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Saturday, January 24, 2004

Fine Art Only results

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Sale Price
4 Click for larger picture LINNELL, John, ? (British, 1792-1882): ''Skiddaw, from near Clifton, Cumberland 1849'', W/C glued to cardboard backing, 4 1/4'' x 5 1/2'', 7 1/2'' x 8 3/4'' with cardboard, pencil marked on cardboard ''The Rising Storm'', J Linnell in pencil lower right corner. Came with an early label with catalog information, title & artist. 275
6 Click for larger picture SERRI, Alfredo, (Italian, 1890-1972): Trompe l'oeil, O/Masonite, 6'' x 11 3/4'', signed lower left, encased in original molding. 450
8 Click for larger picture COUDRAY, Lucien, (French, 1864-1932): ''Orpheus'', Bronze medal, struck for the Exhibition Universelle of 1900, 2 3/4''dia. 100
10 Click for larger picture McRICKARD, James P., (American, 1872-): Pennsylvania landscape, O/C, 20'' x 24'', signed lower left, monogrammed lower right, old label attached verso with title and artist, overall with frame 24 3/4'' x 28 1/2''. 350
10A Click for larger picture McRICKARD, James P., (American, 1872-): Pair of landscapes, one an O/canvas board, the other an O/Masonite, both 8'' x 10'' and signed in pencil on back. Condition - O/CB has minor lifting of paint in right margin. 225
12 Click for larger picture FITZGERALD, John Austen (Anster) (att.), (British, 1819-1906): Set of five O/Bs, fairy scenes/images derived from ''A Midsummer's Night Dream''. 1)Image of a ghost like kneeling female fairy-ish figure with hands clasped in a forest setting, no visible monogram, date or signature, some craquelure in body. 2)Scene with reclining figure by stream with hound and six fairies, 4 1/4'' x 5 7/8'', no visible monogram or signature. Some unstable paint in right margin and lower left corner with pin point specks of paint loss in those areas. 3)Depicts a kneeling female figure holding a flower blossom with seated male figure petting hound and a fairy standing atop a toad, 4 1/4'' x 9 1/4''. 4)Reclining semi-nude female next to a stream with fairies/apparitions, 4 1/4'' x 6'', no visible signature or monogram. Some speckling of paint loss in upper margin and lower margin. 5)Fairy like figure emanating from a flower blossom, with stream and forest in background, 4 1/2'' x 2 1/4''. All works matted and encased in one period 19th C frame bearing the George Bassett, Leicester Square, London label verso. Overall 9 1/2'' x 32 1/2''. Est. $6000/8000** 150000
12A Click for larger picture HIGHAM, Bernard, (British?, -1919): ''To a Higher Plane'', illustration depicting a butterfly winged nude maiden caught in a web, W/C on board, 29'' x 29 1/4, overall with frame 33 1/4'' x 24 1/2'', signed lower left, dated 1917, signed and titled verso along with the artist's address in Surrey, encased in a gilded gesso frame with some damage to the corners. Condition - Painting has several minor pinpoint scuff marks. Higham was an illustrator for several renown British authors in the late 19th and early 20th C. 5000
14 Click for larger picture RAMPAZO, Luciano, (French, 1936-): ''Gondola To St. Marks'', O/C, 9'' x 12'', (16'' x 19'' w/frame), SLL, from Merrill Chase, encased in high quality contemporary gold gilt frame. Condition - Small tear in upper margin. 500
18 Click for larger picture HARE, John C., (American, 20th C): Dutch canal scene, W/C, 21 3/4'' x 28'', signed lower right, -large stain in center, encased in 30's gilded impressionist frame with some wear, overall 25 1/2'' x 32''. 150
18A Click for larger picture GAERTNER, Carl Frederick, (American, 1898-1952): Winter country landscape with houses, Gouache, 15'' x 21'', signed lower right, dated 1953, overall with frame 20'' x 26''. 600
20 Click for larger picture SINGER, Susi, (Austrian, 20th C): Figural sculpture of a young woman holding a bird, ceramic, 13 1/2'', signed on base with old label on bottom. Some firing flaws/cracks visible when looking up through the piece from the bottom. 750
25A Click for larger picture MARIANO, F., (European, 20th C): ''La Robe de Tulle'', Pastel, 12 1/2'' x 9'' sight size, signed lower right, overall with frame 19'' x 14 3/4'', label affixed verso with artist and title, Haley & Steele Art Dealers label affixed verso as well. 400
28 Click for larger picture BENNETT, Alfred, (British, 1861-1916): ''North Dramore? Down Ireland'', Landscape, O/C, signed lower right, dated, titled and signed verso, 14'' x 21'', overall with frame 20'' x 27''. Condition - Some small portion of unstable paint in cloud upper margin. 1000
30 Click for larger picture COPPEDGE, Fern Isabel, (American, 1883-1951): ''Beside the River'', believed to depict Lambertville across the Delaware River, winter scene, O/C, 20'' x 24'', signed lower left, bears a John Wannamaker framer label verso. The consignor's mother, Louanna Jaeger was a neighbor of Coppedge and this painting was purchased directly from artist. Condition - In pristine condition. 105000
30A Click for larger picture ROLLINS, Nana Bickford, (American, 20th C): Winter village scene with figures, horse drawn sleighs and church, Gouache, 13 3/4'' x 17 1/2'' sight size, signed lower right, 22 1/2'' x 26 1/2'' with frame. 425
32 Click for larger picture LUCAS, Wilhelm, (German, 1884-1918): Lubeck from the river, O/C, 29 1/2'' x 21 1/2'', signed lower right. Condition - Small depression in upper left corner, needs cleaning. 800
32A Click for larger picture TSCHECH, Will, (German, 1891): Impressionist restaurant scene with waiter and patrons, O/C, 22'' x 18 3/4'', signed lower right, dated 1913. Condition - This painting has several small punctures, will need cleaning, re-stretching, and a possible reline. example of early 20th C impressionist genre painting. 1300
34 Click for larger picture PRIMITIVE ARCTIC WHALING EXPEDITION, O/C: 19th or possible late 18th C, 11 1/2'' x 15 1/2'', scene depicts giant sperm whale and figures in a boat with larger ships and icebergs in the background, American flag flying with 13 stars, signed lower left illegibly Oliver **. Condition - Needs cleaning, paint flaking in lower right and left margins, several spots of loose paint throughout, craquelure throughout. An exceptional piece of American history. 6500
36 Click for larger picture PIOT, Adolphe Etienne, (French, 1850-1910): Young peasant girl seated on a large stone in a forest clearing, O/C, 46'' x 30 1/4'', signed lower right, dated 1870?, encased in gilded molding, not of the period, overall measurements with frame 52'' x 36''. Condition - This painting has been re-lined with some spots of in-painting bordering the girl, and several darker areas visible upon black lighting, possibly inpaint in lower dress, difficult to tell as a result of the old varnish, will require a new lining, cleaning and probably some minor inpaint to make perfect, several small chips of paint loss in the lower left margin. Museum/Investment Quality. Call for any clarification on condition. 35000
38 Click for larger picture SWEET, Charles A., (American, 20th C): Autumnal wooded lakeside scene, O/C, 24'' x 30'', signed lower right Sweet, circa 1930, overall with frame 28'' x 34''. Condition - Needs cleaning, small dime size puncture in lower right quadrant. 200
38A Click for larger picture SWEET, Charles A., (American, 20th C): Impressionist lakeside landscape, O/C, 24'' x 30'', signed lower left Charles A Sweet, overall with frame 28'' x 34'', circa 1930. 200
40A Click for larger picture DRAKE, Ruth, (American, 20th C): Reclining Nude, O/Canvas Board, 20'' x 24'', signed lower right, overall with frame 26'' x 30''. 250
44 Click for larger picture 19TH C AMERICAN? WINTER LANDSCAPE WITH FIGURES: O/C, 22'' x 36'', re-enforced signature lower right E Tyler, newer frame, overall 25'' x 39''. Condition - Extensive restoration including reline, in-paint in roughly 15 to 20% of painting to include sky and areas in landscape. 375
46 Click for larger picture PASKELL, William Fredrick, (American, 1866-1951): ''Fisherman's Haven, Rockport, Mass'', O/C, 20'' x 25'', signed lower left, titled in pencil verso, marked ''Shown at Grand Art Studios New York'', encased in period gilded frame. 1000
46A Click for larger picture KAMP, Louise M., (American, 1867-1959): Autumnal landscape, O/Cardboard, 8'' x 10'', signed lower left, encased in contemporary Mexican frame, overall 16'' x 18''. Condition - Several creases in cardboard with minimal paint loss along one crease in the lower margin. 375
50 Click for larger picture ELKINS, Henry Arthur, (American, 1847-1884): Western landscape, O/C, 20'' x 30'', signed lower right, encased in period over painted gilt molding. Condition - Heavy craquelure throughout, no visible inpaint, has been strip lined. 3200

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