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Sunday, January 22, 2006

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Fine Art Only Auction Results

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Sale Price
401 Click for larger picture SILVIO SOPRANI ACCORDION: In good working order. Sold with the case. Overall case size is 21'' x 18'' x 9''. 160
402 Click for larger picture ITALIAN MOTHER OF PEARL INLAY 8 STRING MANDOLIN: Puglisi, Reale, and Figli label and stamped brand. Inlaid butterfly design, ivory keys, striped inlay body. Approx. 23'' long. Sold with the soft carry case. 175
405 Click for larger picture JAPANESE BRONZE TIGER: Original patina, signed in characters, 8 3/4'' h. x 19'' l. 470
406 Click for larger picture 100 SHARE TUCKER STOCK: 8'' x 12'', dated August 31, 1948. 200
408 Click for larger picture LOT OF FOUR LADY'S RINGS: To include, 18k white gold filigree ring set with a rhombus of frosted etched glass? or crystal centered with a small rhombus set with tiny diamond, size 4.5, 2.6 grams. 14k yellow gold open work set with marquise cut garnet, size 7, 3.9 grams. 14k yellow gold flower motif centered with a round amethyst?, size 5, 6.5 grams. And a 10k ring set with alternating green and black glass?, size 7.25, 4 grams. Sold as a lot. 375
409 Click for larger picture LOT OF THREE MEN'S RINGS: To include, Nugget motif of 14KP set with five tiny diamonds, size 8.75, 5.8 grams. Onyx and diamond set in yellow gold marked 18k, size 8.25, 4.3 grams, small chip to side of onyx. 10k brushed yellow gold ring with tiny diamond accents to sides in white gold, centered with a large cat eye synthetic stone of black, size 10, 5.3 grams. Sold as a lot. 200
410 Click for larger picture LOT OF THREE LADY'S RINGS: To include, 18k filigree band set with seven tiny rubies, size 4.75, 3.1 grams. Sapphire and diamond Princess Di style, 14k marked Tru Glo, size 4, 2.8 grams. Ruby and diamond bypass ring of 14k yellow gold, size 6.5, 3.1 grams. Sold as a lot. 250
411 Click for larger picture LOT OF FOUR LADY'S RINGS: To include, 7.5mm pearl and ruby flower ring of 14k, size 5, 7.2 grams. Platinum band with 8 tiny diamonds, size 6.5, 2 grams. 18k aquamarine? and diamond filigree ring, wear to stone surface, size 4.25, 2.4 grams. And an 18k yellow gold amethyst ring, with worn etching to the side and wear to the top of stone, size 9, 5.9 grams. Sold as a lot. 500
412 Click for larger picture 3 MYSTERY PAINTINGS, SIGNED N.Y.C., 1966: Italian? dockside scenes (2), and 2 figures fishing, O/C's, all approximately 9'' x 12'' (12'' x 9''), contemporary gold frames, signed illegibly. 100
413 Click for larger picture HAND WOVEN KILIM RUG, APPROX. 4' X 11' 150
415 Click for larger picture ORIENTAL PORCELAIN PALACE VASE: Polychrome genre scenes, approx. 56''h. 250
416 Click for larger picture 2 PIECE CARVED IVORY INDIAN DEITY: 1) Goddess with flute, 8''h plus a 2'' base. 2) Relief and pierce carved panel, 10 1/4''h., fits into a 4'' base. 225
417 Click for larger picture CARVED IVORY BUST OF EMPRESS: Carved from one tusk, signed on the underside. Filigree crown over delicate facial features. Rests on carved wood ''shoulders''. Ivory is 7 1/2''h., the shoulders are an additional 2 1/4''. 650
418 Click for larger picture CHINESE CARVED IVORY FIGURE: Woman musician with a quan, carved from a tusk . 9''h, on a carved 1 1/2'' base. 170
419 Click for larger picture CARVED IVORY MUSICIAN FIGURE: Beautiful woman with fan and moon lute. The figure is 8''h. The glass case is 11''h and rests on a carved wood base. 275
421 Click for larger picture BLACK STARR & GORHAM SILVER PLATED BOX BY SCIARROTTA: The lid is set with a hand painted porcelain tile signed Cote'. Hinged lid, ball feet, wood lined interior. 1 1/2''h. x 7'' x 4''. Alfred Sciarrotta, mid century era Italian born silversmith of Newport Rhode Island. 110
422 Click for larger picture ASSORTED ESTATE STERLING ITEMS: Includes a pair of unweighted Georg Jensen candlesticks K102, 4''h., 8 troy oz. together; spiral base single candlestick marked with a star and a teapot?, possibly Spanish, 6 1/2'', 3.26 troy oz.; Gorham embossed tray, marked 816, dated 1949, 5 1/2''dia., 3 troy oz.; relish fork with mark from Denmark, maker Horsens Solvvarefabrik/W. & S. Sorensen - Horsens 1904 - ?, 6 1/2'', 1 troy oz.; bombe box with hinged lid, marked on bottom Kofmehl-Steiger Zurich 0.900, raised on four scrolling feet, 6'' x 5'' x 6''; M. Fred Hirsch Co. of Jersey City, New Jersey oval tray marked MFH 619, 9'' x 6'', 4.7 troy oz.; adorable cream and lidded sugar, raised on four feet, marked with an F in a shield, approx. 3'', 9 troy oz. total. Sold as a lot. 450
423 Click for larger picture 3 STERLING SERVING PIECES: No makers marks but wonderful floral repousse patterns, pieces include an asparagus fork 9 1/2'' in a mum pattern (center in image), a casserole shell 8 3/4'', and a pierced serving fork 9'' in a matching rose pattern. All marked Sterling. Sold as a lot. 250
424 Click for larger picture 1835 SHEFFIELD STERLING BUTTER & PRESERVES SET: Master butter knife, 6 1/8'' and jam spoon with gold wash bowl, 5 7/8''. Floral etched pattern to both. Maker mark C.W.F. Velvet and satin lined red leather presentation box. 150
425 Click for larger picture TIFFANY STERLING MEASURE BY LUNT: 4 1/2''h., approx. 246 grams or 7.9 oz., no monogram. 110
426 Click for larger picture PAIR OF CONTEMPORARY STAINED GLASS PANELS: Each 44 3/4'' x 35'', aluminum framing. 325
428 Click for larger picture 1930'S FRENCH STYLE CARVED WALNUT SOFA: Gracefully carved and shaped frame with cabriole legs, recently upholstered in a cheery pineapple print. 300
429 Click for larger picture TWO 1930's CARVED FRENCH STYLE PARLOR CHAIRS: The taller chair carved with maiden head masquerons, the more petite chair carved with lovebirds button and tufted backs, cabriole legs. 600
430 Click for larger picture PERUVIAN? MADONNA & CHILD PAINTING: O/C, 9 3/4'' x 7 3/4'', unsigned, gilt frame with wear, 12 1/2'' x 10 1/2'', age unknown. 125
433 Click for larger picture TURQUOISE SQUASH BLOSSOM & BRACELET: Silver necklace with 3'' naja set with 8 turquoise stones, 12 graduated blossoms up the double bead chain, 26''. Sold with cuff bracelet with large oval top set with four turquoise, opening approx. 2 1/2'' x 1 3/4''. 275
434 Click for larger picture SPERM WHALE TOOTH: 5 1/2''l. 260 grams (approx. 8.35 oz). 200
435 Click for larger picture UNPOLISHED RAW SPERM WHALE TOOTH: 5''l, 336 grams (approx. 10 oz.). 250
436 Click for larger picture SCRIMSHAW OF KENNEDY ON WHALES TOOTH: Inscription on front ivory plaque ''Ask not what your country can do for you ask what you can do for your country'', the back ivory plaque is inscribed by the artist John F. Gracias. Age crack in the front. 4 1/2''h. the wooden base is 1''h, 6''l. 300
437 Click for larger picture 3 IVORY SCRIMSHAW: 1) Signed Yuret Shau, a 4 1/2''l. tooth with curl horn rams 2) a 3'' tooth with scene of a whale hunt 3) a 2 1/2'' piece with tall ship scene. 200
438 Click for larger picture 3 PIECE WHALE TOOTH GROUP: 1) a 5 1/2'' long tooth 2) a tooth carved as an eagle with red stone eyes, mounted as a letter opener 3) a small tooth carved as a penguin, 2 3/4''l. 100
439 Click for larger picture BRASS TALL SHIP FIGURAL FIRE PLACE TOOLS AND SCREEN: The fire screen is 20''h., 18''l. at the base. The tool stand with 4 tools is 46''h. Age unknown. 350
440 Click for larger picture LARGE HORSE RACE PAINTING SIGNED: O/C, 24'' x 48'', signed LR Iraci, encased in worn original frame, 30 1/2'' x 54 1/2''. 350
441 Click for larger picture CHINESE CARVED IVORY FIGURE OF FEMALE WARRIOR: Detailed costume. Ivory is 9''h, base is and additional 1 1/2''h. 325
442 Click for larger picture JAPANESE CARVED IVORY GEISHA FIGURE: Nicely detailed flower and hair decoration. Ivory is 6 3/4''h., the carved base is an additional 1 3/4''h. 275
443 Click for larger picture CARVED IVORY LION AND 3 NETSUKES: Lion is 6''l, he rests on a carved base 1 3/4''h. The group of Netsukes include a chicken, a rabbit with turtle on his back, and a man with chicken. 300
444 Click for larger picture INDIAN CARVED IVORY MOTHER AND DAUGHTER: Mother primping daughters hair. 2 1/4''h., 1'' wooden base. 160
445 Click for larger picture ESTATE LOT OF STERLING: To include a pair of Wallace ''Rose Point'' candle sticks, approx. 3 1/2''h., weighted; pair of Empire candlesticks, 4 1/4''h., weighted; four Watrous Mfg. Co. individual cigarette holders, approx. 2 3/4''h., would make adorable individual flower vases, 2.58 troy oz each; four 6 1/2'' plates with etched decoration and fluted rim, marked B lion head M Sterling 19, 4.17 troy oz each; 12 Baker-Manchester Mfg Co cake plates with fluted rims, 6''dia., 2.10 troy oz each. Sold as a lot. 275
446 Click for larger picture HAND PAINTED AND GILT MIRROR: Surmounted by carved gilt eagle over scenic painting with figures. 58'' x 24 1/2'' 450
447 Click for larger picture LARGE ESTATE LOT OF CONTINENTAL SILVER: Mostly 800, lovely embossed patterns mostly floral including a set of six demitasse spoons in a rose pattern. Sold as a lot. 200
448 Click for larger picture PAIR OF VON SCHIERHOLZ FINE GERMAN PORCELAIN FLOWER ENCRUSTED URNS: Covered in flowers and adorned with cherubs, reticulated covers and pedestal base. 10 1/2''h. 225
449 Click for larger picture VICTORIAN SILVERPLATE FIGURAL CENTERPIECE: Mermod Jaccard & Co., St. Louis. Center bowl engraved in a fruit design is supported by three full figure maidens. The top is shaped somewhat like a cracked egg. t11'' h. x 8 1/2'' dia. 350
450 Click for larger picture ELEGANT SET OF 12 HUTSCHENREUTHER SERVICE PLATES: Blue border decorated in a grapevine design, the gold is embossed in a continuing peacock motif. 10 3/4'' dia. 350

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