal Arch Chapter. The Hebrew characters from right to left are Yod He Vau He, the square with the jewels is meant to represent the breastplate that the Jewish High Priests wore. Assayed 14k gold. Approx. 5"l. x 2 1/2"w., in original case (as is condition). Great thanks to Stephen Defoe in describing this item. 300
75 PAIR OF HUGELY ORNATE COVERED GARDEN URNS: From home in Charleston S.C. Fiberglass, Ca. 1950's. 50"h. 400
75B LIMOGES FOR TIFFANY & CO CARROT PILL BOX: 6"l, note the rabbit figural clasp. Sold in the blue Tiffany box. 150
76 HUBER, Leon Charles, (French, 1858-1928): Still life with strawberries, pears, bottles of wine and a wedge of cheese, O/C, 19 1/2" x 25 1/2", signed lower left. 4,000
76A LEMAITRE, Maurice, (French, 1929): Coastal scene with figures and boats at low tide, O/C, 19" x 13", signed lower right. 500
76B UNIQUE DESIGNER EMERALD RING: 2.10ct apple green emerald in an unusual round brilliant cut set in 18k yellow gold and accented by approx. 3/4ctw of diamonds, trillion and round cut. Outside of shank marked with sunburst and tiny diamond, inside marked "18Kt CEI". 750
77 MULLER FRERES ART GLASS CHANDELIER: Inverted center dome shade with three hanging smaller squared shades, grape and foliate motif metal work, signed, approx. 38"h. x 25"dia. 1,600
77B GALLE' FRENCH CAMEO GLASS LAMP: Deep red cut to burnt orange. The base is a tree filled landscape, the domed shade (6.5" dia) is covered with butterflies. Each piece signed. 15.5"h. overall.** 8,500
78 WHISTLER, James Abbott McNeill, (American, 1834-1903): "Old Hungerford Bridge", dry point etching, image size with margins 7 3/4" x 10 13/4", impression size 5 3/8" x 8 3/8", signed in plate lower right, titled lower margin, M Knoedler & Co label affixed verso, Kennedy catalog #76 third state, one of the 16 etchings, per affixed label. 950
78A FITTONE, Hedley, (European, 20th C): View of late 19th C Paris from the banks of the river, Etching, sight size 15" x 15 3/4", signed in plate lower right, pencil signed lower left. 225
79 GORHAM STERLING TEAPOT: A9501/1, 1 1/4 pint. Ivory finial on classic urn shape teapot. Chased floral urn design. Approx. 17 oz. 11 1/2"h. Monogrammed letters on one side, 1919 on the other. 300
79A WHITING STERLING CARVING SET IN A LILY PATTERN: Hollow handle carving fork and knife. 150
79B CARTIER STERLING TRAYS: 6"l oval., sold with the Cartier box. Approx. 6.65 troy oz. 150
80 VEENFLIET, Richard, (American, 20th C): Illustrator quality landscape with Victorian home featuring a boy and his dog in the foreground, W/C, sight size 16 1/2" x 28 1/2", signed lower left. 125
80A VEENFLIET, Richard, (American, 20th C): Salt marsh scene with workers in a hay field by a river, W/C, sight size 15" x 23", signed lower right. 125
80B VEENFLIET, Richard, (American, 20th C): Military illustration with two US foot soldiers flanking the American flag as a shield and a bald eagle, W/C, sight size 13 3/4" x 19 3/4", signed lower left and dated 1920. 175
81 VICTORIAN PORCELAIN BUST: Richly dressed woman with feather plumes, 13 1/2"h., illegible incised markings. 250
81C VINTAGE 1920'S SLAG GLASS LAMP: 6 panels of caramel slag, antiqued gold metal base, 21"h, 14" dia. 350
82 BOHM, Max, N.A. (American, 1868-1923): Church interior with seated girl, standing girl and organ player, O/C, 36" x 10 3/4", signed lower left Maximilian Bohm, dated 1890, has been relined. 1,200
82B 1920's CARVED WALNUT FRENCH STYLE PARLOR TABLE: Shaped top over a carved apron, carved stretchers meet a at finial, 30"h, 32"w. 325
83 SERVES FRENCH PORCELAIN VASE: Mounted as a table lamp. Hand painted floral motif on fine Serves porcelain. Porcelain is 18 1/2"h. 200
83A HAND PAINTED DORE MOUNTED PORCELAIN URN: Artist signed Theo, 15"h. 250
83B ORMOLU FRENCH WALNUT CURIO: Ormolu frames the glass panels of the serpentine sides and bowed front. 54 1/2h.", 27 1/2"w. 300
84A FRIZESI, Lajos, (Hungarian, 20th C): Nude, O/C mounted on board, 24" x 20", signed lower right. 150
84B RECLINING NUDE, O/C, CIRCA 1945: 20" x 28", no visible signature, of exceptional quality. 300
85 STELLMACHER TEPLITZ ART NOUVEAU BUST: Long haired, scantily clad maiden with a full bodied bat in her hair. Hair and gauzy dress with a slight iridescence. Professional restoration, chip to back of bat wing, 23"h. Est. $1400/1600** 1,600
86 MOORE, Henry, (British, 1898-1986): "Sculptural Objects", Color Lithograph, 19 1/2" x 30", from an edition of 3000, pencil signed lower right and dated 49. 500
88B VOLKSTADT LACY PORCELAIN FIGURAL GROUPING: 3 ballerinas in lacy dresses, 6"h, 8"l. 200
88C MEISSEN CHARGER: Raised gold floral design centering hand painted flowers. Blue cross swords mark. 11 1/2" dia. 150
90 METTLACH STEIN 1143: PUG scene of well dressed men enjoying a toast. Hinged pewter lid. 1/2 liter, 8"h. Villeroy & Boch Mettlach mark, incised for shape 1909. 350
90A GABELLIERI, Alessandro G., (American, 1882-1961), attributed to: Huge, Carved Marble Sculpture of a Young Woman, in the Nouveau/Deco transitional manner, 19"h. Signed A. Gabellieri. Est. $1600/1800** 1,600
91 18TH C? OLD MASTER O/C of MOSES AND ANGELS BY FIRE: Relined and restored, 29" x 24", encased in 19th C gilt frame. 1,000
91A 19TH C OR EARLIER BULGARIAN RELIGIOUS ICON: Depicting Jesus, Vasily, Alexander, Katerina and others, O/wood panel, 14" x 12". 250
92 VICTORIAN CLOCK GARNITURE: Black slate clock case, open escapement, brass accouterments, in working order. 17"h x 19" 600
93 LESUR, Henry Victor, (French, 1863-1900): "The Flower Seller", O/B, 16" x 13", signed lower right. 5,500
93A BERNE-BELLECOUR, Jean Jacques, (French, 1874): French Sailor on the shore eating rations, O/wood panel, 14" x 10 1/2", signed lower left. Est. $1800/2400** 1,500
93B MAJOLICA GLAZE JARDINIERE AND PEDESTAL: Green to rose jardiniere, 19" dia. over a rose colored peacock decorated pedestal. 34 1/2" overall. 275
94B PERSIAN KASHAN CARPET: 9'5" X 6'7" 400
95 19th c. FRENCH CHURCH PAINTING WITH INSET CLOCK: 25" x 30" No visible signature. Clock keys in office. 400
98 TURN OF THE CENTURY ALABASTER NOUVEAU FIGURAL SCULPTURE OF A ITALIAN MAIDEN DANCING: 34"h., name tag affixed marked J. Perrin, Hors Concours, signed on base Perrin. 1,600
99 SPECTACULAR ONE OF A KIND FRENCH CARVED MAHOGANY 10 PC DINING SUITE: Comprising, massive stepback sideboard, banquet table with half moon removable ends and 8 masqueron carved dining chairs. All pieces carved with full bodied putti motifs, roaring heads of lions to sideboard over semi nude carytid columns, table supported by full bodied winged caryatids with exposed breasts, shaped cross stretcher with accentuated carved urn finial, maiden head masquerons to apron and scroll foliate carvings overall. Sideboard approx. 102"h. x 75"w. x 22"d. A master piece of the era, last quarter 19th C. 9,000
100B SUPERIOR REGENCY PERIOD PEDESTAL SIDEBOARD: Banded inlay shaped top over three drawer frieze with swell front center, tulip and satinwood foliate scroll inlay, lower tapered cabinet columns with marquetry inlay doors resting upon 8 original cast paw feet (note repatinization), 37 1/2"h. x 73"w. x 26 1/2"d. Sold with a very reasonable reserve*** 1,700
101 ROYAL VIENNA BOWL: Centering allegoric scene, 9 1/2" dia. Blue bee hive mark. 250
101A ROYAL VIENNA PORTRAIT PLATE: Cobalt border centering a raven haired woman, 9 3/4" dia. Blue bee hive mark. 175
102 WILLIAMS, Edward Charles?, (British, 1807-1881): Panoramic Landscape with church, cows, figures and town in distance, O/C, 24" x 36", monogrammed LL. This painting is possibly by the renowned English artist, in any case it certainly resembles his style and of the period. It is a wonderful example of English landscape painting. 375
102A 18TH C? DUTCH SCHOOL ITALIANATE IDYLLIC LANDSCAPE WITH RUINS, MAIDEN, BURRO, COWS AND SHEEP: 23 1/2" x 29", no visible signature, has been relined and restored. 2,750
103 SET OF 6 SALVADOR DALI TILES WITH BOOK: Hand stenciled by the Spanish firm Mikana in 1964, after original designs by Dali in Valencia 1953-54. 500
103A HAND PAINTED FRENCH LIMOGES PORCELAIN VASE: Rose motif, 13"h, Jean Pouyet, ca. 1891-1932. Est. $275/300** 400
103B HAND PAINTED BIRD MOTIF FRENCH LIMOGES PORCELAIN VASE: 11"h, Tresseman & Vogt, ca. 1892-1907. Est. $250/300** 300
104 19th C OLD MASTER STYLE O/C OF ARCHANGEL GABRIEL WITH LILY: 22 1/2" x 18", signed lower right E. Buccinelli, dated 1877. 350
104A 19TH C ITALIAN O/C PORTRAIT OF A HOODED WOMAN CLOSELY RESEMBLING THE VIRGIN MARY: 22" x 18", signed lower left E. Buccinelli, dated 1877. 350
105A 2 TIER BRASS TEA TROLLEY: Glass and brass with extra large wheels. 200
105B NEST OF 3 CHINOISERIE TABLES: Vintage decorator tables, original paint decoration on black ground. 125
106 ZIMMERMAN, Richard August, (German, 1820-1875): Alpine landscape with cows and sheep, O/C mounted on board, 10" x 12", signed lower left, encased in original period deep dish gilt frame, some damage to frame. Call for condition. 1,250
108 PECSENKE, Joe A, (Hungarian/American, 1942-1989): Steel Worker, Pastel, 60" x 40", encased in custom gilt carved gesso frame, pencil signed lower right JA Pecsenke, behind glass. 300
109 LARGE CHINESE EXPORT POLYCHROME CHARGER: Seal on back indicates mid 19th C., 17 3/4" dia. 200
109B ROSE MEDALLION PUNCH BOWL: 14 1/2" dia, stamped Made in China 350
109C CHINESE BRONZE CENSOR: Embossed bowl on long legs, dragon finial, 11 1/2"h. 125
110 LATE 19th C O/C LANDSCAPE AFTER INNESS: 14" x 20 1/4", signed lower right, encased in period Newcomb Macklin quality frame. 600
110A STRIPED MAHOGANY SLANT FRONT DESK: An unusual desk with ogee drawer over inward slanting lower drawers. Interior fitted with drawers and cubicles. 46"h. 42"w. 300
110B INTRICATE GOLD LINK BRACELET: "Crushed Byzantine" links, 7 1/2"l., marked "14k 585", with secure lobster clasp. Est. $225/275** 250
110C LADY'S SAPPHIRE AND DIAMOND RING: Square cut sapphires set in 9 domed sections in yellow gold surrounded by tiny round cut diamonds set in white gold on yellow gold band, marked 14k and with an S in a sunburst. Est. $300/375** 250
110E GOLD AND DIAMOND EARRINGS: 14k yellow gold hoop earrings set with approx. 1/2ctw of small round cut diamonds, marked 14k 175
111 FANCY MAHOGANY FIREPLACE MANTLE: Spiral twist columns flank a carved mantle, 68"w. Hearth opening is 34" x 41 1/2". 600
111B MARBLE BASE, CARVED GILT WOOD TORCHIERE: Full bosom nymphs and winged cherubs on a rouge marble base, 69"h. 125
112 IMPRESSIONIST O/B LAKE BASIN LANDSCAPE WITH MOUNTAINS IN THE DISTANCE: Hudson River? German?, 20" x 27 1/2", SLL illegibly, encased in original period carved gilt frame. 400
112A AMERICAN IMPRESSIONIST O/C AUTUMNAL TRAIL LANDSCAPE: Possibly Indiana, 9" x 12", encased in period pierce carved gilt gesso molding. 125
113A CARVED IVORY FIGURE OF A ONE ARMED HUNTER CARRYING A DEER ACROSS HIS BACK: Mounted on ivory base, 7 1/4" overall. Please note loss and condition. 700
113B EUROPEAN CARVED IVORY FIGURES, High bidder's choice of 2: One depicts a well suited man with top hat, the other is a "spirited" fellow with a toothache or hang over. Each mounted on a wooden stand, 6"h overall. 250
113E REALISTIC CARVED IVORY FIGURE OF A CRAB: Mounted on a carved wood stand, 3 1/2"w, 2"h. overall. 200
114 KPM ROYAL IVORY FINE CHINA DINNER SERVICE: Approx. 71 pieces to include 12 each of dinner plates, salad plates, soup bowls and bread plates, 10 dessert bowls, 6 cups and saucers, creamer, sugar, gravy, covered vegetable, open vegetable, and 2 platters. 300
114A MAHOGANY CHINESE CHIPPENDALE STYLE TABLE: Triple bamboo type post legs. 30"h, 50"w, 21"deep. 800
115C 18K ITALIAN GOLD MULTILINK BRACELET: Each link made of 8 rings of gold, 7 1/2"l., double safety clasps. 200
115D OPEN BYZANTINE LINK BRACELET: Byzantine links connected by double textured rings, yellow gold, marked "GC+" 14k, 7"l, large ring clasp. 120
115E SIMPLE LINK GOLD BRACELET: 7"l., marked "14k Italy Perma", with safety clasp. 130
116 ELEGANT RICHLY GRAINED MAHOGANY 12 PIECE DINING SUITE: Comprising, Hunt board, double door china, side board, banquet table with three leaves and 8 chairs with leather upholstery. All pieces with quarter columns carved with acanthus leaf decor and gadroon carved molded edges. Sideboard and hunt board with recessed panels having raised foliate scroll carvings and Corinthian molded crests to side columns, accentuated scroll work to drawer fronts, thick embossed leather seats and backs to chairs with armorial shields and spiral turned legs. Table 95"l. (with leaves) x 50"w., china curio 63 1/2"h. x 18"d. x 49"w., hunt board 58" x 51" x 20 1/2", side board 47 1/4" x 75" x 22 1/2". To be sold as a suite. Minimum opening bid $2500.00. 2,500
116A A CHARMING OAK CORNER CABINET: Diminutive in size but not character. 73"h, 30" wide across the front. 850
117 PAIR OF JAPANESE CLOISONNE INK BOTTLES: Mounted on a green onyx base/pen tray. 200
117A LADY'S LOVELY SAPPHIRE & DIAMOND RING: Marquise cut sapphires stepping down with baguette diamonds, approx. 1ctw of sapphires and 1/2ctw of diamonds set in 14k white gold. 250
118 BARRETT, William S., (American, 1854-1927): Coastal scene with crashing waves, W/C & gouache, sight size 6" x 7 1/2", monogrammed WSB in pencil lower right, affixed verso are exhibition labels from the Mary Meeker Crammer Museum, The Stoneleigh-Burnham School Benefit Exhibition and the Pierce Galleries label, exclusive agents for the WS Barrett estate, as well as an El Paso Museum of Art inscription. Barrett was widely known for his realist depiction of these scenes. 200
118A LEAVITT, John, (American, 20th C): Clipper ships near port, probably New England, W/C, 7" x 9 3/4", signed lower right. 200
119 12 STERLING GOBLETS BY INTERNATIONAL: Monogrammed, 6 1/2"h. Sold with silver plated serving tray. 450
119B 10 GORHAM STERLING PLATES: 6" dia. 200
120 MIES VAN DER ROHE BARCELONA LOUNGE CHAIR AND OTTOMAN: Brown leather, recovered by Knoll. 3,000
120A MIES VAN DER ROHE BARCELONA LOUNGE CHAIR AND OTTOMAN: Brown leather, recovered by Knoll. 3,000
120B MIES VAN DER ROHE PAVILION TABLE: Glass top table with steel base, 39"square. 700
120C 4 CLASSIC MARCEL LAJOS BREUER ARM CHAIRS: The most popular chairs of the 20th C. 600
121 PHILIP JOHNSON AND RICHARD KELLY FLOOR LAMP: Low lamp with conical metal shade. 42"h 6,000
121A PAIR OF 5 LIGHT PHILIP JOHNSON FLOOR LAMPS: Without shades, 5'h. 1,000
121B PHILIP JOHNSON CLUB CHAIR AND OTTOMAN: Re-upholstered in a white on white graphic fabric complimentary to the Knoll sofa. 450
121C KNOLL SOFA: Recovered in a white on white graphic fabric, 90"l. 500
121D PAIR OF MODERNE SIDE TABLES: Wood corkscrews float between the double layers of Lucite. Black iron frames. Some loose corkscrews. 450
123A CARVED IVORY FIGURE: Man with child on his back and teapot in his hand, 6"h. 125
123B CARVED AND COLORED IVORY FIGURE: Bearded man with sword on his back, red and black coloration, signed, 8"h. 150
124 18TH/19TH C? O/C OF MAN DINING: Possibly after Annibale Carracci, 27" x 32". 200
124A WAYLANDE GREGORY ART DECO CAST SCULPTURES, "BIRD IN FLIGHT": Matched pair. Ivory ground with bold gold stripes, signed on the base of each "Waylande Gregory" in gold script. 10 1/4"h. x 14 1/2"l. 100
124B MARBLE BOWL URN: 12" dia. bowl mounted on square base. 100
125 SWAROVSKI CRYSTAL PINEAPPLE: Hammered gold tone leaves, 4 1/2"h. Sold with faceted crystal paperweight. 110
127 PAIR OF PLANTATION CHAIRS: Partially reclined position, faux leather backs and seats. 250
127A ARTIST SIGNED CARVED NETSUKES, High bidder's choice of 6: Dog with toad, man with horse, yak, monkey with balls, foo dog with ball, lion with cub, lion with cub. 350
128 REMY, Jean, (French, 20th C): Impressionist Parisian Street Scene, O/C, 24" x 36", signed lower right Jean Remy. Florida estate find. 250
128A LOT OF TWO MEERSCHAUM PIPES: One wonderfully detailed depiction of Bacchus in custom case with "CAO" mark to stem, and the other is the head of a stern cavalier, yellow stem, note chip to base. 100
129 NORTH TONAWANDA CAROUSEL ORGAN: 36 notes, 9 tunes, 2 ranks of pipes. 42"h, 39"w., 22"deep. In good playing order with strong sound. 2,750
129A FRATI BARREL ORGAN: Beautiful marquetry inlay with cherubic and floral scroll motifs to the front and tulip and kingwood barber pole inlays to sides and back. 41 note, changeable single cylinder plays 8 tunes. 27"h, 25"w., 15.5"deep. In playing order. 3,500
129B J. KAMENIK BARREL ORGAN: From Czechoslovakia, 25 notes, plays 1 large cylinder. 17 1/2"h, 17 1/2"w., 8"deep. In good working order. 2,000
129C DUTCH PARLOR ORGAN: 37 note, 1 cylinder, 10 tunes, 3 ranks of pipes, butterflied crotch mahogany finish. Some evidence of prior termite damage to base. 1,250
129D AEOLEAN ORCHESTRELLE PLAYER ORGAN, CA. 1905: Fantastic finish to this highly ornate burled walnut case with pierced carved panels+, 58 note, plays rolls. Motorized and in good working order. 1,850
129E ORGAN GRINDER'S BARREL ORGAN: 6 tunes on one cylinder, leather strap on highly grained case, 11 1/2" x 16". More info to come...... 1,700
129F GERMAN PIPE ORGAN: 16 note, many modern paper rolls, 9 cm, circa 1983. Purchased price $4,200.00 1,750
129G CLARIONA REED ORGAN: 14 notes, 8" roll. Walnut case 13"h, open roll assembly. Reed pipe resonator device attaches over the roll once it is put in place. 200
129H McTAMMANY 14 NOTE ROLLER ORGAN: Table organ with 8" continuous roll strip, decorated walnut case. 325
129I ARISTON DISC ORGANETTE: 24 note, plays 13" disc, reed, black case 15" x 15" x 9", Weak bellows. Disk listed at lot 129t will now be sold as a separate lot. 500
129J TANZBAR PLAYER ACCORDION: 28 note, reed, square ebony finished case with decorative nickle trim. Conertina works manually, one end opens to reveal roll housing. Plays 4.25 wide paper rolls. 9" x 11" x 11" 650
129K THE GEM ROLLER ORGAN: G.W. Bates & Co. gold decorated black case with name boldly across the top. Cob exposed with valves on one side, bellows on the other, hand crank, 20 notes. Immediately following the sale of this lot we will sell lot 129u, 5 cobs for a Gem Roller Organ. 350
129L MUSICAL CASKET NO.2: 14 note, reed, 7 3/4" roll. Case is 10"h, 12 1/2"l. 350
129M MECHANICAL ORGANETTE CO. N.Y.: Reed, 14 note, 7 3/4" roll. 250
129O AUTOPHONE CO.: Hand squeeze, 26 note, 4 rolls. 100
129P ITALIAN/GERMAN? PIANO MELODICA: Complete with music card books and hand crank. Walnut case, floor standing string instrument. 37" x 44". 2,350
129Q FRENCH ORGANINA THIBOUVILLE: Cardbook operated cranked organette, 25 notes in black case. 1,500
129S PETER PAN CAMERAPHONE PHONOGRAPH: Camera case with leather horn, gooseneck tone arm, bellows horn in lid, circa 1924. 250
129V MECHANICAL ORGUINETTE COMPANY, Paper as a value, ORGANETTE: 14 notes similar to a style C, playing 7 3/4" rolls, walnut stencil decorated case, with one roll. 400
130 19TH C PORTRAIT OF A MIDDLE AGED WOMAN: Reportedly by Joseph Seymour Guy, O/C, 30" x 25", no visible signature, exceptionally executed. 200
130A SARTAIN, Emily, (American, 1841-1927): Impressionist portrait of a young girl, O/C, 20" x 16", no visible signature, marked verso Emily Sartain. 300
131 MOST ORNATE VENETIAN GOLD DECORATED CRYSTAL STEMWARE: 27 pieces to include 13 ice tea, 8 wine and 6 cordials. 1,000
132 W/C WINTER LANDSCAPE WITH STREAM AT SUNSET: 13 1/4" x 17", signed lower left W.L. Metcalf. We believe this to be after Metcalf and have found no auction or sales results of the artist painting W/C. Encased in Newcomb Macklin quality American impressionist gilt carved frame. 250
132A LOYSEN, Arthur, (American, 20th C): New England winter landscape with villages, O/B, 20" x 24", signed lower right. 400
133 CARVED IVORY JUNK WITH 3 FIGURES: 7 1/2"l, 9"h. overall. 150
133A CARVED IVORY BOX: Oval form with entire exterior covered in African animals, an elephant on the lid. 4" x 4". 225
134 ROUX, Paul, (French, 1840-1918): "Fountains La Nonnes?", W/C, 20 1/2" x 14 1/2" sight size, titled and signed lower left, French gallery label affixed verso. 400
135 EARLY 20TH C. OAK ROLL TOP DESK: S curve with paneled sides and back, 48"w. 400
135A ARTS AND CRAFTS OAK LIBRARY TABLE: Oval top, one drawer with book shelf built into each side. The rounded edges of the shelf mimic the rounded edges of the top. 29 1/2"h x 48"w. x 27 3/4". 225
137 SEVEN CARVED IVORY GEISHA FIGURES: Set of 6 of like quality, 3 1/2-4"h, the seventh is artist signed and on a larger scale, 4 1/2"h. 300
137B AMETHYST EARRINGS: Large oval amethysts set in 14k yellow gold, dangling from a half dot stud earring with unique La Pousette backs. Stones approx. 17mm x 13.5mm x 19mm, dangle approx. 1". 160
137C AMETHYST AND PEARL LAVALIER: Exquisitely lovely 14k yellow gold lavalier with three facet cut amethysts and pearl accents, 15" - 16"l. 150
137D LOT OF ESTATE VICTORIAN JEWELRY: To include, 14k gold flower pin centered by pearl, 14k gold star burst set with seed pearls, 14k gold bar pin set with tiny pearls and blue stone, small enamel disc pendant, 10k gold amethyst ring, 14k gold watch chain with pearls and a cameo and mesh link bracelet marked E.F. Comstock. Wonderful items sold as a lot. 150
139 19TH C FLAME GRAINED MAHOGANY PULPIT: Single pedestal base, velvet padded, 36" x 47. 225
139C LOUIS XVI STYLE GAZING MIRROR: Gilt gesso and paint finish, 20" x 11" overall. 175
140 STEVENGRAPH SILK WOVEN PICTURES, High bidder's choice of 2: Both framed and matted. "Dick Turpin's last ride on his Bonnie Black Bess" with Stevengraph label on back, or "The Good Old Days", also with label on back. 100
140A CARVED IVORY FIGURES, High bidder's choice of 4: Man with snake and child, a scholar, a man with pitchfork and a man in bamboo decorated robe, each approx. 5"h. 120
141 ROYAL BAYREUTH DEVIL AND CARDS MATCH HOLDER: With striker, 5"h, 4"w. Blue Bayreuth mark. 175
141A SPLENDID EUROPEAN DESIGNER AMETHYST RING: Reminiscent of that renowned Italian designer Bvlgari, this lovely ring is centered by an amazing carved amethyst in a three dimensional fan motif, bound by diamonds in white gold and two bezel set emeralds, with more amethyst to the sides inset in a heart shape frame, the quality of the work reinforced by the presence of the grill backing, stamped 18k. Est. $400/600** 300
141C LAPIS LAZULI LION RING: Oval cabochon of lapis bezel set in a ring of gold beads and held aloft by a lion on each side. Crete inspired design, from the Boston Museum of Art, marked MFA 14k 585. Est. $300/400** 300
141D VICTORIAN STYLE GARNET RING: Filigree top edged in small round garnets and centered in larger oval garnet, filigree work to shoulders of band, marked 14kp. Est. $150/200** 200
142 PAIR OF 19TH C? COLORED SCIENTIFIC ENGRAVINGS: One depicting several instruments for constructional engineering, the other with armillary sphere, 15 1/2" x 11" impression size each, Latin inscriptions. 100
143 SMITH METAL ARTS/ SILVER CREST DESK SET, CA. PRE 1930: 7 piece set in the peacock design 2242. Includes the letter holder, calendar frame, pen tray, ink well, rocker blotter, desk blotter and ends, and letter opener. Impressed circular mark. 250
143C FRANKART SAILOR BOY BOOKENDS: Figure of little boy in sailor outfit and sail boat under his arm. Stepped base, original finish with some paint loss, approx. 7"h. Raised letters "Frankart Inc." 150
144 LOT OF THREE JAPANESE W/C SILK OF KOI : Two with image size 19" x 19", one with image size 12 1/2" x 16" and sold with two W/C on silk of butterflies, sight size 6 3/4" x 8 1/2". 150
145 A LARGE ANTIQUE PORCELAIN DOLL: Beautiful porcelain face, brown sleepy eyes, brown natural wig, open mouth wit teeth, composition fully jointed body. Marked on the back of head "AW W". Always referred to as Althea by the family. 34" tall. Please note part of face has been professionally restored. 600
145B STEIFF BEAR ON WHEELS: Soft furry bear on rubber rimmed steel wheels. Hand hold bar intact. 18"h, 22"l. 300
147 VICTORIAN BURLED WALNUT, MARBLE TOP WASHSTAND: White marble top and backsplash, 32"w. Est. 325/400** 275
149 EASTLAKE VICTORIAN PHOTOGRAPHER SETTEE: Spiral carved frame with William Morris style fabric, 35"w. 125
149A KONGO FINE JAPANESE CHINA SERVICE: 79 piece service for 12 to include 12 each of dinner, salad and bread plates, soup and dessert bowls, cups and saucers, 2 platters, gravy, creamer, sugar, covered vegetable, and open vegetable. Hand painted floral design. 200
151 FINE MAHOGANY 4 DRAWER CHEST AND MIRROR: Bowed front chest with ornate hardware, bracket feet, 32 1/2'h, x 46"w. Mirror has carved gilt flaming urn pediment and hangs separately on wall. 250
153A LARGE LOT OF ROSARIES: In several sizes with assorted beading, sold with other religious metals. Sold as a lot. 125
153B MARVELOUS CORO HINGED BANGLE: Floral motif with enameling, rhinestones and large red and green stones, with safety chain. 225
153C LOT OF STERLING JEWELRY: To include, Mexican and Native American creations, by makers such as Kirk, Snow Bird, and more. Turquoise, mother of pearl, onyx, coral, ect. Rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces sold as a lot. 175
154A MAHOGANY BREAKFRONT SECRETARY, ca. 1930's: Glass front upper cabinet over secretary base. Key locking with keys included. 76"h, 50"w, and a mere 13 1/2" deep. 300
155 LARGE ARROW HEAD, FOSSIL & ROCK COLLECTION: A rock hound and arrowhead hunters dream. Collected from all over the United States. To include, shark teeth, other teeth, arrowheads, spearheads, rubbing rocks, bones, fossils, etc. Some mounted in locking display case, plus many tin cigarette boxes full. Sold as a lot. 700
156 ROYAL WINTON GRIMWADES "ROYALTY" CHINTZ, SET OF 6 PLATES: Ascot shape, 8 1/2". This is the old Royal Winton. 200
156B ROYAL WINTON GRIMWADES "ROYALTY" CHINTZ: Ascot base covered butter dish, creamer, open sugar, and the lid to a teapot. Sold with 4"Summertime" salt and pepper on tray. (Tray has been repaired) 175
158 OLD McELROY INFANTRY SWORD AND SCABBARD: Curved blade is signed McElroy Macon Ga. The grip has worn leather with wire wrap. 33"blade, 38" overall. Hand inscribed Lt W.H. Co.A. 200
159 LOWE, Marvin, (American, 20th C): "Night", mezzotint, 36" x 24", signed lower right, titled lower left, #3/30. Est. $150/250** 125
160B LARGE LOT OF WATCHES: To include, Hamilton, Piaet, Orion, Seiko, Guess, Timex, zodiac, Lucian Picard, Elgin..... several are chronograph, dress, sport and casual to choose from. Sold as a lot. 100
161A LOT OF MOSTLY MEN'S, COSTUME JEWELRY: To include, tie tacks, cuff links, tie bars, US Navy belt buckle, "Rolex" dress watch, several sets of matching cuff links and tie clips, some by Hickok and Swank. Also, assorted rings and earrings. Sold as a lot. 200
161C LOT OF COSTUME JEWELRY: To include, colored and clear rhinestones, faux turquoise bracelets, earrings & necklace, English porcelain, enamel work, Swank cufflinks, rings, pins and more. Sold as a lot. 125
163A FRAMED, BEADED & SEQUIN THAI TAPESTRY OF A BURRO: 14 1/2" x 14 1/2", possibly 19th but probably early 20th C. 100
165C R.S. PRUSSIA CHOCOLATE POT: Ribbed shape with rose decor, pearly satin finish. 9 1/2"h, signed. 115
167 PARTIAL MAMMOTH TUSK: 13.5 lbs, 2 1/2" dia, 13 1/2"l. 425
167B INTRICATELY CARVED IVORY TUSK: Intertwined Dragons prevail in deep relief carved tusk, 12"h. 200
167C CARVED TUSK: Carved in relief on a single tusk, an alligator, snake and a crane. 10"h. 125
167D SET OF 3 IVORY BILLIARD BALLS: 2 cue balls and a red ball. 175
168 PAIR OF RETICULATED CAPO-DI-MONTE TABLE LAMPS: with tulip shaped shades, 33"h. 150
170A FLORAL COBALT DECORATED STONEWARE CROCK: Applied handles, 11"h, 8 1/2" dia. 150
171A TRAY LOT OF INTERNATIONAL COSTUME JEWELRY: To include, enameled sterling from Norway, Siam sterling dancers, Mexican sterling pin by Sosa, Egyptian scarab motif bracelets, carved ivory and mother of pearl, service pins, stick pins, soft shell cameo, and much much more. Sold as a lot. 150
173 IVORY MEDALLION BELT: 16 round medallions carved in either a dragon or primate motif. 24"l. 600
173A CARVED IVORY PORTRAIT PENDANT: Mounted in a rose repousse metal frame, 2 1/8"h. overall. 250
173B IVORY PENDANT: Carved in an intricate Venetian court scene, 4" oval. 350
173C IVORY SKULL BEADS: Approx. 81 skulls in graduating size, 44"l. 225
174 3 LIGHT GILT METAL CHERUBIC SCONCE: Cherub among rose vines, electric with glass candle shaped shades. 20"h. excluding shades, 29"w. 200
174A SET OF 4 ROSEWOOD ANGLO-INDIAN CHAIRS: 1 arm, 3 side chairs, caned seats, splat back. 100
175 NORITAKE CHINA "SPRING BLOSSOMS": 44 pieces of pattern #5046, to include, 7 dinner plates, 6 salad plates, 7 bread plates, 8 soup bowls, 6 monkey dishes, 4 cups & saucers, 2 platters, oval vegetable bowl, round vegetable bowl, gravy boat, cream and sugar. Please note some hidden chips. 125
177 LOT OF 2 SWORDS: One is marked Shebel & Fisher with a painted red grip, the other is N.P. Ames with a heavy brass grip decorated with an eagle. 350
179 LARGE HAND PAINTED FRENCH LIMOGES VASE: Chrysanthemums on soft green ground, scrolled gilt handles. Coiffe, ca. 1891-1914. 15 1/2"h. Please note repair to handle. 200
180 VICTORIAN WEIGHTED HANGING FLUID LAMP: Ornate metal frame has full bodied swinging maiden with cherubs, brass font, hand painted glass shade, dripping with prisms. 40"h 600
185A TRAY LOT OF ESTATE COSTUME JEWELRY: To include, vintage to contemporary designer pieces. Whiting and Davis, Monet, Mazar sterling, class rings, snake bracelets, two small enameled jewelry boxes, Ivana, and much more. Sold as a lot. 125
189A 19TH C GRAPHITE AND W/C PORTRAIT OF A YOUNG GIRL WITH FLORAL WREATH IN HER HAIR: Sight size 15 1/2" x 11 3/4", pencil signed lower right Thomas H. Terry, dated 1877. 150

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